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    OMG/WTF?! Returning SPer

    Hey people, returning to D2 after taking a break for a couple years or possibly more.

    I'm starting fresh since I haven't hooked up my old computer for this, and most likely won't for a very long time. I just finished playing through the story with an assassin build that I knew to be a blast but becomes ineffective in NM. Now I'm looking to have an Untwinked MP experience with a more appropiate build for completing Hell Difficulty. Although, I can barely remember what's effective without endgame gear

    I'm not opposed to twinking but seeing as I haven't played this game for a while and the majority of my knowledge has faded I wouldn't want to rush back into the game's repetitiveness.

    btw I use v1.13 RWM and Colored Rune Text(not sure what the abbreviation for this is, I hadn't used it before)

    I'm using a cracked .exe, as far as I know it's only function is to allow me to play without a legitimate CD key, but the one I used to use allowed multiple instances of d2LoD to be run simultaneously, though before I had never used this function apart for the purpose of muling before I switched to ATMA. Before this wasn't a problem for the authorities here when I asked them about it, but if rules have changed since regarding cracked executables, please let me know.

    If anyone is willing for an untwinked play through from the beginning of normal to the very end of hell difficulty post your game or leave me a pm

    Also you can find me on gameranger. Screen name: Alex Account ID: 2289396
    I'll be grabbing Hamachi soon.

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    Re: Returning SPer

    i can do it on tcp/ip. if your still interested.

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    Re: Returning SPer

    Hola! If all your mods are acceptable with Thy, you are more than welcome to join us fellow spfers on an untwinked pally adventure! Believe we've made it to NM, somewhere. We play on Sunday mornings, 7am cst (gmt-6). I know there are plenty if people just about more than willing to help get you through normal if you want to try and catch up. The thread is here... One of the ones close to the top. Oh! Kmt pally group! Yeah! that one.

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    Re: Returning SPer

    Yes, join us, we are having quite an adventure on our all Paladin run and would love more people to join.


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