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    Need Help Saving My Tesladin

    I have a lvl 78 SP Tesladin that I've been working on for a long time. He's plateaued Act 1 Hell, doing fine against most monsters but dying real quick against LI. I keep switching my gear in and out and just haven't found much success.

    I've been running Hell Mephisto with my fishymancer to get better gear, but I can't for the life of me find a 3 socket pb for Crescent Moon or a 4 socket pb for Voice of Reason. I keep rolling 2 sockets and 6 sockets.

    I'm out of respec's. But I was hoping that if I listed my options here, people could point me to the best gear choices I should make. Any help or pointers would be really appreciated.

    RUNES: At least one of everything up through Pul; I have two Pul's I can make into an Um
    GEMS: I have lots of all of 'em
    JEWELS: Rainbow Facet Fire, Rainbow Facet Cold
    MERC: Lvl 78, Defiance

    HELM: Harlequin Crest, Crown of Thieves, Lore in a Basinet, Peasant Crown, Ondal's Almighty, Milabrega's
    ARMOR: Goldskin, Griswold's Heart, Haemosu's Adamant, Hwanin's Refuge, Milabrega's, Sigon's, Lionheart in a Kraken Shell, The Spirit Shroud, Corpsemourn, Duriel's Shell
    SHIELD: Blackoak Shield, Lance Guard, Lidless Wall, The Ward, Whitstan's Guard, Sigon's, Spirit in an Akaran Targe, Ancient's Pledge in a Heraldic Shield
    WEAPON: Milabrega's, Holy Thunder in a Divine Scepter, Plague Bearer, IK's, up'd Bonesnap, up'd Steeldriver, Honor in a Mancatcher, Insight in a Bill, Humongous, Stormrider, The Gnasher, Demon Limb, Nord's Tenderizer, Moonfall, Blackbog's Sharp, Spirit of Honor, Tanr Gorerod, Blacktongue, Blood Crescent, Crainte Vomir, Hellplague, Kinemil's Awl, Shadowfang, Skewer of Krinitz, the Vile Husk; 2 socket phase blade and 6 socket phaseblade
    GLOVES: IK's, Venom Grip, Laying of Hands, Sigon's
    BELT: M'avina's, Sigon's, Tal'Rasha's, Verdungo's, Wilhelm's, IK's, Arachnid Mesh
    BOOTS: Aldur's, Goblin Toe, Rite of Passage, Sigon's, Silkweave, Tearhaunch, Vidala's
    AMULET: Angelic, Iratha's, Nokozan Relic, Cat's Eye, Mahim-Oak Curio, Vidala's, +2 defensive auras, +1 skills with +mana and 14 fire resist, teleport amulet
    RINGS: Nagelring x2, Cathan's x2, 4% LL with resists, Raven Frost, +12 all resists, Angelic x2, 4% LL with cold resist and +15 dext

    NAKED STATS: 125 STR, 141 DXT, 199 VIT, 15 ENRG

    SKILLS: 1 Sacrifice, 1 Zeal, 2 Resist Cold, 20 Resist Lightning, 20 Salvation, 1 Might, 1 Holy Fire, 20 Holy Freeze, 20 Holy Shock

    I recognize a lot of the stuff I mentioned up there isn't very good, but I listed it just in case there was some weird combination someone knew.

    Again, any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Need Help Saving My Tesladin


    Assuming ur using zeal ur biggest problem is a serious lack of phys damage atm. You might be having ar issues as well if ur trying to make it on a 1 pt zeal.

    Of the gear you listed demon limb is by far your best option. It has leeach, decent phys damage and an alternate elem damage source to help against LI's. Also dont skimp on using the enchant charges.

    Out of rest of stuff I would go with lionheart (second choice being d-shell but u dont really need it) crown of thieves (mostly for the life leech) shield I would use the spirit but keep eye out for elite 4 socket shields with nice base resists. Gobby toes and Laying of hands for belts and gloves--gobby toes becase u want--actually NEED some CB to help killing speed on LI's. LoH is nice cuz it offers damage boost against demons, has speed boost and a nice fire res that compliments the lack of it in spirit. If not LoH the Venmrips next best choice.

    Jewlry I would go with ravenfrost and angelic ring/ammy combo. Between the angelics and enchanting charges and ar from ravens it shoudl help a lot with AR. And cbf on raven goes without saying.

    At 78 rest of way but points in sacrifice. It will boost damage to zeal and hopefully gear setup will compensate on AR.

    All that said--*seriously* have ur necro killing all bosses and make a token. That 20 points in holyfreeze is not helping at all and would be better in either zeal or sacrifice. Same with salvation. Its not as bad a waste as the points in holyfreeze but in thse types of builds points in salv is something you do last with spare points after you have more important skills maxed.

    Dont be discouraged u DO have nice enuff stuff to finish game so its doable but do ur best to get a token if possible.


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    Re: Need Help Saving My Tesladin

    I agree with KatyieKat about the points in Holy Freeze and Salvation. For a low budget Tesladin, you usually want 20 Holy Shock and 20 Resist Lightning, and then the rest of your points into a back up attack. You can use Holy Freeze as a back up, but you need those 20 points of Salvation moved to Resist Cold. Or go with 20/20 Zeal/Sacrifice.

    I can't for the life of me find a 3 socket pb for Crescent Moon or a 4 socket pb for Voice of Reason. I keep rolling 2 sockets and 6 sockets.
    Are you using the Horadric Cube recipie (Ral + Amn + P Amethyst) to roll every PB you find?

    Also, Long Swords, Rune Swords, and Cryptic Swords are fairly fast and have a max of 4 sockets, so you could even Larzuk one for VoR.

    Lastly, Conversion is a great skill. I use it a lot on my 2handed Paladins, usually 4-5 points. Gives great crowd control.

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    Re: Need Help Saving My Tesladin

    Thanks for the help. Didn't realize that my AR was so important. Yeah, in retrospect I would go for more physical damage route--I respecced to have a cold damage switch for LI's, and then realized that apparently it sucks quite a bit.

    And yeah, I'm doing the cube recipe on every PB I find. I've rolled 5 or 6 times and gotten 1 os, 2 os three times, and 6 os.

    But I've re-geared with your suggestions in mind and I'm doing much better against LI's now. Thanks for the suggestions!


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