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    [EU-HCL] First offer list.

    Edit : pretty sure I have the wrong title. Itīs suppose to be EU-HCL. and I think EHCL means east right? Anyway the items are for europe.

    Hey everyone.

    I know that the harcore forums here is not that active but I tought I would give it a shot.

    What I have to offer :

    4 sock CV (non-eth)
    4 sock Akaran Rondache 43@
    4 sock "bugged eth" armor. 978 def.
    Ama T 12@ 19 stats.
    GC 1+ paladin combat skills

    Thats about all.

    My needs are runes and a necro T (would to trade the amazone one for a necro one if possible).

    Happy bidding, feel free to ask anything if you want any info!

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