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    Good Blade Fury weapons for different stages of the game

    So my next sin is gonna be of the blade fury variety. I have a high level BF sin on bnet, but I only respec'ed to bf at level 80 or so. I like it enough to want to make one on SP and play the whole game through shooting blades. I already have duress, guillaumes, gores, ss, string, Angelics, and raven ready for her. I'm wondering what some options might be for good weapons throughout the game -- weapons that I shouldn't have too much trouble making or finding. My bnet sin is lucky enough to have an ethereal gimmershred, but I can't count on being lucky enough to find another one of those during my lifetime.

    Early game, I am thinking about using a malice runeword, and I have also read that fleshrender is a good bf weapon as well. How is the damage on that when upped??? I should mention that I don't use RWM, so please don't suggest last wish or some other runeword requiring HRs or 3rd party programs. Unfortunately, I don't have a lacerator or fleshripper handy, so I don't know what to do for late game.

    Any suggestions for easily obtainable yet worthwhile BF weapons in SP -- whether early game or late -- would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Good Blade Fury weapons for different stages of the game

    ~ level 30 Honor in an eth weapon with high base damage is hard to beat with its deadly strike, 160% ed, min/max damage, AR, +skill. It doesn't have ITD but you can make up for that.

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    Re: Good Blade Fury weapons for different stages of the game

    full clegs set is awesome early on: dmg/lvl, 50% ds, 35% cb, 7 % ml, ar/lvl, 25% slow and knockback. i still use it with my sin at lvl 58 and it does decent damage at /p5


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