Hey everyone

So as one of my first ladder characters I made an IK WW barbarian, and have been very impressed. He can run basically anywhere in one player games. But my question is, where do I go from here?

What sort of gear would be worth breaking the set over? Or should I leave it equipped until I get all the elite runeword gear at once.

Currently I have a 6ll Arreats, and two Eth elite swords I was going to make Oath in when I have the runes.

Here's my barb
if you're curious:

Ik Helm (2x Ptopaz)
Ik Armor (Ptopaz)
Ik Belt
IK Gloves
IK Boots
IK Maul (2x Shael)
Angelic Ammy + ring


20 WW
20 Battle Orders
20 Shout
xx Iron skin
1 Berserk + other "One point wonders"

(Armor and wep are unsocketed, I'm hoping to trade for/find Eth versions soon)

Andariel's Visage (Ral)
The Reaper's Toll