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    Beta Patch 15 Skill Changes

    I was wondering about the necessity of updating the skills pages with patch 15 changes. You see, if I'm reading this correctly:

    then the skills as seen in patch 14 are what will appear in the release. So, would updating them for patch 15 be a waste of time?

    On the other hand, I've been told that Blizz will undoubtedly have patch ready for deployment almost as soon as the game comes out, since they're not going to stop testing once the game goes gold. And will this first patch look like the beta patch 15? Who knows? I sure don't. Any insights or suggestions would be most welcome.

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    Re: Beta Patch 15 Skill Changes

    Anything's possible. Makes sense to drop a patch with additional updates and fixes before the game goes live (unless they go big and drop everything with the PvP patch later on). If I were to guess, I'd say the latest beta patch is what we'll get with the release.
    Someone with Twitter account could try and ask Bashiok or Jay about their plans. Doesn't mean we'll get an answer but worth a try, eh?


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