I have made an uber smiter, and have great gear I am thinking. My dilemma is whether to wear Crown of Ages or Guillames, or something else? My problem arises with how much strength CoA takes to use. When I have Enigma on, that is not a problem to hit the str requirement. But I just made myself a Fortitude(got +28 resists) and would like to wear that for ubering. However, when I use the fortitude it reduces my strength greatly and I cannot wear the CoA unless I respec to get more strength. Is it worth it to pump up my strength by that much to use CoA, or should I just use Guillames or something else? Also, what should I socket either helmet with? (My CoA only has 1 socket and I could get one on Guillames from the quest).

Also, everyone says grief is better for an uber smiter than Last Wish, but looking at stats, I would think Last Wish is superior. How come everyone uses grief (I am currently using a Grief beserker axe).

Thank you,