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    Re: Where to put skill points

    Go with an insight iron golem. Dump points in either golem mastery (so you almost never have to revive him) or bone armor synergies. Though I think bone armor is extremely unnecessary on a fishy. Revives and mages are unnecessary to put extra points in, though it can be fun.

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    Re: Where to put skill points

    I completely disagree with your assessment of dim vision.

    You will never need to revive your clay golem when you're done with the build with just 1 point in it.

    Mages are far more useful than people apparently understand.

    There is no golem that should ever be used but a clay golem as a summoner unless you are just having fun with a toy.

    I'm really just kind of amazed at some of the suggestions here. I highly suggest you visit the necro guide thread for actual builds that work for all situations.


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