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    Quick Armageddon Druid Question

    So I'm making a run-around geddon druid, spends most of his time in bear form for the extra life, stacks frw and runs around raining fire on everyone. But I can't decide between using infinity, which gives me extra frw and an extra -35 enemy fire resist, or a 30/30 fire sword and 20/20 fire shield, which gives me an extra 8k damage or so but less -res and less frw. I'm not going for max block, hoping I can just outrun bowazon arrows. Heh. I know I could keep both around, but I'm sure I'll invariably end up using one set way more than the other, so I'm torn. 8k damage is an awful lot of damage. (btw, did you know geddon druids can get more damage than fireball sorcs? True story).

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    Re: Quick Armageddon Druid Question

    I think you have some of your details confused, but either way, Infinity provides -light res to the user, not -fire res, however it does provide the level 12 conviction so that will ultimately increase your damage as long as they're in range of your aura and I would assume they normally would be since armagedons range is limited to one screen. Your real comparison between the two at that point is -85 fire res (from conviction) and frw versus 50% increase in damage with -50% resistances.


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