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Thread: Hello there!

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    Hello there!


    Recently joined the forums! I came because of SP trading, but the good guides available here were the first that got my attention.

    Started D2 on SP, got a decent GoMule stash. I played my share of D2 Bnet, never got rich, highest rune found was a Ber. It never made its way into an Enigma. Stopped because got tired of the reset and restart cycle. Moved back to Single Player.

    Nowadays, just playing alone or on LAN with some friends.

    My goal currently is The Grail with self-collected items, so I only trade for items I have a worse version of.
    Other goal is to get the vanilla high runewords done with good base items.

    Here's my trader profile:
    [1.13c SC vanilla]

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    Re: Hello there!

    An intro in the SPF Forum would be nice as well if you can. Glad to see you made the transition to SP smoothly and welcome to the forums.

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    Re: Hello there!

    Welcome to the forums!

    I am also an exclusive Single Player, more because of the fact that the game is much more fun without the nightmare cesspit that is called community.

    - Snow
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    Welcome to our site!

    OH PLEASE HELP I found out why Waldo's always hiding he did so many horrible things please let me in he's righ


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