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    Re: Construction Zone Mondaily

    RL: Stuck at work, which is very straining right now...I guess I need holiday :rolleyes:

    D2: Probably not - it's going to be late when I get home today.

    @Thyiad: HG:L again? I never gave the game a it worth trying?

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    Re: Construction Zone Mondaily

    Grisu, well I doubt it will hold my attention for long. The problem I had with the first version is still here in the second; namely the map is awful. I used to and still do get lost in the stations. Imagine the Rogue encampment being so cluttered that you can't find anything.

    I find the zones pretty hard to navigate too. I can see you're supposed to go through but I just can't work out HOW. (And I've spent 3 years playing a MMO so I understand 3D stuff better than I used to. )

    I'm only level 10 or 11 so I'm at the 'whack it' stage so it's fine. But I can see the depth if you're a higher level and get into gear modding and stuff.

    For now, it's ok but I wouldn't have paid for it.

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    Re: Construction Zone Mondaily

    WoW? Don't do it, man!

    RL: School and work. :(

    D2: No

    OVG: Noooooo

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    Re: Construction Zone Mondaily

    RL: Hmm a new work-week. Tired after the cruise. But it was the best cruise so far for me and my friend. So much drinks and womens. Disco-floor until 7am.

    D2: Some travi, pindle and countness as usual. Soon i have my infinity. A huge milestone.

    OVG: CivIII: C, if i'm in mood of it.

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    Re: Construction Zone Mondaily

    Decided against WoW as it really sucks the life outa me.
    And i can't play it on my comp as it is too rubbish ( good enough for d2 though!)
    so i have to use the family computer ( get hardly any time on that )

    Time too make a tuesdaily!


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