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    Re: Help with ww build please


    Nigma ap w/15 ed
    Angelics ammy with 2 rings(default)
    Full inventory of lifers with a bit of res mixed in
    20 torch
    20 anni

    Doomz (too lazy to buy another cta/hoto or deal with anya for now)

    In stash:
    Tgod (for farcast)
    Dual fcr rings with random mods
    metal grid
    Storm shield(el'd)
    Doomz(for life tappers)
    20 and 16 raven
    19% wisp

    Thinking about adding in a ap fort(1666 def) for bvb,but it will take a bit of testing.

    Right now I have hit 7k health with angelics and ~6.7 for bvc fights and bvb fights. What I have found is with botd and my other stat boosters help a lot in bvb becuase I hit 60 percent block without nothing into dex. The reason why I don't aim for max block is the lower life doesn't help me against casters. I'm hoping fortitude will be enough for bvb duels since I usually lose by 1 or 2 ww's against people with 5k life.

    This said the damage from grief is undeniable,but botd still trumps beastz in my opinion.

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    Re: Help with ww build please

    Beast is better then ebotd when you use it as an off-hand weapon, paired with grief. Its a killer combo because of how it effects griefs base damage. Plus it adds a nice AR boost, and the OW is very useful. Comparing it as a single handed only is a different story. With no max block and ebotd, you are weak vs BvB. With some blocking and a big life number, you prolong the inevitable or give yourself more time to run back to town at best.

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    Re: Help with ww build please

    I don't know if anyone caught this earlier, but instead of Metalgrid you should really be using a Highlord's Wrath with your two ravenfrosts. If you have to make up the res somewhere else (small charms or whatever), you should do that. Vs targets you don't need angelic's against, you should always use Highlord; it blows everything else out of the water for damage, the ias helps when zerking, +1 skill is never a bad thing, and light res is awesome.

    You should also get your hands on an Umed Kira's to help stack vs pesky blizz sorcs, FoH dins, and the various javazons.

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    Re: Help with ww build please

    @ Barluc: I'm don't like fighting barbs exclusively, so a strong bvb is not what I'm after. Though I;ll keep that in mind and try a reset.

    @Karth: I'll try hlords


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