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    PVP Arena Will Be the Driving Force Of the RMAH

    Its regretful that pvp will not be included at launch as I believe the pvp'ers will be the biggest spenders on the RMAH.
    Anyone who has played starcraft 2 will know, pvp is not a friendly place to be, its real serious and all about the win.

    Even without a ranking system "as yet" the arena will be a brutal place of death and the only way to surive is pay for gear.

    Discuss ...

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    I believe this to be true as well. Don't get me wrong ppl will use the auction house for buyingand selling anything and everything. But for me personally and how I viewed most ppl during the time I played diablo 2. Everything u did for your toon was with the intent to better your character in pvp. Now yes there were those pve enthusiasts and that's fine but the greater majority were there for pvp. Casual or not. We all wanted to join games and lay waste to every sorry soul that entered the game. it would seem to do that in diablo 3 again you want the best gear (obviously) and serious pvpers will spend big money. I will prolly be 1 of them. But as a side note. I remember back in diablo 2 classic. Just before LOD came out ppl were buying and selling gear as we all know but in this case some guy bought an entire account sapposidly with leet loots for $25,000 dollars. Yes I said $25,000. It made the paper/news. Great right? Problem was LOD came out shortly after this. New gear new items new stuff in general. I'm afraid that $25,000 account instantly became worthless. I would assume something similar will happen to gear we buy as well. Food for thought.

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