I published on my blog a strategy for making infinite gold in diablo 3.

I would like to share this strategy with you for two reasons:

1. It's too easy to do and needs to be fixed.
2. It will greatly reduce the value of higher end crafting materials.

So what's the strategy? Simple: buy 100 subtle essence. Craft 50 belts. Salvage them all. Craft 25 belts... Etc down to the point where you can't craft any more.

What do you end up with? FAR more than you started with. You'll have more value from the 5% fallen tooth and 1% petrified bark than subtle essences you began with.

Why is this? Because you always get a subtle essence + a chance for a rarer crafting material. See how this is an issue and how you could go forever buying essences, crafting, salvaging, and selling the results?

This strategy will greatly reduce the value of higher rarer materials until this kind of method is no longer profitable. That's the natural balance of things.

How to fix:

Two things: increase cost to craft on items and do not give a subtle essence + chance for rarer material every time you salvage.