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    Daggerzon Question

    Hi, I've currently in the procces of making my first daggerzon (level 64 at the moment). Im in nightmare act 5 and so far the build has performed great.
    But after revisiting Ava's daggerson guide a question came to mind: are there any advantage to using a dagger over a javelin? (besides daggers lookin freaking cool on a amazon).
    Since the great thing about daggers are their amazing block speed/attack speed, but javelins have the same block speed and is able to make use of jab/impale/fend that gives more speed damage and AR.

    So are there any advantage to using a dagger over a javelin?


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    Re: Daggerzon Question

    nope. i believe there is zero reason to use dagger over jav except for the challenge it provides.

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    Re: Daggerzon Question

    Whats the game without a little challenge every now and again am I right?

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    Re: Daggerzon Question

    I know this is a big necro of a thread, but I'm returning and always been a fan of daggerzon builds (and lots of variations of blocking/defensive builds).
    One "benefit" or maybe just a big playstyle difference from javelines to daggers would be the potential of different mods on your weapons available to dagger's like sockets and crushing blow.

    Lol necro. Cheers fellow diablo 2 players!


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