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    Re: The Yogscast play Diablo 3!

    They're funny but their ineptitude is sometimes unbearable to watch.
    GRRR,... EQUIP THE GODDAMN WEAPON NOW (*closes inventory and runs around punching stuff with bare fist for minutes*) ARGH!!!

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    Re: The Yogscast play Diablo 3!

    Seems like people are amused by anyone with a British accent these days.

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    Re: The Yogscast play Diablo 3!

    yeah these guys just need to have beta keys taken and have them go to Elly and Flux so we can get some awesome commentary!

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    Re: The Yogscast play Diablo 3!

    You know, in debates people often argued that no one was as stupid as Blizzard was saying or catering to. After watching these two bumbling numb nuts I actually think Blizz has it right.

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    Re: The Yogscast play Diablo 3!

    Quote Originally Posted by s4nder View Post
    I find them hugely annoying. To see them playing Diablo 3 is just...
    Call the internet police to take their D3 beta access away.

    Also, i can see the envy and spite seeping out of this thread. But it just shows that people can't look through their act most of the time. Sure, some don't find it funny. I know i don't, but acting like morons gets them views, which gets them cash.

    Besides, i found almost every Beta video infuriating most of the time. I'd rather play the game myself, then watch somebody else do it.

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    Re: The Yogscast play Diablo 3!

    Hi Yogscast, have only gotten to episode 4, but wanted to share some tidbits that I found completely hilarious
    (Reminds me of Caboose from RvB)

    Keep exploring till we find.. Oh God!

    I got a scroll of companion - pecker!

    Its good now because the next one might not contain it

    Dropping Cumin on her head caused lag

    Can we have a video of a party of level 12 naked female monks with the following skills, please:

    How come noone is using the X + RMB for the third mouse skill?!
    LMB - Fist of Thunder
    RMB - Deadly Reach
    x + RMB - Exploding Palm (we only want it for the exploding bit!)
    1 - Blinding Flash

    The idea being to concentrate on picking which fights I want to play, as opposed to going gung-ho ala Barb.

    Keep up the grate (sic) work

    I hope that (sic) is really a (sic) - never truly understood where it's supposed to be used - Elly? Some help please.

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