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    City Mafia Game Thread

    Hullo! Welcome to City Mafia, the citiest game of Mafia you'll ever play!

    This game is a Wine In Front of All game, which means all players have the opportunity to bid on what roles they will play in game. The exact rules for bidding are covered in a bit, but first, our general game rules need to be posted:

    Game Rules:

    So that's the boring stuff out of the way.

    In a WIFOA game, all roles are bid upon by the players. To determine the bidding order, all players choose two numbers between 1 and 20. The first is the primary number, the second is only used for tiebreakers. The person who chose the lowest number will have first pick of roles, with subsequent people choosing as you go higher in the numbers. However, if any number is chosen by multiple people, then they will choose a role after all single number picks have chosen. In a nutshell, lower numbers are better, but singles will always beat out duplicates, which beat out triplicates, etc. If the tiebreaker numbers are equal as well, then time of submission is used as the final tie-breaker.

    Once all bids are submitted, the list will be published and we can proceed into picking roles.

    The Bids:

    Once all bids are posted, players submit their choices for desired role. Each player gets one pick. Players do not know what roles have been picked ahead of them. No role may be duplicated. If a role is chosen that has already been chosen by someone with higher priority, then they are assigned a vanilla role.

    The Master Role List:

    Once all role picks have been submitted, then I'll proceed sending out Role PMs to everyone.


    Quick Links:
    Start of Day 1

    Start of Day 2

    Start of Day 3

    Start of Day 4

    Start of Day 5

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    Re: City Mafia Game Thread

    Players Alive:

    Players Dead:

    Vote Count Day One:

    Vote Count Day Two:

    Voute Count Day Three:

    Vote Count Day Four:

    Vote Count Day Five:

    Vote Count Day Six:

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    Re: City Mafia Game Thread

    All right! I've received bids from everyone except one person. The ordered list has been posted in the OP, but I'll drop here too for your convenience:

    01. Noodle 2 / 7
    02. Pyrotechnician 6 / 12
    03. Ankeli 9 / 2
    04. kestegs 12 / 2
    05. Goryani 16 / 10
    06. FredofErik 8 / 3
    07. Valhauros 8 / 15
    08. RlyehExiled 8 / 19
    09. Gwaihir 7 / 1
    10. Sathoris 7 / 2
    11. zemaj 7 / 3
    12. Flubbucket 7 / 11
    13. Laarz 1 / 4
    14. Bad Ash 1 / 1
    15. Asrrin 1 / 1
    16. ThunderCat 1 / 2
    17. coju 1/ 2
    18. Gambor x / x

    That's the priority order for choosing your role. The roles can be found in the OP as well, under one of the spoiler tags. But, again, because I love all of you, I'll repost them here for your convenience:

    1. Cop - Guaranteed to be sane.
    2. Doctor - Can target self, but not same target two nights in a row.
    3. One-Shot Bulletproof
    4. Role-thief - You take someone else's role, and they become the role-thief.
    5. Tree Stump - Unlynchable, bulletproof, no votes. If Mafia chooses this, then they don't count for victory. Town only needs eliminate the other mafia to win.
    6. Special Win Condition - An alternate win condition. What is it? IT'S A MYSTERY. You'll know before game starts.
    7. Mason A
    8. Mason B
    9. Mason C
    10. Watcher
    11. Tracker
    12. Rolecop
    13. One-shot Vigilante - Night or day kill, player's choice.
    14. Godfather - Immunity to cop.
    15. Ninja - Immunity to tracker/watcher.
    16. Bus driver
    17. Bomb - Kills the person who killed you. If lynched, takes out last person to vote for you.
    18. Roleblocker
    19. Hider - Every other night, immunity to all night actions.
    20. Serial Killer - Replaces your original faction. You gain bulletproof and kill ability.
    21. Coroner - You get night kill results.
    22. Restless Spirit - Can vote the day after you're killed.
    23. Jailkeeper
    24. Double-voter
    25. Party Host - If you are killed at night a list of everyone who targeted/visited you that night will be posted. It will be alphabetical, and with no indication of what was done to you.


    You can now start submitting your request for a role. Choose any role you want to be. However, if someone with a higher priority has already picked that role, then you will instead become vanilla. To give a small example, Noodle has the highest priority, so he can choose any role he wants. Pyrotechnician can chooses any role he wants, but if he chooses the same role as Noodle, then he instead is assigned vanilla. Ankeli will be vanilla if he picks the same as Noodle or Pyro, so on and so forth.

    Keep that in mind and choose very carefully! Think about what other people may have chosen before you, or may have passed up. Consider what roles will make you a target, especially if they're chosen early versus late. Then remember that mafia are amongst you, know they're mafia, and might snipe town roles just to prevent the town from having them. Of course, it works in reverse too!

    Let's give it a tentative 24 hours for role selection. If everything goes to plan, we'll start the game tomorrow at 6:00pm Pacific, starting with a day phase, because I'm sure I've given all of you plenty to talk about.

    Edit -
    A clarification; if you have received a PM from me stating you were mafia, then you are obviously mafia. You did not receive this PM, then you are town.

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    Re: City Mafia Game Thread

    an I make a suggestion? After everyone sends in their pick, they should say so in this thread letting the next person know they are up.

    EX: Noodle PMs you his role (hopefully one that enjoys dieing quickly) and then says pyrotechnician is up to keep things moving...

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    Re: City Mafia Game Thread

    You can all send in your role choices now. It doesn't matter the order I receive them in, since you don't get to know what was chosen before you.

    Sorry if that wasn't clear!

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    Re: City Mafia Game Thread

    Waiting on just two more role submissions. I expect to get one in the near future, the other I'm not so sure about. Has anyone seen Fluffyknowsyou? Or has a way to contact him/her? S/he hasn't been on since last week and, as much as I loathe to do it, I may be forced to drop him/her.

    Is there anyone interested in being a replacement?

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    Re: City Mafia Game Thread

    Sending out official role PMs now.

    Game should be able to start on time. I'll have a opening day post ready and posted by 6:00pm Pacific. Stay tuned!

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    Re: City Mafia Game Thread

    guy news anchor.jpg

    Good evening, welcome to the 6:00 evening news. I'm Jeremy TalksToMuch. Tonight, breaking news out of the nation's capital, where disturbing reports have confirmed that the city of Washington D.C. has been wiped off the face of the Earth. Early estimates state that there are no survivors, and the nation is in complete panic.

    In the mean time, with our government in complete shambles, several cities have taken to declare martial law and are now hunting for the culprit responsible. While officials state that there is no evidence that this was anything more than an terrible accident, many speculate that only terrorism could cause such devastation. I dare say that we are fast approaching a second civil war.

    May God have mercy on us all in these dark times.


    Caluin Graye, Washington D.C., has been killed!


    It is now day time. Day lasts for 48 hours, and will end tentatively on Wednesday the 21st at 6:00pm Pacific time. If you did not receive a role PM from me, or have any questions about how your role works, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM.

    It is currently 10 votes to lynch.

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    Re: City Mafia Game Thread

    The mod is dead! Let's all break the rules!

    Did we lose Fluffy?

    Random Question Stage questions:
    @Laarz, Bad Ash, Asrrin, ThunderCat, coju -
    You all picked 1 as your bid. What role would you have picked if you got to pick first?

    @Pyrotechnician - Fresh meat! I mean... Sorry.
    Have you even played mafia before?
    If yes:
    Have you ever played as anti-town?
    Have you ever won as anti-town?
    What is your favorite role among roles you have played as?
    What is your favorite role among roles that were in a game you played in?
    If no:
    Are there any roles you don't understand?
    If you are anti-town, which role would you be

    @Everyone -
    If you were to design a game with a special (mystery!) win condition, what would it be?

    What position (1 through 17) do you think is the lowest number to receive their choice and not a duplicate?


    Before sending in a pick, I asked questions about various roles. I think it's best to share that info:
    The treestump is activated by claiming. After claiming, the treestump is considered a dead player that can post from the grave. If a treestump claims before the end of D1, the number of players alive will drop to 16 and the lynch numbers will change.
    The SK gets a kill the first night. The SK HAS to kill the first night.
    The restless spirit vote from beyond the grave is a public vote posted in the forums like any normal vote.
    The double voter can choose not to use the double vote (vote singly).


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