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    Best support pallys in this situation

    It's a little early for the next classic ladder, but we would like to see how far we can level by doing cs runs in classic in a group situation.

    The most important things are staying alive in hell cs and speed of completing each run. Here's the main elements:

    1 blizz sorc to tele and some killing
    1 barb for bo and some killing
    1 hammerdin for some killing

    We have room for 2 more chars, so here's the question, would 2 more pallys be most beneficial for their auras?

    I was thinking both pallys would be spec'd to hdins (minus the conc), but since they get their conc aura from the main hdin, they can provide 2 alternate auras and still have max dmg hammers. I was thinking 20pt conviction on one (helps out the sorc a little bit) and the other would be 20pt meditation (whole group can forget about mana needs) or 20pt holy shock (maybe this in combination with conviction would be great, but I'm afraid it's too weak for hell cs). What do you think would be best for classic runs? Or is there another recommendation on aura (thorns?/holy freeze?)

    Or should we scrap that and have another barb specializing in just bo, or even some tank barbs who could do physical dmg. I'm actually leaning more towards the pallys.

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    Re: Best support pallys in this situation

    Hammerdins without Concentration running another aura seems like a good choice to me.

    Holy Shock would be a poor choice, as the pulse damage would be small even with Conviction.

    Salvation could be a good choice as then none of the characters needs to worry about resists and that frees up gear to be more offensive than usual. The single-element resist auras like Resist Fire might be a good single-element resist aura as that also gives +max to the resistance for the partied players.

    One problem is that if you go with a Salvation pally and he doesn't turn up, then everyone has low resists. But if it is a good cohesive group, that could be a good option.

    If you do go Meditation, invest in Prayer as well to give the healing benefit at the same time.

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    Re: Best support pallys in this situation

    I would advise a healerdin/bolter, mainly because I'm a big fan of those.
    Though as Purple Locust stated, if the group is cohesive, then you won't need the default recipe for a bolter.
    You could leave out the damage part of the bolts in liu of another aura or perhaps crank up the radius of meditation. Personally I prefer to have the damage part of the bolts too, since it allows me to pick off Oblivion Knights before they have a chance to curse people.

    Classic, where a runeword is a weapon missing the s in the middle.


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