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    WoRG's 1.07 Crafting miniguide v1.0

    WoRG's 1.07 Crafting miniguide v1.0

    1.07 has long been known as a source of great items: ethereal items, +damage charms, and select Uniques from 1.07 are commonly sought after for their superior qualities. Less well known is the AWESOME potential of 1.07 crafted items, MUCH greater than in later patches. While they may not be able to match certain runewords or uniques, 1.07 crafts can be among the most powerful items possible in the game, and grant mucho style points from using a truly unique item.

    Of course, one always needs luck when crafting, and the ingredients are harder to get in 1.07, so it does take a fair bit of commitment to get those awesome crafts. Also, 1.07 is a bit buggy, and this shows up in crafting quite a bit, sometimes to the good, sometimes to the bad. Finally, one also needs to keep in mind that the "rules" of crafting are a bit different in 1.07, and again, this is both good and bad...

    The Good:
    1) Magic-Only Affixes can spawn on crafts! This means you can get +3 skill tabs on gloves, ammys, sheilds, and weapons; Master's on many weapons, and Grandmaster's on a few; Chromatic on shields and ammys; Life Everlasting on ammys; of Amicae on shields and body armor; Fortuitous on rings/ammys; of Luck on boots and ammys; of Fortune on rings; of Acceleration on boots; Godly and of the Whale on armor; etc...
    2) Weapon crafts can use ANY base item that is equippable as a weapon...even throwing potions!! No restrictions on weapon types as in later patches!! Note in particular this means you can craft swords, bows and crossbows, claws, daggers, and orbs, which is not possible in later patches. [Actually, this seems to be true in 1.08 as well...]
    3) Craft recipes work with ANY quality gem (chipped, flawed, normal, flawless, makes no difference!)
    4) Several automods are better in 1.07, even on lesser crafts: 1-4% LL on all blood items, higher possible %mana regen on caster items, higher CtC and Slvls on FN on hitpower items, and higher values for PDR/MDR on safety crafts...and then there are the Greater Craft recipes, with even higher automod values...
    5) Not really a feature of crafting itself, but well worth mentioning: Larzuk will put 3 (or max, if less) sockets in any socketable crafted item!

    The Bad:
    1) Crafting ilvl is based SOLELY on Clvl, and is (Clvl * 0.66)...this means no worrying about the ilvl of a base item, but it also means that you can't boost crafting ilvl with a high ilvl base, and that the Max crafting ilvl is 65, and that takes a level 99 character! [This is also true in 1.08]
    2) The FCR automod on Caster ammys and belts is bugged, it is always 1%; the FR/W automod on Blood ammys is also bugged at 1%.
    3) Armor crafts are limited to the base item listed...Greater crafts require ELITE bases, and no armor crafts work on Exceptional bases.
    4) Only a limited selection of crafting recipes are enabled...very few Hitpower/Safety recipes are enabled... and NO helm recipes at all...

    The Ugly:
    1) Because of the max crafting ilvl of 65, and the qlvl of Amulets(1), you CANNOT craft +2 skills ammys, though you CAN craft +3 skilltab ammys at Clvl 91 or above.
    2) Because of the max crafting ilvl of 65, you CANNOT guarantee 4 affixes on a craft.
    3) Many of the bases for the Greater craft recipes are NOT shoppable, and CANNOT be dropped by monsters or chests...they must be racked or gambled, and several probably CANNOT be gambled!

    All the information I've found suggests that 1.07 crafting uses the same method for determining the number of Affixes as later patches, so:
    	At ilvls 1 -30, 40% chance of 1 affix, 20% each for 2,3, or 4 affixes
    	At ilvls 31-50, 60% chance of 2 affixes, 20% each for 3 or 4 affixes
    	At ilvls 51-70, 80% chance of 3 affixes, 20% chance of 4 affixes
    	At ilvls  71+, 100% chance of 4 affixes
    I'm honestly not sure if this is accurate or not...certainly higher ilvl crafts tend to have more affixes, but often crafts seem to have fewer affixes than they should... It is true that some low-level affixes can easily 'disappear' ('of the Jackal' on a Blood craft, 'Lizard's' on a Caster craft, 'of Thorns' on a Hitpower craft, etc.), and some affixes are bugged to not show up even when present (see the last section on Bugs), so its often hard to be certain exactly how many affixes a craft spawned.

    Enabled Crafting Recipes:

    Armor crafting recipes call for specific base items that are blue(magic) quality. Note that lesser crafts use normal base items and greater crafts use elite base items...there are no armor craft recipes that use exceptional base items. Weapon crafts, as mentioned earlier, are much more flexible and accept ANY type of weapon, of ANY grade (normal, exceptional, elite), and of ANY quality (cracked, white, grey (note that Ethereal bases CAN be used, but that the output is NEVER Ethereal), blue, yellow, green, gold, or orange)

    Lesser Crafting Recipes:

    Hitpower Weapon -> Any Weapon [qlvl:varies] +Jewel +Ort +Sapphire

    Blood Boots -> Light Plate Boots(Magic) [qlvl:20] +Jewel +Eld +Ruby

    Blood Gloves -> Heavy Gloves(Magic) [qlvl:7] +Jewel +Tir +Ruby

    Blood Belt -> Belt(Magic) [Qlvl:12] +Jewel +Nef +Ruby

    Blood Weapon -> Any Weapon [qlvl:varies] +Jewel +Ort +Ruby

    Caster Boots -> Leather Boots(Magic) [qlvl:3] +Jewel +Eld +Amethyst

    Caster Gloves -> Chain Gloves(Magic) [qlvl:12] +Jewel +Tir +Amethyst

    Caster Body -> Plate Mail(Magic) [qlvl:24] +Jewel +Ith +Amethyst

    Safety Body -> Breast Plate(Magic) [qlvl:18] +Jewel +Ith +Emerald

    Safety Weapon -> Any Weapon [qlvl:varies] +Jewel +Ort +Emerald

    Greater Crafting Recipes:
    Note that the Alvls listed in the notes are NOT derived by formula, but by observation, and may not be 100% accurate.

    Hitpower Belt -> Vampirefang Belt(Magic) [qlvl:69] +Jewel +Dol +Sapphire

    Hitpower Weapon -> Any Weapon [qlvl:varies] +Jewel +Fal + Sapphire

    Blood Boots -> Mirrored Boots(Magic) [qlvl:77] +Jewel +Sol +Ruby

    Blood Gloves -> Vampirebone Gloves(Magic) [qlvl:69] +Jewel +Shae(l) +Ruby

    Blood Belt -> Mithril Coil(Magic) [qlvl:72] +Jewel +Dol +Ruby

    Blood Shield -> Aegis(Magic) [qlvl:78] +Jewel +Hel +Ruby

    Blood Body -> Kraken Shell(Magic) [qlvl:81] +Jewel +Po(Io) +Ruby

    Blood Amulet -> amulet [qlvl:1] +Jewel +Lum +Ruby

    Blood Ring -> ring [qlvl:1] +Jewel +Ko +Ruby

    Blood Weapon -> Any Weapon [qlvl:varies] +Jewel +Fal +Ruby

    Caster Boots -> Wyrmhide Boots(Magic) [qlvl:67] +Jewel +Sol +Amethyst

    Caster Gloves -> Vambraces(Magic) [qlvl:72] +Jewel +Shae(l) +Amethyst

    Caster Belt -> Troll Belt(Magic) [qlvl:77] +Jewel +Dol +Amethyst

    Caster Shield -> Luna(Magic) [qlvl:68] +Jewel +Hel +Amethyst

    Caster Body -> Hellforged Plate(Magic) [qlvl:79] +Jewel +Po(Io) +Amethyst

    Caster Amulet -> amulet [qlvl:1] +Jewel +Lum +Amethyst

    Caster Ring -> ring [qlvl:1] +Jewel +Ko +Amethyst

    Caster Weapon -> Any Weapon [qlvl:varies] +Jewel + Fal + Amethyst

    Safety Body -> Great Hauberk(Magic) [qlvl:75] +Jewel +Po(Io) +Emerald

    Safety Weapon -> Any Weapon [qlvl:varies] +Jewel +Fal +Emerald

    Affix Selection (or, 'can I get that on this?')

    One of the biggest mysteries surrounding 1.07 crafting has been about caluclating affix levels...crafts occasionally spawn affixes they shouldn't be able to get. This has led many, including myself, to speculate that alvls might be different in 1.07. However, RTB posted that only a few affixes had different alvls in 1.07 than in 1.09. Complicating the issue is the fact that Elite Items in 1.07 often have different qlvls than in later patches. Elite weapons are usually a good bit lower...the highest are Colossus Blade, Demon Crossbow, and Giant Thresher at qlvl 76, followed by Thunder Maul at qlvl 75. Because the max crafting ilvl is 65, a Thunder Maul craft would use qlvl for affix calculation (75>65), and by the standard affix formula*, would have alvl 51 (2*75-99=51). As Cruel (+200-300%ED) is alvl 51, this suggests that only those four weapons could spawn Cruel. Fortunately, this is NOT the case...

    *Affix Formula (used in later patches, but NOT in 1.07, and possibly not in 1.08, either):
    If (ilvl>99) then {ilvl=99}					
    If (qlvl>ilvl) then {ilvl=qlvl}					
    If (magiclvl>0) then {alvl=ilvl+magiclvl}				
    else {if (ilvl<(99-qlvl/2)) then{alvl=ilvl-qlvl/2}
    	else {alvl=2*ilvl-99}}	
    If (alvl>99) then {alvl=99}
    Again, 1.07 does NOT use this formula!

    As I lack the code delving skillz of RTB, I adopted Onderduiker's approach of empirical testing to determining what alvls could spawn on different qlvl items: I used a cube formula that I had previously thought of as broken and almost completely useless, the 3 Pgem reroll formula. In 1.07, this cube formula resets the ilvl to 1, so all the usual uses like rerolling charms are pointless, but its perfect for what I needed: By reseting the ilvl to 1, ONLY the qlvl of items would affect affix selection! I setup a test install with a clvl1 mule with a cube, a bunch of Pgems, and various qlvl items (mostly elites) where I could reroll an item ingame as many times as I needed in order to discover what affix levels were associated with different qlvls, without any items actually ever being created (and YOU thought rack-running was tedious and repetitive!!!)

    Needless to say, NO items came out of the test environment, only information, and no 'real' characters ever interacted with the test environment...

    Once I started testing items, it quickly became apparent that the standard Affix Formula was not being used to determine alvls.

    The lowest qlvl items I tested this way were a Gothic Sword (qlvl48) and a Zweihander (qlvl49). At that point, I thought that the standard Affix Formula WAS used for normal and exceptional items, just not for elites, so I expected to see alvl 24 on the Gothic Sword, and alvl 25 on the Zweihander. There are many affixes that are alvl 25, so it seemed like an easy breakpoint to test. To my surprise, the Gothic Sword spawned Savage (alvl26) and several alvl25 affixes (Static, of Alacrity, of Slaughter, of Pestilence), and the Zweihander got of Nova[12%/slvl4] (alvl28) and Meteoric and Soldier's (alvl27).

    One of the big questions about 1.07 Crafting has been whether it was possible to spawn Grandmaster's (alvl69) on a craft...and the answer is Yes! The three highest qlvl weapons (Colossus Blade, Demon Crossbow, and Giant Thresher) CAN spawn Grandmaster's (but not, apparently, of Regeneration (alvl70))...this means that they can get up to 580%ED on a Greater craft!! I had hoped that Thunder Mauls (alvl 75) might get Grandmaster's as well, but I rolled on one well over 500 times, and the highest affix I saw was 'of the Mammoth'(alvl68), so it apparently just misses it. Of course, you can't prove a negative, and its possible that I was just very unlucky (I'd like to think so...imagine a Thunder Maul with 580% ED!!!)

    I compiled the results of my testing into the following problem is that there are many gaps in affix level progression: for example, for most weapons, there are no affixs for alvls 62-68, so its not possible to nail down the exact progression for those alvls... In the table, the numbers appended to each affix are the alvl of that affix.

    Qlvl/Alvl Table
    Qlvl Alvl  Items                                  Affixes of interest
     48   26   Gothic Sword                           Savage(26)
     49   28   Zweihander                             Soldier's(27)
     54   36   Giant Conch*                           Holy(36)
     60   45   Hyperion Spear                         Elysian(45), Divine(45), of Evisceration(45)
     61   47   Cryptic Axe, Sm.Crescent, Flying Axe   Lord's(47), of Quickness(46)
     63   50   Phase Blade, Legend Sword              Fool's(50), Screaming[Grinding](50)
     64   51   Great Bow                              Cruel(51), Valkyrie's(50)
     66        Winged Axe
     67   56   Ataghan, Decapitator, Fanged Knife     Master's(ED/AR)(56), of the Vampire(56)
     68        Luna                                   Chromatic(50), Jeweler's(55)**, of Amicae(51)
     69   59   Vampirebone Gloves                     of the Giant(59)
     70   60   Champion Axe, War Pike                 +3 skilltab affixes(60), Arcing(60)
     71   61   Berserker Axe, Champion Sword          Flaming(61)
     72   63   Vambraces, Colossus Sword, Ward Bow    Multishot charges(63)  
     73        GPoleaxe, Glorious Axe, Winged Harpoon 
     74        Hydra Bow                              
     75   68   Great Hauberk, Thunder Maul            Priest's(65), of the Mammoth(68)
     76   69   GThresher, Demon Xbow, Colossus Blade  Grandmaster's(69)
     77   70   Mirrored Boots, Troll Belt***          of Transportation(65), of Regeneration(70)(max alvl/boots)
     78  <75   Aegis                                  all possible EXCEPT of the Colossus(75) 
     79   74+  Hellforge Plate                        of the Titan(74)(max alvl for armor)
     81   74+  Kraken Shell
    *  - Giant Conch is NOT a crafting base, but it filled a gap in the list, so I rolled on one anyway...
    ** - see below for info about the socket affix bug
    ***- I can't seem to get a blue troll belt to roll on...but if qlvl77 can get alvl71 (definitely seems possible),
    then 'of Atlas' could spawn, which is the highest alvl affix on belts...
    One big problem with the test method is that is doesn't give the formula, just the results...there is no way to be certain that a given ilvl will generate the same alvls that an equivalent qlvl would. I would love to know what the affix formula for 1.07 is, but have no idea how to find out...until then, there is still a bit of guesswork to 1.07 crafting.

    Bugs in 1.07 crafting

    There are several bugs that pop up in 1.07 crafting, as usual, some good, some bad:

    Socket Affixes: Crafting recipes for items that can get sockets (weapons, body armor, and shields) CAN spawn socket affixes...but they WILL NOT have any sockets!! This is a hypothesis, but in my testing I often got Artisan's, Jeweler's, or Mechanic's...but those items NEVER got sockets!! In addition, I've scoured the 'net for readouts of 1.07 crafted items, and have NEVER seen a crafted item with 1 socket! (well, there were a couple knives, but maxsox on those bases is 1, so...)

    Blood recipe: The 1.07 blood recipe is somewhat (in)famous for occasionally spawning very high lifeleech%. This seems to occur when a blood recipe spawns a lifeleech this case, the affix lifeleech and the automod lifeleech are added together, then (usually, not always) the automod +life is added to the lifeleech% as well (whether it gets added or not, the +life disappears in any case). This is also a hypothesis, based on the fact that I've only seen this (doubledigit lifeleech and no +life) on item types that can spawn a lifeleech affix in 1.07 (Weapons, Gloves, and Rings...Circlets can also spawn LL affixes, but are not craftable...and 1.07 amulets can't spawn LL)

    This bug also triggers when a manaleech affix is spawned...but in this case, the automod lifeleech is added to and becomes MANAleech, and the +life automod spawns normally. This version of the bug can occur on Weapons, Gloves, and Amulets (which CAN spawn ML affixes...and rings CAN'T in 1.07.)

    Hitpower Weapon recipe: If you get a CtC affix that is 'on attack/on striking' with a Hitpower craft, the automod CtC Frost Nova will change from 'when struck' to match the rolled CtC affix. I'm not 100% certain that this isn't just a display issue (1.07 has several)...but it SEEMED to actually work when I (very casually) tested it...

    The ilvl99 bug: Sometimes, for unknown reasons, a crafted item will spawn with a higher ilvl than it should (ilvl99 has been reported several times, and ilvl80 at least once). A craft that spawns ilvl99 would be able to spawn ANY affix that can spawn on the base item...but of course could also get low level affixes instead. This bug seems to be fairly rare (I've crafted literally hundreds of items, and never had this happen...of course, if the rolls were crappy enough, I might have Charsi'd or rerolled such an item without checking it in ATMA...)

    Appendix: Other Resources

    If you're not familiar with the basics of D2 item generation (and even if you are), these guides are great resources:
    v1.10+ Item Generation (Wiki)
    v1.09 Item Generation (Wiki)

    For more info that is specific for 1.07, the 1.07 discussion thread is definitly worth a read...LOTS of great info there, and its still active...


    Repusz for the 1.07 guide and Yuiman for the Addendum - though inaccurate on many points, these have been absolutely invaluable to me.
    RTB - Though I have never interacted with him, the amount of information this guy has revealed about D2 is STAGGERING...Without his contributions, this guide wouldn't have been possible.
    Hakai_no_Tenshi - For ATMA (need I say more?) - I probably wouldn't still be playing D2 without it!
    The SPF - absolutely awesome forums and community!!! - You rock, guys!
    All the 1.07 players who have shared their experiences and knowledge: Galtwish, phool, nermind, Helvete, purplelocust, Arkardo, raconteur, Disco-neck Ted, Demonuga, Jaedhann, Zarfen, AlienBoyz, Naab, Zhao_Yue, ApisCanis, wangnala, Tauren, snooker, sideshowbob, and many others...


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    Re: WoRG's 1.07 Crafting miniguide v1.0

    Awesome stuff, keep them coming. Hope we get more people playing because of this.

    I'm expecting a 1.07 book by the end of the year btw.

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    Re: WoRG's 1.07 Crafting miniguide v1.0

    Very nice here. Now, if only I could get 1.07 working on my Win 7 or if Ubuntu was working properly (may have to go back to 10.10) I would defiantly use this information.

    Glad you compiled this so that when I do get to time-travel it can be used!

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    Re: WoRG's 1.07 Crafting miniguide v1.0

    Wow so much good info makes me wish I still had time to play. Great guide and I'm looking forward to reading it more later.

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    Re: WoRG's 1.07 Crafting miniguide v1.0

    Excellent guide! Been looking forward to this for a while.
    It will be great to have a summary section of recommended recipes and recommended character levels to craft them at. Possibly include readouts of any monster crafts that you made with those recipes.

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    Re: WoRG's 1.07 Crafting miniguide v1.0

    Wow! Some dedicated months of work there! Thank you very very much for sharing your findings and shedding some light on 1.07!

    It doesn't solve one problem though: How do I get to level 99 in 1.07 (esp. in HC)

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    Re: WoRG's 1.07 Crafting miniguide v1.0

    Lovely guide there; I'll add it to the FAQ shortly. Thank you for your efforts.

    City of Titans - Smashed the goal - More info here

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    Great guide, thanks for all the work you put into this!

    I've not had much of an idea about what I should do with all if those crafting supplies I've collected, and this will help a lot. Now all I need is more levels

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    Re: WoRG's 1.07 Crafting miniguide v1.0

    Great job! The bit about changing the ctc of frost nova is awesome. I want a ctc frost nova on attack.

    I aplogize for contributing nothing and sitting on 40 jewels not knowing what to do. I do know I am not wasting one shae for crafting...well maybe one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grisu View Post
    It doesn't solve one problem though: How do I get to level 99 in 1.07 (esp. in HC)

    I bet getting to 99 in HC would be more enjoyable than getting the mass amounts of jewels/runes needed to craft.

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    Re: WoRG's 1.07 Crafting miniguide v1.0

    Nicely done! took you long enough though A very handy reference that I will use frequently.

    ... just contemplating the amount of clicking those tables represent makes my eyes & ears bleed...
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