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    Re: Are weapons just part of your appearance now?

    I agree. I miss whacking things with my staff as a Sorceress, made me feel awesome.

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    Re: Are weapons just part of your appearance now?

    nothing is stopping you from doing so. there is even a passive that gives you a bonus for doing so.....

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    Re: Are weapons just part of your appearance now?

    So every skill in D3 is spammable? News to me. I didn't know you could spam Fury, Discipline, Arcane Power, or Spirit spenders infinitely. I guess I must have a broken beta, because I can only use 3-6 of them before I'm out and have to use different skills. And I guess Mana must be broken on my Witch Doctor too, because I've run out of mana on him and I guess that shouldn't be happening. Oh, and my beta client is broken in another way too: cooldowns. I can't just cast those spells over and over, I have to actually wait 12 seconds or whatever to cast them again! And I might actually have to use different skills in the meanwhile!

    This is clearly unlike Diablo 2, where I could spam the same skill over and over with no regard for resources or cooldowns past about A2 normal, but, deep down inside, I knew that Blizzard set my default button to attack with a normal weapon so that made everything completely different even if all I ever did was spam one or two skills all day long.

    Sarcasm aside, your problem is that you're playing the very first part of A1 and that part of the game is very easy. Resource management will become important later on, and depending on your class you will have times where you have to fall back on less-amazing skills in order to build up your resources again. Sure, those 'less-amazing skills' may not be just basic attacks, but those were never fun to the vast majority of us. Besides, a Barbarian's fury generators and Demon Hunter's hatred generators are all pretty much just fancy attacks with your weapon, so perhaps you're just playing the wrong classes and should try out those two. The same goes for Monk spirit generators if you happen to use a fist weapon as well.

    But hey, if you'd rather experience the fun of just whacking things with basic attacks, you can still go play the first bit of Act 1 in Diablo 2.

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    Re: Are weapons just part of your appearance now?

    The problem here seems to be that the new damage math breaks the illusion.

    In Diablo I and II, your spells caused damage based on skill level. The size of your beatstick was relevant when you were beating stuff with it. Caster weapons were magic-infused lollipops whose purpose was to channel energy. They had irrelevant damage and magic modifiers fit to help you do your spamming thing.

    In Diablo III, spells cause damage based on weapon damage. This means the Fireball comes out stronger if the Wizards hold a huge axe, instead of holding a magic wand. It is very counter-intuitive, and attacks my (our?) willing suspension of disbelief. Unless they make very specific caster weapon mods (like Faster Cast Rate in D2), all top end equipment will tend to be the same max-DPS one-handed weapon for every class.

    While it is possible to hit stuff with a staff, Gandalf usually will use it to cast stuff. Similarly, his sword's usage is to cut things. Not quite as ressonant when the wizard uses his axe to catalyze spells.

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    Re: Are weapons just part of your appearance now?

    Attack and cast speed are actually the same modifier now, as far as I'm aware...

    One thing you're missing, though, is nobody said a wand+offhand will do less damage than a 2-handed axe, or at least nobody said it'll be less effective than a 2-handed axe. We'll have to just wait and see how they deal with it, though, since if staves will be competitive with wand+offhand combo, and wand+offhand combo will be competitive with 2-handed axes, then for barbarians 2-handed axes might be competitive with 2-handed staves, which I find a bit odd (unless barbs are not allowed to use staves, but then again it would still be weird to have a melee wizard doing the same melee damage with a 2-handed axe and a staff).

    Bottom line is that yes, the system is weird, but at least gameplay-wise it can work.

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    Question Re: Are weapons just part of your appearance now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Soval View Post
    More empty nitpicking.

    How are weapons any different in D3 than they were in D2?

    Why should spellcasters fight using their weapons and not be using their magic?

    What is more spammable and less powerful about skills in D3?

    And what exactly is stopping you from using your weapon and skills to make you feel whatever vague feeling you are trying to achieve?

    Dude, you have obviously not felt the glory and fear of the original Diablo. Maybe you looked at it with a different attitude, but I would assume for most of the original Diablo fans, this is a big disappointment. There are so many things they could have easily done to make us happy, it just seems like Blizzard doesn't give a crap about it's loyal life long customers. Their games are 80% hype, and 20% follow through. I actually like World Of Warcraft more then this release right now. And I really don't like WOW much. Hand weapons were your lifeblood in D1. You could never survive off strictly magic unless you were a SORCERER, and you had a huge array of options regarding items, and how they interacted. It wasn't restrictive other then the base and max restrictions based on your class and level. Everything else was fair game. And the enemies were just as weak no matter how brutal you got. They didn't get incrementally stronger no matter where you are. And you could restart the game and come back and slaughter if you wanted to at a higher level and with all your stuff. You could horde gold. Should I keep going? Where's the spirit of f'ing diablo??


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