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I see. I take it that the beta client does not allow MPQ deconstructing based on the nature of the threads I have seen.

Do you have some idea of who is prepared to decode the MPQs on release, and/or if the useful formulas (not the boring item stuff on d2nut) will be posted on release? I am talking about damage, IAS/framing, dodge/block/armor, etc.
The structure of D3's MPQ files must be known to dataminers and developers of Mooege (D3 server emulator), at least to some extent. I bet we'll have an MPQ editor for D3 soon after release.

As for the formulas, many are already known. The ones you mentioned certainly are. What's not clear is how or if certain stats stack, like attack speed and damage debuffs, DR% from resists and Armor just as an example.