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    Re: What is this?

    Quote Originally Posted by zaphodbrx View Post
    The weird thing is I'm sure there must have been situations before where life < mana, but I just haven't seen that. Perhaps it has to do with max life vs max mana? But then I noticed that even when max life < max mana, they cast defense lowering curse if my current health was > mana.

    Also, am I correct in thinking this would cause ES sorcs to crash and burn?
    Succubi cast Blood Mana on a target (and any other target within its radius) if its maximum mana >= maximum life. While testing, when maximum mana < maximum life but maximum or current mana > current life, Succubi cast Defense Curse; when maximum mana > maximum life but current mana < maximum or current life, Succubi still cast Blood Mana.

    The only time your Sorceress won't have Blood Mana cast upon her when maximum mana >= maximum life is when Succubi target and thus cast Defense Curse on your mercenary first, and your Sorceress is within its radius.

    Energy Shield does not apply to life lost due to Blood Mana: casting spells may rapidly reduce your life but mana won't be reduced unless you take damage.

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    Re: What is this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Greizer View Post
    This curse (along with bugged manaburn) is the reason why I statted some life with my ES sorc. I currently have ~1k life and 2,7k mana. I rarely need the life, but when I do I'm glad it's there. I do wish Blizz would fix the manaburn bug; it's only been in the game for like 10 years lulz. (Iirc manaburn sucks 256x the intended amount of mana, meaning it takes all mana even if you have 5k. )
    the game is quite easy allready

    if I had to chose, I wish blizzard would fix the FEND bug + that 1 runeword that does not work because there is a typo in the game files + maybe make endlesshail bow's strafe work for all classes + fix the NM travi bug, becasue 5k barbs can die there..


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