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    What am I doing wrong? First time ever playing Diablo & Assassin.

    Hey guys, so I've picked up Diablo 2 for the first time in the last 3 weeks or so.

    I've been having a lot of fun playing through the game with my friend who plays a sorc, however we don't play together all the time during nightmare. I'm currently just starting Act 2 in Nightmare, but it was such a struggle and I feel like I've built my assassin wrong.

    Below are photos of my skill tree and equipment.

    If you could recommend anything to help me be more sturdy during Nightmare, it'd be greatly appreciated.


    Skill Tree:


    Almost, one thing I should mention is that every time I level, I put 2 into Strength, Dex and then 1 into Vitality.
    I can't help but think this is completely wrong, so again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: What am I doing wrong? First time ever playing Diablo & Assassin.

    Well, I'm not really sure what kind of build you are going for here. Your skill setup has Claw mastery and Weapon block Maxed or near maxed, but it seems you are using fists of fire as your main attack. Since your going untwinked (without gear previously collected), I would recommend either a phoenix strike assasin, or a Lightning trapper. In any build for an assasin I highly recommend maxing death sentry as that will be your main killer after getting the first couple of corpses. Also Weapon block has terrible diminishing returns so maxing this skill is not recommended unless you have spare skill points.

    For a Phoenix strike sin you'll want to shop a pair of claws that have as many +skills to Martial arts as possible as that will boost your damage significantly. Max Phoenix strike and Death Sentry first. Then claws of thunder and Fists of fire as they are its main synergies. Strategy would be to place some Death Sentries, charge up your Phoenix strike to the third charge and release, this will slow your enemies down. After that you can charge to either the first charge (Meteor) for large enemies and lightning immunes, or the second charge (Lightning) for large groups and fire immunes. You can use dragon claw to release your charges since you are going dual claw. Almost nothing is immune to you since you have a wide variety of damage types at your disposal.

    For a Lightning Trapper, you'll want to shop a pair of claws that have as many +skills to Traps as possible. For this one you won't be in the action as much as your traps will be doing the work for you. Max Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry first and then Lightning Sentry. The rest of your points should go into your Lightning Sentry's synergies. For this build I usually lay 4 Lightning traps and 1 Death Sentry since 5 is the max, this will allow you to kill most enemies sufficiently. If your Sorc friend is using only lightning skills this build may make gameplay difficult as you will have trouble with Lightning immunes.

    Your stat placement if your going claw/claw should be enough strength and dex for your gear, and the rest into vitality, none into energy. This will greatly improve your survivability. When using two claws your block is based on your claw block skill level so max dex is not necessary.

    You should check out the guides sticky at the top of this forum for further detail on gear and skill selection. You should be able to find some useful information there.

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    Re: What am I doing wrong? First time ever playing Diablo & Assassin.


    equipmentwise: Run nm countess while keeping an eye ou for 2 socket hats and 2/3 socket armors. Lore hat and a smoke or lionheart would definitey hope you more than what youre using atm.

    gamble and craft. lvl 49 is in the sweet spot for gambling boots since that has the best odds for getting boots with resists so with a bit of luck you can get boots with 2 or even 3 resist mods on em.

    Right now tho I would say the biggest places for improvement are your belt/gloves and ammy. shopping/gambling/crafting all should get you something better that what youre using. especially the ammy. plain 40 mana ammy really isnt helping you at all. Even cubing a prismatic ammy would serve you better in nm. Crafted blood ammy with good mods would help more as well. Same with rings if you spend all your gold gambling boots while in late 40's-early 50's craft blolod rings in hopes of getting something better. If you have mana problems better options would be mana leech, insight merc, or even using cobra strike when needed.

    As for weopons that is a tuffy and the main reason I never start a MA sassy unless I know for sure I have low, mid and end game claws already waiting. Finding decent blue/rare claws can be a MAJOR pain. Strength is a fine runeword just look for exceptional level claws while in nm and hope they have 2 sockets. One thing you CAN do at this point is shop for plus 2 skill claws or even better plus 3 shadow claws and have them on weopon switch for prebuffing shadow skills like fade or BoS or venom and your shadow

    I have to warn you tho once you get to hell it will be even tuffer. It is VERY difficult to find a decent non unique claw thats hell viable. In fact I think odds are better of actually finding a unique than a blue or yellow claw that is useful enuff for hell. I am not one to usally say go trade for something since I dont like to assume someone prefers/is able to do that but in this case low level bartucs shouldnt be THAT costly (if someone wants more than pgems theyre overcharging I'd say) and would make your sassy's life MUCH easier.

    Skill wise youre choices arent BAD per se just a bit in reverse. (I didnt see any points in traps so I will assume youre going pure MA/shadow skills) If you know youre going dual claw then points in mastery and blocking while useful are normally the kind of things you put points in last AFTER you've maxed out whatever skills you plan to use. In your case fire claws then max them/max its synergies and also pick a finishing move--probably dragon claw THEN once thats done and you have your shadow disciplines how you like THEN all spare points go into mastery and blocking. So its not like those points are wasted since in all likelyhood you might have put them there anyways. Its just in long run things might have gone easier if you put them later than right off the bat. (and you have at least 3 respecs so no worries even if you do change your mind)

    Statwise the usual rule of thumb that applies to most builds also applies here. enough str and dex to equip your endgame gear then rest in life and zero in mana. In your case I would plan it around your claws. The HIGHEST str/dex requirement is 118/118 for scissors suwayah. if you put that as your ceiling you will know no matter what claw you end up finding you can use. Then use the limit for the rest of your gear and put the rest in life.

    Also even ma sassy's with high end gear are NOT gonna be mowing things down like a sooped up LF zon with an infinity merc and all the other bells and whistles. But theyre still viable even without the best gear.

    You will have to learn to adjust play accordingly tho. Using hotkeys to take advantage of cloak/mindblast/ casting your shadow and doing you charge up/finishing moves. learning when to back off and draw out the monsters 1 or 2 at a time rather than just rushing into a huge crowd etc pure MA Sassys more than any other character i think are more about finesse than brute force. But that CAN be part of their fun if you play towards that

    But take all this with a TON of salt. Your thread title is what are you doing wrong but if as you say youre having fun then youre doing it right since thats the main thing and even all the best "leet" gear and shinies wont help if youre not having fun and arent really necessary to have it


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    Re: What am I doing wrong? First time ever playing Diablo & Assassin.

    It would seem is though you are in the process of maxing 3 skills in the shadow disciplines tree. While the SD tree is probably my favorite skill tree of any char in d2, it is because it is full of skills that are very useful with only 1 point put into them. Aside from a few special builds that will max venom or shadow master, shadow disciplines are usually not maxed. With a single point in claw mastery, claw block, burst of speed, fade, cloak of shadows, mind blast, and shadow master, you will have an arsenal of useful crowd control and safety skills at your disposal, and should be free to spend the rest of your points elsewhere, provided you are able to find a few +skills items.

    You will then have to decide on a skill build that kills monsters effectively using martial arts, traps, or both. I would recommend either a Phoenix striker, lightning trapper, or kicker, given the fact that you are playing untwinked. As for stat point placement, there's nothing I can say that hasn't been said here already.

    Welcome to diablo 2, by the way. It's nice to see people starting for the first time in 2012


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