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    Re: WD build - Mana Hungry Bats

    Again i didn't replace spirit walk with horrify.... i replaced spirit walk with spirit vessel... and filled the now empty slot with horrify.. I feel like you didn't read what i typed, i also agreed with you on the points of haunt and left it up in the air and moved the conversation to the spirit walk vs spirit vessel scenario and asked the question

    if you switch jungle fortitude out with spirit vessel and remove spirit walk from the spell slot what spell would you put in spirit walks old spell slot?
    Again no need to protect your choice of Haunt...

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    Re: WD build - Mana Hungry Bats

    Whoops - I must have misread what you said :P.

    I dunno about how good Spirit Vessel is as a replacement for Spirit Walk, though. I see it as an extra safety net, but not a replacement for a dedicated skill to get you out of trouble. 90 Seconds will feel really long in the later difficulties, I've got a feeling that getting to Spirit Walk every 15 seconds is better than even the 'guaranteed' 3-second Spirit Walk every 90 seconds, because I suspect there'll be situations where even after Spirit Vessel triggers, and we get our walk, we'll still be in trouble.

    Otherwise, where would the danger in the game be if all you had to do as the WD was wait 90 seconds and be ok?

    My recommendation - take Spirit Walk AND Spirit Vessel - it'd make your panic button more reliable (-2 second CD) and give you that additional safety net. Personally, I think that Spirit Walk runed with Healing Journey is pretty good because then it gives Spirit Walk a use out of combat as well, unlike Horrify :P.


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