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    Hardcore trade values?

    Hello all,

    After coming back and playing Diablo II again in softcore and pretty much getting as far as I could get (everything done and super-fancy gear with 4 classes), I'm venturing back into hardcore. Although, 'back' is a relative term... I've never gotten further than a sorc in her 70s that died in Hell durance (damn those stygian dolls!)

    In any case, I may try to do a completely untwinked run-through at some point, but for now, I'm starting out simple and hoping to trade up for some solid gear, which leads me to some questions about how trading works in hardcore. Any explanations would be greatly appreciated.

    1) Are the basic trade rules the same in HC and SC, in particular:
    a) Do games with names like 'N wizspike O um' work as a reliable way of trading?
    b) Is it possible to trade through the forums?
    c) Are runes (pul and up), and perfect gems the main currency?

    2) Are the trade values comparable to SC, in particular:
    a) Is an ist worth 2 mal, or 4 um runes?
    b) Can you trade 40 (junk) jewels, 40 Pgems or 8 spirit packs for an ist rune or something close?
    c) Can you get items that are really good for survivability but common in high difficulties at a low price (um or below)? I'm talking about items like Wizardspike, Guardian Angel, Thundergod's Belt, Harlequin Crest, Ravenfrost, Nature's Peace, Stormshield?
    d) Can you trade useful low level items for higher level ones or runes, for example: smallcharms with 15+ life, 4@ or 7% MF and 4soc or 5soc flails?

    3) Are there any special things I should look out for in HC trading? Any common scams or general tips to do well?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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    Re: Hardcore trade values?

    Hi Frostlion,
    I am sure there is many more veteran HC traders than me, but I can give you my ideas already:
    1a) yes
    1b) yes but don't think the forum trading is very active
    1c) yes
    2a) yes, exactly
    2b) yes, there is always at least one or two games with 40pg for ist or something similar
    2c) more or less yes. I bought my shako for an um and my storm even for a pul. I just bought a druid torch for um+pul as well
    2d) yes I think so but don't have experience doing this myself
    3) not that I know of

    ps: msg me online in europe if you want acc: xwoar

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    Re: Hardcore trade values?

    Thanks very much for the information, good to know trading will actually work :-)

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    Re: Hardcore trade values?

    1.a yes
    1.b very difficult in HC due to the low number of HC people over there
    1.c currencies are : pgems / IST / HRs (BER or jJAH) other runes (PUL and higher) are used in trades but not as currency
    2.a yes, you will never find an ist for less than 2 MALs or 4 UMs
    2.b pgems and spirit packs (yes) ; very difficult to trade 40 junk jewels for IST, I'll say MAL or UM
    2.c Yes but it mostly depends at what time of ladder ; at the end of ladder SHAKO goes for PUL etc.
    2.d Yes ofc
    3. socketed /socketable / eth stuff can be very valuable.


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