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    Question 3 players on the same connection?

    Hey! I'm trying to play on a private server in bnet with two other people who are in the same house as me, using the same connection. We can't do IPX because one of these computers is using Win7 and getting IPX to work on 7 seems far more difficult than it's worth(and I can't get the two XPs to find eachother in IPX anyways), so we're trying out a "create a server in bnet with a password" approach.

    The problem? When two of us connects, the third one can't connect. If that third player connects, it kicks one of the others off.
    So, I googled this and people mentioned port forwarding. Did all that and unblocked Diablo in our firewalls, and it solved nothing cause I had a DMZ enabled anyways. I googled some more and found out from Blizzard's own help directory that players with the same IP can't play together on bnet because of Diablo's dated tech.

    My question: Does anyone here know of anyone who ever got past this or am I screwed out of a 3 player multiplay? Thanks!
    (Nice to see there's still sort of a community for this game. I've always preferred its atmosphere and feel to D2's so I often come back to it despite owning both.)

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    Re: 3 players on the same connection?

    Hi xag,
    Please take a look of this works for you:



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