Hey guys, I recently won a beta key from d3sanctuary's twitter contest (a clusterfrack of an affair, but I got it so whatever), and can't seem to find the hotkey for the character screen?

It looks like inventory has been merged with the character screen, and if so... I'm not a huge fan. It's convenient, but then you lose a lot of at-a-glance information that could fill up a character screen - specifically, damage output of all actives skills. Nothing specific about skill damage is listed in the inventory window, just an ambiguous "damage" stat.

What the hell? Even D2/X had two damage readouts of skills (even if it was buggy). Seems frustrating that I can't figure out exactly how much damage my skills are doing. On the plus side, a nice Plug-Y style huge set of magic effects you have is listed. GJ blizz, you learned to copy fan mods (shared stash, enhanced char screen, bigger inventory, etc etc etc, I'm just being bitter)

Also, the DPS listing on weapons is nice (and the use of weapons and attack rate to factor into casting is cool, I like to think of it like channeling a power via the weapon, it's the only way it makes sense) but does the game factor in elemental/etc extra damage from the weapon to your spell? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4217174496 says that *some* skills add this damage in. So if I find a 12 dps sword vs a 10 dps dagger (with +5 ice damage), I can't tell straight away what is better, because the skills don't tell me
a) how much damage they do
b) if they take extra elemental damage into the equation (and they wouldn't need to tell me this if the just did item a) above

Anyone know if blizz intends on adding in-depth damage readouts for every skill so I can actually make smart choices about equipment without looking up spreadsheets to find weather my magic skills factor in weapon enhancements??

Side note, I think the game is a massive improvement to D2. I'm nitpicking. The depth to combat is present because of the extra skills and freespecs you can get, not limited. I could go on and on about how great the system works, how cooldowns are a great way to keep you from minmaxing all the time, but I digress. It's gonna be great. I almost died numerous times and the game is seriously challenging (at least at patch 15).