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    Blizzard's Major Miscalculation - Item inflation/economy

    Jay Wilson and the other devs have been asked on many occasions, how they are going to keep Gold valuable, how they are going to deal with item sinks and Gold sinks, and most importantly; how are they going to stop the inevitable item inflation without a binding system.

    They have always given this same answer :
    We expect salvaging to be compelling enough to remove a good percentage of the most valuable items from the economy. High end components obtained from salvaging high end items are needed for high end crafting and enhancement.
    As for gold: (paraphrased)
    nearly everything your Artisans do for you will have a gold cost associated with it.

    In regards to a binding system, their answer again, has been the 1% analogy (which is beyond stupid IMO). For those who haven't seen it:
    Yeah, we realized that binding is kind of a crappy way to pull items out of the economy. If you say that the average player produces 100 items an hour and maybe gets 1 upgrade in that time, then binding at best can account for removing 1% of items from the economy. And that's being very generous at high levels.

    Binding isn't really substantial in making a viable economy, but it is really good at establishing item prestige. Which is how it's used in WoW.
    So, is it just me or are these possibly the silliest thoughts and ideas Blizzard have ever made? When you actually analyze how this will work in Diablo, it is littered with flaws and is just plain wrong.

    Firstly, I'll address why the Salvaging to stop inflation can't possibly work, and does not at all stop high-end inflation.

    Salvaging will almost certainly be based on two things, iLvl, and item quality type (ie rare, legendary, magical etc). It really can't be based on anything else, due to how the affix system works.

    Salvaging will NOT take out the best items out of the economy, ever. Why? Because the logic is flawed:
    1) If you have one of the BEST legendary or rare items in the game, WHY ON EARTH would you destroy it for Mats to make another item that has less than 1% chance of being better?
    2) IF the crafted item is guaranteed to be better than your item that you need to salvage, than it DOESN'T SOLVE ANYTHING, because you have "swapped" one item for an even better item, which IS INFLATION.
    3) EVEN IF you don't need the item anymore because you got an upgrade, you would rather sell it for money than salvage it into a material that is worth 1/100th of the items value (since its an excellent item).

    The way people will use salvaging realistically, is they will ONLY salvage high-level items that have crappy stats. Eg. A rare item with really crappy affix rolls on it, but still has a high ilvl. Again, no one is going to salvage one of the best items in the game for some mats. Not when they can sell it for large amounts of money or trade it.

    So that one is completely false, crafting/salvaging will do NOTHING to stop high-end item inflation, period.

    Now for the binding 1% explanation. Firstly for the record, I'm not FOR or AGAINST a binding system at all. I'm just pointing out why this is such a stupid analogy.

    So they are basically saying that the rarest items are so rare, that a binding system would only take out the rarest items out of the game, which is less than 1% of items, therefore binding would only solve 1% of the issue.

    This would have to be the most idiotic thing I've seen Blizzard put out. Why? Because the other "99%" of items don't matter. They are basically items you would interchange every few levels, and also the exact type of items you would salvage or vendor. They are also the types of items that you wouldn't sell for money because no one really wants them. They are in essence, consumable, and have little to no impact on the economy.

    The good, high-end items (the 1%) are the problem. So by combating the inflation of that "1%" of items is exactly what the whole point is. It is irrelevent whether or not the finder equips the item, because someone eventually will, which takes the item out of the economy (if there was a binding system), instead of the item being "permanant" and traveling through the economy indefinitely.

    Inflation is a simple concept - it is caused by a constant supply of items without those items ever leaving the economy. So in other words, as time goes on there will ALWAYS BE MORE of that item, with nothing taking that item out of the economy.

    A bind-on-equip system would stop inflation on high-end items better than anything else that I can think of. This is because you cannot trade it once it is "consumed", hence taking it out of the economy.

    Again, I'm not advocating the binding system, I'm just pointing out how stupid that statement and explanation from Blizzard is.

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