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    Quest entries


    Took another look at each individual quest page, ie:

    And had some thoughts. I was holding off on these because they were changing with every patch, but they feel pretty solid now.

    A lot of what I had at the top doesn't make sense anymore, like the bonus objectives. Other stuff is bad for reasons I couldn't have known before I got into the beta, so I had some thoughts.

    Strategy and Tips section, I implemented that one I think. So if there's little bits about the environment or monsters that people may not have noticed (like Grotesques do AoE damage on death is the example I think I used), or tips about how to predict where an exit of a dungeon will be, stuff like that.

    I also would like to have a collector section where we list all of the lore/journal entries and where to find them. Some can be more tricky than others, like Leah's Journal pt. 2 which has to be looted at a fairly specific time and is easy to miss.

    Then there's the video walkthrough but I have zero video editing skills, so what we have is what we have so far.

    I would also like to use the maps that we have to make a route for how to get to the quest objective, but I'm not too sure that'll make sense in the long run.


    And @Brokenstorm, if you see this, how do you want to handle lore book entries? So should I just make a link on the quest page that says "Leah's Journal, Part 2" like it is in-game?

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    Re: Quest entries

    That's good, and very informative.

    Two comments.

    1) I think it needs a short version, as maybe the top section on the page, below the intro. Like 4 or 5 bullet points.

    Run to town and kill zombies by gate.
    Talk to Rumford and enter town.
    Run to Inn and talk to Leah.
    Return to Rumford at city gate, then move along road North from town.

    etc... and even that's kind of wordy. It's for quick reference and impatient surfers. All the fuller detail, tips, walkthrough, pics, etc, goes below that and is updated with more tips and pics and such over time.

    2) Quests pages need a uniform data box, formatted a bit like the ones on the monsters pages. For example. Top right, with the quest icon and then some basic info in the fields. I'd have to play around with it too figure what all info should be there and the exact presentation, but it wouldn't be that extensive. Basically what you've got in the Quest Info section now:

    Quest icon on top.
    -Initiated by: Captain Rumford
    -Prerequisite: None.-
    -Required to progress? Yes
    -Lore items: Wretched Mother Bestiary entry.
    -Leads to: The Legacy of Cain.

    I think we'd want to list the quest reward and who gives it... Also where and when. Tristram, Act One, that sort of thing. Other fields? Some mention or rating of length, difficulty, complexity, perhaps?

    The Diablo 1, 2, & 3 Wiki! (Under construction.)

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    Re: Quest entries

    Good stuff, Flux. I tried to write those in your style, actually.
    I like the bits about the synopsis at the top, and the box to the side (which I don't know how to do yet).

    I'm not too sure about adding in the quest rewards because there's not likely to be anything special outside of early cubes or stones, etc. The rewards all seem to be exp, gold, and feel-goodery.
    The lore items are a bit of a problem, too, due to monster composition, so I'd think like a section for completionists, or maybe an entirely separate "walk-through" for getting all the lore and journal entries?

    OHYAH we have these, too, that Elly mailed me. HardRock made these a while back and I thought maybe we could use it by the synopsis as like a visual guide? Maybe plot out the routes for each quest, and then label them with numbers that correspond to the synopsis and the detailed steps below maybe. Tell me what you think.

    The two maps:



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    Re: Quest entries

    Some thoughts on quest pages...

    The quests page defines quests as required, as opposed to events such as the Jar of Souls event. Which is really fun, by the way. So, how do we categorize the Kill 3 Wretched Mothers and Find the Blacksmith's Apprentice (or whatever they're called) quests? They seem to be main-line quests, but they are optional.

    Did someone say databox? I have some experience with those. I can get started on that, and I also take requests on what should be in them.

    "Some mention or rating of length, difficulty, complexity, perhaps?" While I have no objection to this in theory, I must say that these are fairly subjective terms and therefore hard to define. It might work, however, with some well-defined parameters.

    As for lore items, should they be mentioned in the Quests pages or the Level pages? Or both?

    EDIT:Check out The Fallen Star now. It has a data box. Also, I added a couple more items to the box, just to see what it will look like.

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