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    Re: My Mummy Says I'm Special Fridaily

    Best of luck to Mrs verno.
    I work in a hospital. They can be depressing places, but people do get betterthere and able to have surgery when they need it. There have been pretty nice advances in surgery equipment the past few years (at least at my hospital) that make healing times so much shorter and easier for the patients.

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    Re: My Mummy Says I'm Special Fridaily

    I find the staff are the worst at times. I woke up in the HD unit from an overdose, and they treated me like **** because it was an intentional overdose, I guess they felt I didn't deserve help. My parents lodged a complaint because of it. Hospitals are not nice.

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    Re: My Mummy Says I'm Special Fridaily

    Hospitals sucks. Nothing to do but lay around all day. My back starts to hurt after a couple days.

    I've been in an ICU, and there was a light right above my head, and they told me to get some sleep. Also there was this nurse with no bedside manner, no empathy, nothing. Ungh.

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    Re: My Mummy Says I'm Special Fridaily

    The first time I was in hostpital (no, not *that* first time) the people there were lovely, and my nurse was very very pretty. When I had an incident similar to Kitteh's I was left in a tiny room for ages listening to the drunks in A&E before two old women counsellors who had seemingly barely passed GCSE psychology asked me in essence why I had just done the silly thing I had just done. The paramedic was very nice though.

    The palliative team that handled my father's terminal cancer were absolutely amazing, they had nothing but time for my father and my family, and all our questions, and they were knowledgable enough that we were able to be with him when he passed.


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