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    Re: So, Iron golem.

    Hmm, thanks for that knowledge franklin! I've only ever used clay golem, he always seems to do the trick for me.

    One reason I haven't made Iron is my poverty level, and the fact that I like to run fool (yes, fool) speed ahead in HC to bypass stuff I've already done 3 times because I cannot find a way point. I'll have 10 skelies, next thing only 4 made it.

    Reckon if I made one, I'd just tp pop every once in a while to keep him in line.

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    Re: So, Iron golem.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greizer View Post
    Do note that even if you have the wealth, it is unwise to make a golem out of a Doom or Infinity, because the golem might randomly disappear. It is rare but known to happen. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains. And sometimes your golem disappears.

    @ughhh: Yes, he will follow you around from game to game. You will only need a new item if he disappears or dies.
    Okay so i know im resurecting an old thread and that no one plays d2 anymore... But...
    Well, im goofing around with it in SP and plan to make an IG out of a beast axe on a level 27 necro. The question is, will i have to remake the golem as i pump the IG skill level to have him benefit from said plus skills? Or will the existing IG automatically gain benefits from more points put into the IG/golem mastery skills?

    PS Im assuming he is recalculated upon every game entrance. Meaning if i pumped IG five times in one game and left, in the new game the IG that appears when i enter would be five skill levels higher than the one in the previous game WITHOUT recasting.. IF this is the case, do i have to actually leave the game to see the improvement, or will the golem be stronger immediately upon raising the IG skill level?

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    Re: So, Iron golem.

    Yep, IG is recasted to whatever skill level you have then, it doesn't get stronger immediately.Good luck. ;D


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