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    Re: The 680 debate

    Hmmm... depends on game, 7970HD beats it sometimes, especialy on higher resolution then 1920x1080. But GTX680 has PhysiX, although last year there were only 2 games that used it (Alice: Madness Returns and Batman: Arkham City).

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    Re: The 680 debate

    Yea they are both pretty close, but overall the 680 ends up giving the most fps, plus it has proper 3D gaming, plus physX, plus they now support 3 monitors for 3D surround + 1 extra monitor on a single video card. Both are using 28nm manufacturing process so that means a lot less heat output and more energy efficient. The suggested price for the 7970 is 50$ over the 680. One small advantage for the 7970 would be its power consumption when the display is turned off or the computer is turned off. I'd say the most important factor at the moment that would make people buy the 7970s over the 680 would be the availability. Last week there was a huge batch of 7970s made available, while the stocks for the 680 can't keep up with the demand.


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