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    D3Here Again: Questions and Answers

    This thread preserves the original posts from, and allows space for new questions to be posted, in order to receive replies from (possibly) the same individual. He will never post directly in these forums; he will read posts in this thread and send his replies to me via email. I will then quote them, unedited, into this forum thread.

    Disclaimer: is not the author of these posts, nor do we provide any guarantee that they are legit or authentic, or that the individual writing them is an actual D3 play tester. They are presented entirely for entertainment value, as a service to the Diablo community. I have previously expressed skepticism as to the authenticity of the author, though I reserve the right to change my opinion as more information is revealed.

    For details of what lead up to the closure of d3here.********.com, see my posts in the huge thread: 225, 232, 241, 243, 248, and 264 (plus many useful fan replies in between) for info about the death of d3here.********.com and the genesis of this thread.

    Most of the original posts have been saved and reposted here:
    That blog is not run by the same individual and any further updates on it should be considered non-canon.

    The following few posts are quotes of the material that originally appeared on, archived here for ease of access.

    The Diablo 1, 2, & 3 Wiki! (Under construction.)

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    Re: D3Here Again: Questions and Answers

    Quoted from the repost at

    Disclaimer: is not the author of these posts, nor do we provide any guarantee that they are legit or authentic, or that the individual writing them is an actual D3 play tester. They are presented entirely for entertainment value, as a service to the Diablo community.

    I have played D3 its in entirety, including the current build.

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Everything in this blog is the opinion of the poster, and may be entirely fictional.

    Wink wink. I think I have an eye twitch.

    Ask any question about Diablo 3 below by clicking on “comments” at the bottom of the post, and I will do my best to answer it. Your question will appear on the main post when I answer it.

    - Don’t ask how I know, who I know, how much I know. None of your business.
    - Don’t ask sweeping questions like “WHAT ARE ALL THE NEW FEATURES!!?” or “Explain how the entire item system works”. Ask specific questions only. This isn’t an article, and I don’t plan on writing an article.
    - I will answer SOME questions about the storyline, but don’t ask for any significant story spoilers. I’m not in the business of spoiling the game.
    - Don’t ask for Screenshots, videos or any other media. Don’t assume I can, or would want to simply walk in with a USB stick and start snapping up screenshots.

    The comments area is public. You don’t need to register or put your name when posting.



    Q: Joe: Is there an auction house? If so, could you summarize how it works??
    A: Kind of a sweeping question, but I’ll answer it.

    No. The “auction house” is called the “market”. I am unsure if the name is a placeholder. It functions differently to the WoW auction house. To access the market, you need to use the AMM (automated match-making) screen and select the “market”. This automatically queues you (like War3 and SC2 AMM) and loads you into a game world that looks like a small “town-like” area with markets around. There are around 50 players in each market game (i think).The AMM matches you up with people who have similar quality/level items as you, though you can specify which item ranges you want to trade for.

    There are no monsters or anything else in this game, only other players and NPC’s. To “display” your items, you click on the NPC and place your items into an inventory. You can close it after your done and the items stay there, even persist into other games. On the other side of the screen, you can browse everyone’s items who are in your game. Its fully catagorized, very much like in WoW. If your interested in an item you can offer them gold or even select an item(s) you have on display and offer them that, or a combination. This sends a notification to the other player that you placed an offer. They can accept this, or more often they can choose to “negotiate”, this starts a one-on-one dialogue with the buyer and seller, and they negotiate the items just like in D2. This only applies to armor and weapons, gems, consumables and other items are not displayable. Though I have heard they are implementing something for those, possibly a wow-style auction-house in-game.

    They have not yet implemented the feature to allow you to put your items directly in from Bnet, but its coming apparently.

    Q: Is all the trade face to face like d2? What happens when a player leaves the game, do there items stay listed??
    A: Its a combination of both. You use the NPC trade window to browse items and when you find the item you want it matches you up with the buyer. If a player leaves the game, their items are removed from the browsing list. They can join another trade game and their items will automatically be on display.

    Q: if ur about to die can you leave the game like you can in diablo 2?
    A: Nope. Currently if your in trouble you need to run away to the nearest waypoint (there are HEAPS) and restore your health. By default, you get full life automatically if you spend more than 15 seconds in town.

    Q: Won’t it be annoying if there are 50 players in the game and 30 of them are AFK? How does it work if you’re trying to get an item and the seller is AFK?
    A: The trade games have a very fast AFK timeouts. I think its around 4 minutes. Moving the mouse clears AFK, so its not that bad. Also, if you timeout of a trade game, you can’t use AMM to join another trade game for 5 minutes. (punishment to stop doing it I guess).

    Q: how rare are ujniques? like compared to diablo2
    A: In the 2 months I’ve played, there has been 2 Legendary’s (uniques) drop for me and around 20 rares.

    Q: whats in act 4??
    A: Not posting spoilers. But I will say its unlike the other acts in many ways.

    Q: Does the Market carry your items (like the stash) or do you still have to have inventory space to hold them?
    A: Once you place your items in the market window via the NPC located in a trade game, they stay there until you take them out. So yes, it can act like a “mini” stash.

    Q: Are runes in the current build? Can you describe a few of the nifty ones?
    A: Yeah, every ability is available and nearly every rune works with them. (except for a few late wd, dh and monk abilities.)
    Some cool ones… I play Wizard so: Indigo in Slow time actually reverses time by a few moments (yes, it undoes the damage you took, but not the damage you inflict), Crimson in Diamond Skin literally turns you into fire and allows you to literally run into a group of mobs, and leaves a trail of fire behind you (like Blaze from D2) and cause massive fire damage (you ignore collision so you can literally run into the middle of a huge pack, and then explode for even more damage. You can’t be hit while its up. There’s a lot of other really cool ones, I might share them later.

    Q: what colour are legendary items?
    A: Orange. Gold tinge to them in the latest build.

    Q: Are town portals still in the game or are those completly pushed away from the game by waypoints?
    A: They are currently in the game, but only allow you to enter them when there are no monsters within a certain range of you. Like half a screen length away.

    Q: When there is a beta?
    A: Its already in Beta. Just not open to the public yet. The devs don’t even know when, but its expected to be August.

    Q: do you think D3 is ready for 2011 release? Do you think it will make it this year? Also, is D3 really fun?
    A: Its amazing how polished the game already is. I think it can make release this year, which is the plan. is getting the most work at the moment. It is easily the best game I’ve played to date. Especially when the Bnet features are fully implemented.

    Q: How big is act 4? Is it smaller then the other acts like in D2?
    A: Its significantly smaller than the other acts. Smaller than the D2 acts 1-3. They actually don’t have the main quests in there at the moment. They are ready, but they are hidden.

    Q: How is match-making done in PvP? Just by character level or is there more to it?
    A: Only level at the moment. Though I’m 95% sure this will change when they do more work on Bnet (it has a lot of stuff that is not fully implemented.)

    Q: Why there will be no D3 on GamesCom? Because beta will be already online?
    A: No idea, sorry.

    Q:Why didn’t they just do a normal auction house? Does the market work well?
    A: MANY reasons:

    - Auction House doesn’t feel very Diablo-ish, and simply doesn’t work for a game where 95% of the items have random stats.
    – It initially WAS an Auction House, and it just didn’t work. It did funny things with the economy, you’d have an item on there that had certain stats, and then some other guy would unknowingly post a similar item (remember, the items are mostly random) for a totally different price. The non-static nature of items made it unusable. The market system allows you to browse items for yourself, feels more personal and is far more of the “Diablo feel”, rather than stare at literally thousands random variations of an item.
    - It feels kind of retarded simply typing in the name of an item you want, and then simply buying it.

    The market system works very well. You simply AMM into a trade game, browse the items, and if nothing suits you, you do another AMM search. It automatically cycles you through the other trade games when you click on it again within a few minutes. Its actually VERY fun to shop around.

    Q: can you tell us anything about end-game content? Will it be mainly grinding and arena or do you have something like endless dungeons?
    A: Bosses are very different. They only recently started working properly. I don’t want to spoil it, but they are unlike D2 bosses. As for the real end-game (aka act 4 hell difficulty), its actually not available yet. So at the moment, the end-game hard to talk about. There are some new AWESOME things that I don’t want to reveal out of courtesy to Blizzard.

    Q: How much play time will a casual player need to complete Normal?
    A: Depends how casual I guess. Around the same as D2, but imagine your character can actually spend points on being awesome rather than saving for the high-end abilities. You are pretty OP in normal.

    Q: Can you tell me if there is any merit or advantage to playing with a mixed 4 player party instead of a party with all barbarians?
    A: To be quite honest it doesn’t matter what your group consists off. Barbs/monks are a small exception because they can attract monsters away from the ranged classes, which significantly increases their damage. But I’ve played with 4 wizards and it was just as fun/effective.

    Q: Are the classes balanced more or less?
    A: Numbers are literally changing weekly. So yes and no. Hard to say since there is so much variety to play with.

    Q: In the time you have played, have you discovered multiple character builds that are superior to others?
    A: Definitely. But as I said above, the numbers change CONSTANTLY. Especially in the last few months.

    Q: Ifso are those diverse or is there just a single “godly” build per character?
    A: Too many combo’s to know for sure. And even with that said, no, because the monsters are very different in each area. What might be a great build somewhere might suck big time in others.

    Q: SInce you explained the market system, can you say if gold has succeeded in being the main form of currency?
    A: Impossible to say, because we are testing. We can get any items we request as its a debug build, so the economy doesn’t exist in a realistic fashion. Though in the last wipe, items are no longer available at will, and we are encouraged to use the economy/markets (now that they work for the most part).

    Q: Is the average playtime of completing normal shorter, equal or longer than D2 normal?
    A: The pace is faster, but there is more to do. Hard to say to be honest.

    Q: How diverse are the items that drop? affix/prefix wise ofcourse)
    A: D2 diverse.

    Q: You claimed you found 2 legendaries and about 20 rares, how much of them were useful?
    A: As said above, the economy is non-existent. However, I equipped like 5-8 of the rares. The Legendaries I found were a Crossbow and an Axe.

    Q: Also, you were probably exploring the game instead of focussing on getting good gear, if one were to focus on getting items primarily, how much better would they have done than you?
    A: Items are very powerful and enhance your character, it helps a lot to have good gear. You can kill things a lot quicker.

    Q: That new to us to wait on BlizzCon 2011?
    A: Unsure what they are revealing, but I’m sure the Beta will be available to the public by then, so not much.

    Q: About two months ago, there was a supposed ‘leak’ from someone claiming to be an internal game tester. Can you tell us if the information provided in that interview is true or false?
    A: I actually read it back then. It was false.

    Q: Are there any unique/set/runeword items from D2 that have their item names re-used in D3, ifso: are they similar to the D2 versions?
    A: No runewords in D3, and sets are legendaries that can be put together to get a bonus. There are some items that you’ll remember from D2. Different stats, but still familiar stats.

    Q: Short q from me : How would you classify the overall size of the acts, together? dissapointing/medium/huge ?
    A: There’s a bit more to it than “size”. For example, the actual “terrain” size is similar to D2, but the pacing and quests, and events etc are different. It’s faster paced, but the side quests take up some time (slow you down). So to answer your question, the game is “bigger” in length.

    Q: Does auto stats allocation really work better than the D2 system?
    How much room for customization is there concerning stats. e.g. Can i make a battle mage for a wizard or are barbs the only ones that can equip heavy armor and be awesome and big? How about defensive builds, damage reduction builds, etcetc.. is this all possible?

    A: You have PLENTY of customization. However is different to D2, it’s more about what skills and what runes you WANT to use. *EDIT* misunderstood the question, there is no such thing as “heavy armor, light armor” etc. Wizards don’t have heavy armor compared to a melee class, which have traits and passives that increase how much armor helps you, however you can invest your skills into more defensive spells and runes, such as full points into Teleport with Alabaster rune (Wizard teleports but leaves behind a mirror image that the monsters continue to attack). And there are plenty of them. In other words, there is a HUGE defensive difference between wizard A who invested in defensive spells, and Wizard B who pumped all their points into Hydra, Meteor and Disintegrate.

    Q: You mentioned the numbers were being changed constantly, but does there feel like a balance between the classes, both from what you have witnessed pvm and from what you can speculate pvp?
    A: They are similar in that they ALL have a few spells that need adjusting because they are probably too much better than the others. But all classes have these, so I guess they are balanced :P . PvP is getting much more focus later on in testing, I don’t think its a testing focus at the moment.

    Q: Follow-up, will all the suspense all these years have been worth it? = D
    A: I don’t think its possible for a Diablo fan to not love this game. The amount of awesomeness is immeasurable.

    Q: Thanks for answering my question about runes. I have another: Can you go in to how bosses are different now, particularly while solo compared to D2?
    A: To be honest I don’t want to ruin any surprises that Blizzard has instore for you, and I think this is one of the big ones. So I’ll only say that the bosses are “of epic proportions”.

    Q: In D2, you practically just run up, swing/cast, avoid particular spells if possible, and then collect loot. The Siegebreaker Assault Beast encounter was pretty vague in this regard and was most likely scripted to a degree.
    A: They are on a different level to the Siegebreaker in terms of “epicness”. He is just a sub-boss. They are epic. If I was to rate most important unrevealed features, that would be among the top.

    Q: How about gear-dependance? Is there a class (like Sorceress in D2) that is more gear independent that the others (like melee classes in D2)? If not, how did Blizzard solve this problem?
    A: Casters have +spelldamage% rather than +to skills. Gear is important. I would say they tried extra hard to make all gear very important for all classes.

    Q: Is there more to end game than just PvP and item grinding/trading ? Without getting into any spoilers.
    A: Yes. As a minor example, the market is the type of place you would find yourself spending hours in. In a good way.

    Q: Does the wizard spell disintegrate still turn pink, when focused on a target in the current version?
    A: I can’t say that I noticed it turning pink. I don’t have points in it so I don’t see it super often.

    Q: Do bows/crossbows still need ammo?
    A: Nope.

    Q: Can you tell us about any interesting Traits? Are there any changes to them since we last heard of them?
    A: They still function much the same as previously mentioned (though I don’t recall what exactly was mentioned). They are still pretty big bonuses to abilities. In terms of coolness, they aren’t as “epic” as runes, but their bonuses are very big.

    Q: How did you experience the automatic stat point allocation? And in relation to that. Is it possible, through gear and gems to make your character focus primarily on a single stat, like I stated earlier: Damage Reduction, Defense, Vitality, Crit, Damage etc..
    A: If it wasn’t auto, it would be silly, because everyone would get the same thing. It’s a good system. Gems at the moment are a bit up in the air. At it stands, they add stats (so yes, you can focus on particular stats). Some add more interesting things, such as +lightening damage, resistances etc.

    Q: Can hardcore characters trade items and gems with softcore characters, or they remain on separate realms like it was on d2?
    A: We can’t actually make hardcore characters. But they will be in the game.

    Q: Whats been your favorite class so far?
    A: Wizard. I like lights and stuff.

    Q: My main question deals with the Monk – does he have a similar ability to Teleport and is it awesome?
    A: Seven Sided Strike. The catch is it requires a mob to be targeted. The good news is, it will demolish the enemy. Unsure if they will add another more escape-ee ability.

    Q: Do you realize that any class can equip any type of armor? So the part where you said that the wizard can’t equip heavy armor is false. Moreover there is player collision for enemies, so there you go wrong again…
    A: Of course there is collision. If you read what I said properly, you would’ve noticed I was referring to the Diamond Skin runed ability. And no, not all classes can use all types of armor. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Q: How does Magic Find work with gems and are their other stats that can help you find stuff? Also, does MF drop on gear?
    A: Haven’t seen any items with MF on them yet, but items are still being worked on heavily. One of the primary things right now actually.

    Q: does unique items look different than the normal verisons?(both item icons and on character ingame)
    A: Yes. Though there’s a few placeholders at the moment.

    Q: What types of armor exist if classes have access to different types?
    A: Sorry, I misunderstood the question above that referred to this. There is only one armor, no armor classes. Most classes have traits and passives that increases the effects of your armor. For example one of the barb traits increases your Vitality by a % of your armor.

    Q: Is there a Secret Cow Level or something similar?
    A: There is no cow level. /wink

    Q: lol I like how you didn’t tell us ANYTHING we didn’t already know about traits. That info came straight from Blizzard. Who do you think you’re fooling?
    A: What would you like to know, genius?

    A: Haven’t seen any items with MF on them yet, but items are still being worked on heavily. One of the primary things right now actually.
    How can you not mention the saphires from the last BlizzCon? Did you somehow forget about them?

    A: Haven’t noticed it before. I’ll check next time to see if it still does it.

    Q: What’s the new mechanic they have that lets the player sell items while out in the field?
    A: Dropping items, or shift clicking them near a waypoint or town-portal automatically sends your items to the town NPC’s. Later on when your back in town, you click on any of them to view what you’ve sent (shows up in the buyback tab) and confirm the sell. You can undo an item by dragging the item back from the vendors inventory back to yours. There is talk about changing this, or removing it all together.

    Q:what about special deaths? every monsters got a special death on top of the ragdoll and critical deaths?
    A: Not sure I understand your question. Every monster has a bunch of death animations, some have special static ones. Critical hits/deaths make the screen shake harder and the enemies fly off the screen, or explode in epic piles of blood.

    Q: Is health globe mecanic fits in to the game good or it’s too arcade’ish?
    A: Best way to sum up health globes is pretend they are potions that drop at the rate they anticipate you to be needing a top up at. It works well. If there are times when you have little health and you don’t have one handy it basically means you took too much damage from that encounter, or ate one up before you should have. There is a mechanic that automatically puts you at 30% health if your near death and away from combat for a few secs.

    Q: What achievements existed in your current build? Were there more / less than SC2? Can you go into any detail about…. intresting achievments?
    A: There are many achievements, but a lot look like tests that won’t make it into the game. My favorite is “Grats, I wonder how many SoJ’s that is worth” when you find your first legendary.

    Q: You mentioned that you were surprised at how polished the game was, but you also said weapons are primarily being worked on and numbers are still changing for balance. In your point of view how long do you think beta will be? and WHEN do YOU think the game will be released?
    A: The game is very polished in the respect of the actual environments, pace, gameplay, and fun level. The numbers game is constant, and will continue up until release I’d imagine. In my opinion, the game is on its way to making it this year.

    Q: How is it you only found 20 rares in 2 months. I found 2 in 15 minutes at blizzcon.
    A: The demo versions are purposely “enhanced” so that people can find good loot in a short period of time. Otherwise you’d be running in rags for all your playtime.

    Q: How many times could an artisan level up? About how much gold was required?
    A: Artisans can level up to 5 at the moment. I am unsure how gold, as we typically get free gold to dump during test pushes. But as a general figure, its pretty expensive. Not so much in what it costs you in actual gold, but in how much items you have to salvage instead of selling for gold. Some ingredients such as Grim Essence can only be salvaged out of high level rares. So its hard to put a monetary value on it, since that rare may have sold for a lot of cash in the market place.

    Q: How about Hell mode, is it harder compared to Diablo 2? And how many times did you die?
    A: Hell mode is challanging. Some of the monsters run faster, have abilities that don’t exist in normal/nightmare such as blind (you literally can only see a few feet in any direction, and it can turn very ugly). However, its very satisfying when you use good skills to get out of rough situations. For example the other day I found myself cornered against the wall against some scary Bone Destroyers (they pushed me using their charge abilities). I used my runed Diamond Skin ability (the rune turns you into fire) and ran through them to safety. They proceeded to get burnt following my trail.

    Q: Are there parts of the game that are REALLY hard
    A: Yes. Hell. (some dungeons are very scary)

    Q: Is crafting a fun element? How exactly does disassembling items feel ? Is it rewarding sometimes?
    A: Like everything, it has a random element to it, which is fun. You can get lucky and find rare essences that are key ingredients to some good crafted stuff. Feels good.

    Q: How does farming go? Will we do bossruns or will we do random side-quests?
    A: Both, the end-game is under heavy iteration atm. Item’s are being finalised.

    Q: Is there anything interesting to mention about the UI? Do our character models appear in chat like in D2 or just our display name?
    A: I can happily report that D3 bnet has chat channels. At the moment there is no structure in there, its a bit like SC2 (ie your invisible). There is a button that says “channels” but it doesn’t do anything. The most interesting part is the AMM system, which at the moment looks pretty much like you would expect. You tick some boxes on what kind of game your looking for and press search. A few seconds later a game is loading. Other than that, Bnet is still quite primitive. Its clear it is under heavy construction by all the buttons that don’t do anything.

    Q: Is there dual spec in the game?
    A: No. And I’m pretty sure there won’t be. When you play the game, you’ll understand better at why its not needed.

    [B]Q: You said there is no heavy/light armor. Does this mean there is only 1 type of armor? Or is there still: Breast Plate, Ancient Armor, Templar Coat: each having higher defense point values then the other.
    Regarding the Wizard question. Could a Wizard equip the highest defense point armor? Am I correct to assume that there is also no speed reduction from wearing a higher defense point armor type?
    A: Armors are hard to explain, but I’ll try. There are still “types” of armor, ie Ornate, Quilted etc. The more progressed in the game, the better the armors are, for example, ornate is one of the highest ones in Nightmare, quilted is found in act 1 normal. Everyone can equip the best armor, but depending on its stats you may not want do. At the moment there is no penalty to wearing “heavier” armor, it is simply just better (in terms of ARMOR not stats) and they are found at higher levels.

    Q: I would like to know a few rune effects on wizard skills. How does runes effect Magic Missile, Spectral Blade, Arcane Orb, Disintegrate or any other skills… Anything you can tell is great.
    A: Not going to list every possibility because I don’t have them on-hand but some off the top of my head…
    - disintegrate crimson leaves a trail of fire but you can’t hold it down anymore (becomes like firewall in D2)
    - Disintegrate indigo turns it into a cone shaped attack but becomes short range (really powerful AOE).
    - I can’t remember which rune, but one turns Meteor into a meteor shower, which drops small comets randomly all over the place.
    - Crimson turns Arcane Orb into Frozen Orb from D2. (slowing effect, shoots cycles everywhere etc)

    Q: Can you post screenshots of _______?
    A: There is absolutely no way I could, nor would post screenshots of anything. Stop assuming I can simply walk in with a USB stick and start snapping up screenshots.

    Q: Well, supposedly, you’ve been playing for at least 2 months now. In all that time you’re gonna tell me you didn’t mess with the traits enough to remember a bunch off the top of your head? give us some examples.
    Also, how different did the Legendary’s look from normal/rares? do they truly look Legendary? Some people have been saying that Legendary’s won’t have their own unique graphics.

    A: Read above, I mentioned some traits. But if you insist…. (and I’m paraphrasing)
    – Arcane Might - Arcane spells knock back enemies when you have 25% or lessArcane Power.
    – Telekinesis – improves chance to dodge ranged attacks & spells
    – Penetrating Spells(?) (or cold?) – Reduces targets resistance to your spells.

    The item system is currently being focused on, lower level legendary’s have unique graphics. Higher level ones appear to have placeholder graphics, or no graphic at all.

    Q: How do the item tiers work exactly? For example, Can you find a tier one hat in act 4 hell with godly stats, Or tier one only drops in early normal and item tiers get higher with difficulty?
    A: Depends on what you mean by Tiers. If I’m right about what I think your saying, than its exactly like how it is in D2, normal items can drop in hell, all qualities (rare, legendary etc) Though you must remember that the item system is still being worked on, very heavily. Its the main focus at the moment.

    Q: How does death work? Do you spawn from a random location or back with your party? Are there any disadvantages of dieing? Do you have a body on the ground?
    A: Currently, when you die, you re spawn after a few moments with all your items and no corpse, at the nearest Waypoint. There is durability now, and you lose something like 20% if you die. I could be wrong about the % (its new)

    Q:do you have any evidence that would prove your information is true?
    Also, what parts of game will be in beta version? I guess act1 and arenas, anything else?

    A: No, nor will I try.
    I have no idea what they are planning on giving you for the Beta, but we have everything that’s ready, apart from Act4 ending quests/bosses.

    Q: What can you say about inventory management ? More specifically, we know there is some kind of way to sell stuff out in the field without the need to return to town. How does that work ? Does it feel right ?
    A: Inventory is much better than in D2, its easier to manage and less frustrating. As for the selling stuff in the field, I answered that above, and it feels OK, but I think it could be improved, and I think they will. Portals, and selling stuff in the field is a bit up in the air at the moment.

    Q: What is your favourite skill out of all the classes? And what is your favourite runed version of that skill?
    A: My favorite RUNE effect is the Reverse Time, it literally turns back the clock for any monster inside the bubble, looks awesome and is extremely cool – Indigo rune on Slow time. Favorite spell…. bit hard to answer, lots of them are awesome in certain situations. I’m going to go with Crimson runed Meteor. It turns meteor into Meteor Shower, which bombards the area randomly with small meteors. Its pretty epic.

    Q: Is the wizards resource still Arcane Power in the current version? Is there any plans to change it?
    A: Yes, its still Arcane Power. I feel that it works fine, but there’s a chance it may change to a Mana-like thing to simplify/balance the amount of spells/combo’s.

    Q: How are the item drops currently are they completely random or are they partially relevant? Random being D2 where you have to spend days getting what you want to drop.
    A: Random as far as I can tell. Again, items are being worked on heavily right now.

    Q: Any knowledge in terms of the game’s system requirements or graphical options?
    A: Can’t help you with Sys reqs, but their are a few graphics options that were recently introduced. One lets you define how long corpses stay on the ground for. Others are more standard stuff.

    Q: Can you tell us about a few of the high-end skills we haven’t seen yet?
    A: “Familiar” is a new spell that got put in to our builds not too long ago. I hesitate to spoil the surprise on this one, its one of the high-tier spells. Its a summable that stays with you, a bit like Valkyrie for the amazon. I don’t want to spoil what she looks like, but she is simply AWESOME. Oh, and there are no working runes for her yet.

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    Re: D3Here Again: Questions and Answers

    Disclaimer: is not the author of these posts, nor do we provide any guarantee that they are legit or authentic, or that the individual writing them is an actual D3 play tester. They are presented entirely for entertainment value, as a service to the Diablo community.

    Quoted from the repost here:

    D3 Q&A Part 2
    The other thread is getting too big, so I’m starting a new post. I will TRY and answer most questions, so if you get a short response, my apologies but it is necessary so I can get to other people.

    If I miss your question, it’s not because I’m “dodging your difficult question”, its because I have 180 questions flooding my inbox.

    First batch of new QA will be posted in a few minutes. Tune in.

    Q: What is the demon hunter resource and how does it work?
    A: It’s called Focus and its a yellowish-orangeish substance. It’s a bit like mana – it starts full and regenerates fairly quickly, however it increases much faster when you take melee damage (ie when monsters close in on you). It is fairly new, it has always been Mana before that.

    Q: A couple of new Demon Hunter Skills (and more info about the Sentry)
    A: I haven’t played the DH and WD, but I’ve played with them and spoke with some. A new high-tier DH ability is called “Strafe”. Fires a barrage of shots at a bunch of monsters. It has a really cool animation, the DH jumps up and does a flip and shoots the volley of arrows very fast while flipping in the air. Its 360 degrees.

    Q: Call me old fashioned, but I’d prefer playing a (more traditional) monk without all those crazy-*** fist weapons or staves especially designed for him.
    Is it actually possible to play through the whole game without equipping any weapons or off hand items like shields, orbs, shrunken heads, etc.?

    A: You could, except you would be hitting everything with your fists for very little damage. However there are fist weapons in the game that almost look like your just punching things with no weapon. (In fact, a good number of them appear like this).

    Q: Can you explain how Offline Single Player works? is there any missing features from playing offline? & Does playing Single Player Online require playing on a battlenet server solo or does it just stay connected to battlenet but all play is done clientside(less lag this way)(like SC2)
    A: The version we play goes straight into the multiplayer server. There is no single player in our version, but there will be at release (obviously). So the answer is “not sure how it will work”.

    Q: placing a rune in to a skill changes the name and description of the skill?
    A: It ADDS text to the tooltip description in green, and is titled with a new spell name in green also. So for example, the base spell is still written the same, but below it shows the Runed name and description in green text. Yes, they all have unique names.

    Q: “I can’t remember which rune, but one turns Meteor into a meteor shower, which drops small comets randomly all over the place.”
    Well, the Wizard has a Skill called Arcane Torrent that does exactly the same thing… So why should there be a rune effect that does the exact same thing as a spell for the same class in the first place…

    A: Arcane Torrent is totally different to Meteor Shower. Arcane torrent is targeted and bombards a SMALL area accurately. A very small area. Meteor Shower has small meteors dropping all over the screen in random locations. And the effect is awesome, each meteor shakes the screen, so it just feels really powerful and epic.

    Q: Is Leah cute?
    A: Yes. I could swear that there’s something going on between her and Cain. Really gross.

    Q: Thanks for taking time to answer these queries. I just wanna check are the systems running D3 high? Can a year ago dated system play the system on high settings?
    A: The test machines are powerful as far as I can tell. There are a bunch of specialist ones that are specifically spec’d with certain hardware types, some are really low-spec. I’d say the game will run on older PC’s pretty easily. A year ago system should run on max settings fine.

    Q: You mentioned markets had 50 people in them. Does that seem like a lot? Are the market zones the same as normal game? Are there any other instances of large numbers of players in-game?
    A: The trade games are in their own “game world”. Its basically a town, and it uses the Caldeum graphic set. There’s a bunch of market buildings around, and a lot of Market NPC’s and players around. It works much better than it sounds, it makes trading fun and interesting. I’ve been finding myself spending hours in them lately. It’s sort of a retreat from killing monsters, and relaxing. I love the system.

    Q: What are some dungeon environments we haven’t seen?
    A: Many. Nearly every dungeon has its own “look” and feel. The environments in this game are VERY moody and eerie. Its cool.

    Q: Oh, and I’m the real grug. The one asking about Rares is a fake.
    Yes, tell us about the Demon Hunter resource.

    A: Hi Grug. See above. If you want something more specific, feel free to ask.

    Q: Is there an option to toggle off certain graphical features eg. Red outlines or ‘not enough mana’ alerts?
    A: Not at the moment, but the menu’s are very much unfinished. There is a few standard graphic menu items, and one that let’s you choose how long you want corpses to stay on the ground. Default is forever.

    Q: Do you know any spectral blade rune effects?
    A: Haven’t played with that spell much to be honest, but I’ve seen someone cast it and it was orange and left fire on the floor where it was casted.

    Q: Any word on “thematic” legendary items?
    Such as for non-cookie cutter builds. E.G Warcry Barb, Melee Caster (Wizard, Witch Doctor), Melee Demonhunter, Bow Barb etc?

    A: Items are under heavy development at the moment so there is really very little Legendary items (and some of the ones that exist have no stats). Characters can be anything – the diversity so far is amazing. There is no one that has the same build as anyone else at the moment, for example I have full points in Meteor (meteor shower runed), slow time (reverse time runed) and a lot of points in Hydra (lightening runed). So when I go running around killing stuff, other Wizards have totally different spells/runes and flavors. They really hit the spot with customization.

    Q: What level are you? If you cannot tell, please tell how quick you can go from 1 to 60 or what levels are highest right now. How did leveling character changed in comparison to d2 and d1 (since d1 had 50 levels).
    A: Between level 35 and 50. I don’t want to be specific. Its very hard to say how long it takes, because we are testing and things keep changing. We don’t simply sit there and level like a normal person would. With that said, leveling feels a bit faster than D2. Like you can gain a level at 35+ over a weekend.

    Q: Does the Demon Hunter have any summon pet skill? like a panther, a shadow, anything??
    A: I haven’t seen one, but that doesn’t mean they don’t. I don’t run into many DH’ers, they are probably the least “developed” class in terms of working skills and flow. Their resource system only came in a few weeks ago.

    Q: How do quests work in diablo 3? Are there a lot more quests than in diablo 1/2? Do you have to sit through text+talk or is it more streamlined? I heard you have some sort of bioshock talk+walk thing, how does that work?
    A: Not going in to too many specifics, but there are two types of quests. Main quests (story) and side quests. Side quests are both random and static. An example of a static side quest is the Blacksmith artisan quest. An example of a random quest is a quest that shows up in the middle of a dungeon or zone that usually isn’t there. Rewards for main quests are much bigger than random quests/side quests, which have rewards such as XP, gold and random items. Rewards for main quests are bigger and more “permanent”. Side quests are walk/talk generally, main quests are a bit more “in-game cinematic-like”.

    Q: Also, any info on different PvP gametypes?
    A: Not at the moment. Just 3v3.

    Q: How much of a factor do random events play in quests, monster spawning and environments? Are they frequent? Noticeable?
    A: Random events are rather frequent. As an example, you might see a stone carving out in the middle of nowhere and that activates a quest. Or you might see a vendor who you click on and he says “You look like you need help carrying that gold”, and 3 guys come out from the background and attempt to kill you. The twist being, the main vendor guy is unattackable and after you kill his buddies he says “please, take everything I have” and you get a bunch of gold. You can then kill him or leave him after that.

    Q: what about the music? it’s in?
    if it is… in your opinion how good it is compared to D2 music?

    A: Music is working everywhere. I’d rate it as very good and similar to the feel of D2. Same style of music, mostly.

    Q: Is there a guilds sistem?
    A: Not so far.

    Q: Do you know if Beta players are going to be converted to the public server when the game is released? (Hoping not, I want character name 1337, and I’m sure some beta tester has it already. Hah.)
    A: Highly doubt it.

    Q: How significant are the Attributes (attack, precision, vitality, defense, and willpower) to your build’s effectiveness? Also, can you give us examples of some of the higher and skills that haven’t been revealed yet?
    A: Well its relative. Because its automatically assigned, its more noticeable when you try and fight monsters higher level than you. Vitality adds different amounts of HP depending on your traits. In fact, most stats are influenced by traits. As for examples of higher skills, I gave at least 3 so far above.

    Q: Is their a mail type system in place? If so can items you find on one character be mailed to another character even if you have already equipped it? Are items boe or bop or usable by all characters?
    A: There are no “armor classes” in D3. There are just better (higher armor, higher level) armors. Chainmail is a high-tier Normal difficulty armor type. No items are BOP or BOE.

    Q: You said all classes can’t wear all types of armor. Could you elaborate more on this?
    A: It was a misunderstanding with the person who asked the question (english wasn’t he/she’s first language). All classes can wear all Armors, as long as they fit the level requirement.

    Q: Are the main quests the same through each difficulty? Are you playing through the exact same story each time?
    A: Yes.

    Q: i speculate why this is fake: I asked for screenshot to prove this is not fake above
    A: Read the rules. There is zero chance I can, or am willing post a screenshot or other media.

    Q: Did you play with a follower? Is it interesting?
    A: The followers were finalized after I finished normal. So not really. Though I did play with one in normal. They are interesting, but don’t play a major part (probably more major if you’re still in normal).

    Q: bashiok just came out and called this blog a ‘super fake’ any comments? or is that expected of from what blizzard will say?
    A: As specified already in my legal disclaimer, things posted here are purely speculative and are of my opinion (as its MY blog). Read into that how you wish, though. No more questions/comments on this subject.

    Q: Roughly how many traits does each character have? Did they want them all to be unique or are some shared by multiple classes?
    A: All characters have their own unique traits, though there are some very similar ones. Wizard has exactly 30 traits.

    Q: Thanks for the info! I have one question – do you know if a melee demon hunter is totally viable? Have you tried any similar build(s)? Thanks!
    A: I have very limited experience with the DH, but so far I haven’t seen a Melee DH running around.

    Q: How is playing in a group working, do we get increased loot/exp or what?
    A: When someone joins the game, the monsters get more Hp and there is physically more of them. It is very difficult to go out alone in a full game, unless your higher level. Loot drops about the same per individual person. I think monsters drop the same amount for each player (as you get your own loot). So if your alone you get the same flow of loot as if your with 5 people.

    Q: I understand you play a Wizard, is there any way you could reveal some Witch Doctor info that hasn’t been announced yet? Skills, rune effects, etc.
    A: I was grouped with a WD a few days back, he used an ability where a bunch of spirits spawned and hammered everything on the screen. Looked OP.

    Q: Do spells have dynamic lights like in D2, where you fire lightning bolt lvl 4 and all bolts had a little light radius? Was really effective. If not, do they imtend to implement it?
    A: Yes, but only your OWN spells. Other peoples spells are less “visual” on your screen, and vice versa.

    Q: Are you experiencing followers? There was a big argument on having them only in Normal. Do you feel they could be useful in Nightmare and Hell solo gaming? Any rumors on changing plans about them?
    A: They die in a few hits on Nightmare and get one-shot in hell. Unusable. Personally I don’t mind this, as when I played through normal they weren’t available so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

    Q:is there a group finder in the game? if yes then can u explain how it works?
    A: Not as such, the AMM matches you with people of your level and progression. So its kind of assumed that you will group up. Which is the case, especially in NM and Hell.

    Q: How does the respec function work?
    A: No “official” respecs at the moment. Though we can reset our skills at will using the debug tool.

    Q: What’s the mechanic for swapping out runes? Can you do it anywhere or is there some function to remove them? Does it cost anything?
    A: You simply grab another rune and put it in the spell slot. This destroys the old rune. Though the jeweler can remove it at artisan level 3 for some gold and salvage mats.

    Q: If you had played the game you would know Seven Strike hits random targets on the screen so could not be used as a teleport spell a you can’t predict your final position.
    Even a half decent troll would have knwon Dashing Strike is the monks mobility skill.
    A: This could be true, I don’t play the Monk. I could easily have gotten the names mixed up, and probably have done it multiple times in this blog.

    Q: What the hell, i mean how difficult is it ? xD
    A: “Challenging” during the short term. Less difficult as you get Uber gear, which no one really has at the moment.

    Q: A question about runes – Can you de-rune a skill without destroying the rune? Since runes can drastically change the way a skill works, it seems like being able to change runes out without losing them is a good way to encourage expirmentation to find what best suits an individual’s playstyle.
    A: Read two questions up.

    Q: Is there a variation in the difficulties? Or is it like d2 in the sense that its the same game 3 times in a row, just harder
    A: Like D2. However the monsters are very different, most are recolored versions with different abilities. There are a few monsters in Hell that have their own art, and as you can imagine they look much more dangerous.

    Q: How does the shared stash work?
    A: You will have a stash in town, as you did in D2. When you click on it, you see your normal stash (which is currently huge, 25×8). Directly above that, there is an area that is 4×10, and is shaded in a light-gray color. Anything placed in this area can be seen on all characters.

    Q: How much of the environment (the destroyable part) will affect playstyle?
    A: Dungeons have the most destructibles, and there is lots. Outdoor areas have more cosmetic destrucibles that don’t affect gameplay, while dungeons have plenty that do both. One cool example is a certain area (random event) that blocks you in and monsters come up from the ground. Its slightly terrifying at first, and makes you frantically destroy the walls to escape.

    Q: Can you go hostile to players and set up duels like in d2? If not what types of PvP are in the beta?
    A: Nope, you can’t attack any players in-game. You need to queue for an Arena game to do that. And it’s 3v3, best of 5 rounds, per game. One slightly interesting thing is the grayed-out (not implemented) button that says “spectate” on the AMM panel.

    Q: Obvious troll is obvious. Not really telling us anything we don’t already no, and the when he does he says “It might be changed.” So when it comes out and its not what he said, he can just say ohh it was changed. Nice try dude. 1/10
    A: Interesting. I’ve revealed about 60 new things so far.

    Q: Is it possible to reset skills like in D2 through quest or dropped items?
    A: Not yet. We can reset our spells and a number of other things through the debug screen.

    Q: Are there WD’s summons that we haven’t seen yet?
    A: Yes. Big monstrous dude. Don’t know what its called. Something like Giant or Gargantuan.

    Q: What is your favorite acts and why? Thanks!
    A: Act 2. I like egypt-style tombs and such.

    Q: Does that Familiar have hit points or is it on a timer or what? And what kind of attacks does it use? Also, aside from the mongrel dogs can you tell us of any other Witch Doctor pets?
    A: The Familiar is invulnerable and unattackable. It’s got really badass models (you get a different one each time, I’ve noticed 5 variations) No runes work with it yet. See above re WD pet.

    Q: I’d like to do a summoner type build but actually dislike the “zombie dogs”, so what I’d like to know:
    Is there a rune that changes the dogs into something different? How about the other pure summons like Gargantuan/Fetish army, do they have some freaky rune that changes them significantly?

    A: There is a rune that “merges” each dog you summon. So basically you end up with a 3-4-5 headed dog that follows you around and attacks in all directions. At first I didn’t know what the hell it was, until I saw him resummon a dog and it jumped into the “fiend”.

    Q: At the start of the game, how is the interface? Is it similar to StarCraft II? Is there a login screen like World Of Warcraft? Can you also tell us about the system for creating multiplayer games on Is there a password? Thanks !
    A: The game goes into a login screen when you first open it. When you login, you go straight into Bnet, exactly like SC2. From there, you can use the AMM, or do custom games. Bnet is under heavy construction at the moment, most of it doesn’t work.

    Q: What limits items from being worn? Is it strictly a level requirement? Are there stat requriements? Or is there a new requirement to equip items?
    A: Level only. Weapon types are restricted to certain class types, ie a wizard can’t equip a spear or axe.

    Q: What all can we place in sockets? Is it just gems? Is there anything like Jewels in D3?
    A: Gems only at the moment. They are more powerful then D2 gems though. They are a cross between jewels and gems from D2.

    Q: Do rares work like D2 where they can have up to 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes? How big is the pool of preffixes and suffixes?
    A: Rares can have between 3 and 7 bonuses, though this could be wrong because some prefixes/suffixes have multiple bonuses. Item system is still being worked on.

    Q: Tell me something about DH. Better with bows or with crossobows?
    A: No idea which is better. Only quite recently have I seen Bows make it in the game. They are 2-handed (you can’t dual wield them like you can most xbows).

    Q: Are the environments scary/have that dark foreboding element too them, reminiscent of D1?
    A: The environments are awesome and very moody. More moody than anything you’ve seen in a Blizzard game. So many people are going to feel like retards for the art controversy saga.

    Q: What are recipes like? How do you read them?
    A: You don’t. Your Artisan does. You right click on it when you are in dialogue with your artisan.

    Q: If you say it takes a whole weekend to gain a level at 35+ than that is very slow, much slower dan in D2. Also Bashiok has stated a few times the goal is to make sure ppl are max level around completion of hell difficulity. Does this mean you have not completed hell yet since ur are not over 50?
    A: I didn’t mean a full 24hour a day weekend. I meant a weekend of like 4-8 hours of playtime all up. Hell cannot be completed in the build.

    Q: Can you tell me what the runestones does on Seismic Slam? I can’t wait…
    A: I’ve only noticed one because it was hard to miss: It shatters the terrain in a straight line and makes the terrain stick up and impassible for about 5 seconds for monsters. Players can walk over it though. The barb was using it defensively. Good escape combo with Leap attack.

    Q: did you see any of the cinematics? are they AWeSoME???
    A: None available in the build.

    Q: you said that “leak” from another gametester was fake. so the main storyline does not involve tyrael as an enemy? also… tell us at least a little bit about the first boss. do we fight him in different stages? what are the first two stages? do the stages require different tactics?
    A: I can assure you that the “leaked storyline” is incorrect. I have a no story spoiler policy, so I can’t answer your question.

    Q: Assuming you can use WSAD or any other key combination to move, can you move “North” and shoot a spell “South” if it allows you to cast it while moving or does your character stop and face South?
    A: There is no WSAD keys, its click to move, but yes, you can shoot “backwards” if your really quick at moving the cursor behind you after going forward. The quickbar (numbered) abilities target based on where your cursor is.

    Q:Are they working on console versions of D3, and if so which consoles are being targeted?
    A: Unsure. But there is no test console version that I’m aware of.

    Q: How does the random map generator work? Better or inferior to D2?
    A: What you would expect, except there are random quests and events.

    Q: Are some chests locked?
    A: No.

    Q: You are saying that in the current build that DH uses Focus as the source of power and just mana before, are you referring to beginning of your beta test or all the way back? Since we knew that DH had a two part resource system, hatred and discipline.
    A: It was mana for as long as I was testing.

    Q: For the market, are there multiple NPCs that you have to check to see everything in the market, or will a single NPC provide a listing of everything in that market?
    A: There are multiple NPC’s (many), but they all do the same thing, which is open up the trade market, and all the items are linked no matter which NPC you use. And there’s a bunch of stashes around too. There is a lot of functionality missing with the Market, for example they are planning on allowing you to display your items out of the game world, inside Bnet.

    Q: ok, I know we get our personal loot when we kill monsters. what happens say if you pick up that loot then decide you dont want it and drop it, will your other party members be able to see it then?
    A: Yes.

    The Diablo 1, 2, & 3 Wiki! (Under construction.)

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    Re: D3Here Again: Questions and Answers

    Disclaimer: is not the author of these posts, nor do we provide any guarantee that they are legit or authentic, or that the individual writing them is an actual D3 play tester. They are presented entirely for entertainment value, as a service to the Diablo community.

    Quoted from the repost here:

    D3 QA Part 3 – Final QA – Inviting skeptics to Post your “hard questions”.
    Posted on July 3, 2011 by d3hereagain

    While I’m not interested in proving anything, I invite you to ask your tough and detailed questions, so long as you play by the rules and are at least interesting for people to read.

    Play by the rules and you’ll get your questions answered.
    - Don’t ask how I know, who I know, how much I know. None of your business.
    - Don’t ask sweeping questions like “WHAT ARE ALL THE NEW FEATURES!!?” or “Explain how the entire item system works”. Ask specific questions only. This isn’t an article, and I don’t plan on writing an article.
    - I will answer SOME questions about the storyline, but don’t ask for any significant story spoilers. I’m not in the business of spoiling the game.
    - Don’t ask for Screenshots, videos or any other media. Don’t assume I can, or would want to simply walk in with a USB stick and start snapping up screenshots.
    - I will not reveal story-line spoilers, including end-act bosses, period.

    People who posted in the QA Part 2, I will answer in this thread first.

    Post your questions by clicking on “comments” below.

    Q:Is there any way to increase your XP gain ? Like shrine of XP in D@ or other mean ?
    A: Nope. Unless you count random quests that give decent amounts of XP.

    Q:I know that gems are allowed to upgrade up to 14 levels, are there restrictions on putting higher level gems into low level items?
    A: Gems no longer have 14 quality levels. They are currently at 10.

    Q: Whats the terrain in act 4 like ?
    A: Littered with bodies. (sorry no spoilers, good try though :] )

    Q: So how does the game start exactly? Is the start of the game basically the same as Diablo 2 where you just spawn in town and immediately head out and start killing monsters or is there some kind of a scripted event taking place at the start before you actually head out into the world?
    A: Scripted in-game cinematic that varies depending on class and gender. It’s around 2 minutes long, and then you get your first main quest by talking to an NPC that you start at. You start killing monsters immediately after leaving town. Dungeon shortly after.

    Q: How many characters can you create? Have you tried that?
    A: No idea, I assume its a lot.

    Q: Are there bosses which arent part of the real storyline (secretbosses) but hard as an actboss or are the actbosses the fittest?
    A: No super-tough secret bosses, but there are some bosses who are extremely powerful, on par with end-act bosses. I count at least 3. (they are part of the plot FYI).

    Q:Are the Bosses “finishing moves” still in there and how do they work?
    A: Yes. When a boss hits you at low health and its enough to kill you, it CAN trigger a special death (only if you die from a certain type of attack. )Otherwise, you just faceplant. Each boss has a 2-3 different special kill animations, depending on how they kill you. They are all vastly different. Only certain bosses + act bosses have special kill animations.

    Q: Will there be a reunion with other major enemies than Diablo or Skeleton King (ju can simpliy answer with yes or no ^^)?
    A: Yes. But I’m under the assumption “Major boss” doesn’t mean end-act boss.

    Q: You said when you wish to switch a rune out for another one the rune in the skill is destroyed/ artisan gives you gold and salvage mats. When runes were officially last discussed blizzard stated that runes could be swapped with out any rune being destroyed, could you explain this?
    A: Negative. I didn’t say the Artisan gives you gold and salvage mats, I said the Artisan can take the Rune OUT of the spell if you pay him gold and salvage mats to do so. Blizzard would have said that before they considered the economy. Runes drop fairly frequently.

    Q: When you say: everything you post here are “purely speculative”, do you mean your answers are fiction, all made up ?
    A: “yes”. Eye twitch is back again.

    Q: For example: if my char dies but my team ends up winning, will my char return to life?
    A: There are no hardcore characters in the game at the moment. The feature will exist, but it’s not in our game client. However, there has been a lot of discussion regarding hardcore in both PVE and PVP. Devs are worried about how difficult it is not to die, without being able to ninja-log or town portal, or use countless full rejuv pots. IMO expect changes with how hardcore works.

    Q: does the inventory look like one of these? does it look similar? if not, what are the differencies?
    A: Current inventory looks the same as the one in that screenshot. I don’t have a side by side comparison though.

    Q: If you can level up to 35 xl within 4-8 playtime hours then it’s ridiculously fast for more than 58% of total progress possible. I thought that lowering max level from 99 to 60 was to make them harder to get. If reaching 35 xl is 4-8 hours without power leveling then reaching 60 is how long? Next 18 hours? Crazy. Or you just made up those numbers.
    A: If you read what I said properly….. 4-8 hours of play time to gain one level at around the 35 mark, not from 1-35.

    Q: is there any kind of traps to avoid in the game: like spikes, swinging blades and such… or some kind of interesting puzzle you have to solve interacting with the enviroment??
    A: No and no. The only traps are the ones that are triggered when you click on them or go near them, not like swinging blades and trapdoors etc.

    Q: Can you pls tell us what is the daily job of internal tester like what you claim you are? How do you carry out the job? What target you have? Why I ask this because I don’t think the internal tester will have the luxury to play like what you did without any specific target/ purpose.
    A: Who said I’m an Internal tester?

    Q: How many skills can you have? 7? 8? Can you have all 7 or 8 skills in your hotbar at the same time?
    A: 7 active skills, they all fit on your bars if you use the tab-swap button.

    Q: How does the controls feel? Can you keep up with the fast paced action and still manage to keep an overview over all your skills? What are your thoughts on that?
    A: The controls feel fluid after you play for a bit. At first you’ll find yourself looking down and stopping to cast spells. Every time you get a new spell, it takes some getting used to the number you assigned it to, you will look down at it a lot. But after a while with the same spells, it will be 100% fluid.

    Q:How does the account name work? Is it like SC2, where you have Name.Identifier? Or is it like WoW where we each choose unique character names only?
    A: Account name is your email address, your character name can be anything as long as its unique. No identifiers etc.

    Q: Can you tell any new special enhancements of random bosses/champions/normal mobs (maybe)(like “lightning enchnated etc)?
    How often do runes drop?

    A: “Big Hit”, “Teleporter”, “Overlord”. Rank 1-2 Runes drop fairly commonly, high-rank runes drop very scarcely in nm and hell

    Q: How long does it normally take to kill a “Challenging” boss?
    A: If your grouped, it’s much quicker because you can unload on them while someone else gets hit (lol). Solo it’s a lot of dog-fighting and craftiness. Non-act bosses don’t take that long, maybe 2-4 minutes. Act bosses on the other hand……

    Q: Are there class specific items? Examples?
    A: Yes, but they don’t have any stats on them. Items are being worked on at the moment. Wizards have orbs, monks have fist weapons. Haven’t seen any others as of yet.

    Q: Can Barbarians dual wield spears?
    A: No.

    Q: Does sub-bosses / bosses still kill you in nasty ways like the ripping-the-player-in-half way we saw in the Siegebreaker fight from 2008?
    A: Asked and answered – Yes

    Q: Also, how much of the stats does your Wizard have?
    A: Depends what I’m wearing at the time. Item’s are a bit messy at the moment (well, the stats are). Some have no stats, some have invisible stats. The item system is being worked on, as I’ve mentioned about 40 times above.

    Q:Have you had your fingers on something similar to “faster cast rate”? If yes:
    how much faster can you get your casts out? I would like an estimate like, you can cast up to 4 times faster etc.

    A: Never seen the faster cast rate stat. Though it may appear when they are done with items.

    __________________________________________________ ______

    Added 4:10pm, 30th June.

    Q: Are there Legendary only stats, that can’t appear on any other items? Same with crafted, rare, magical etc. Like certain stats in D2 were magical only (25 pdr I think is one), and some where only on uniques / runewords.
    A: Yes. Legendaries have “flavor” stats on them, that aren’t normal prefix/suffix like stats. They usually add some kind of uniqueness to the item, for example that legendary xbow that I found had a stat “Your shots have a 20% to poison the enemy, causing 10-35 poison damage” or something like that.

    Q: “Scripted in-game cinematic that varies depending on class and gender. It’s around 2 minutes long, and then you get your first main quest by talking to an NPC that you start at.” But earlier you said:
    did you see any of the cinematics? are they AWeSoME???A: None available in the build.
    A: I assumed he was referring to real cinematics, like the opening video everyone has seen. Which I’m sure is what he was. Not in-game cut scenes.

    Q: Melee Wizard viable?
    A: Spectral blade is powerful, but I wouldn’t say they melee is “good”. Than again I’ve never tried to max all defensive spells and spectral blade.

    Q: Are we forced to play on team to succeed in Hell like in D2? I don’t mean we can’t play solo in hell but it’s very difficult to find a legitimate stuff alone to play there.
    A: Depends on your gear. You can take hell very slowly and be safe and you’ll be fine solo. But if you plan on running in, arms swinging you might find yourself dying a lot. Groups make it easier.

    Q: What were the names of your Legendaries items?
    A: I couldn’t equip them so I didn’t really notice them after the initial find. Sorry.

    Q: Is it true only 4 people can join a game? Is this number set in stone? How does this number feel exactly?
    A: It is 4 players per game at the moment. It hasn’t changed in a long time, so I assume it’s staying. Personally I prefer 2-3. 4 works though, I just prefer smaller groups.

    Q: Is weapon switching back in?
    A: No. But a lot of barbs talk about the need for it. As a wizard, I don’t think I would need it.

    Q: Also, are there cooldowns on skills? Roughly how long, can skills be spammed etc?
    A: There are cooldowns on some spells. There is no global cooldown, but there is a “cast time” which varies on skill. Usually no more than 1 second. Most “normal” attack spells (arcane orb, spectral blade, disintegrate) etc have no cooldown. More powerful spells (meteor, hydra, blizzard, familiar, teleport etc) have a range of cooldowns. Some traits reduce or even eliminate some of these. There is a trait that reduces the cooldown of teleport by half.

    Q: Could you tell us detailed stats of some gem at lvl 1 and say level 10 (or 8 or whatever is the highest tier that you encountered). Detailed stats. Thanks.
    A: At the moment, gems have a level requirement to USE. I don’t know EXACTLY where each quality drops, but the highest quality I’ve found is “solid” (tier 5). That was in hell. The jeweler can upgrade your gem quality to the higher tiers. The highest tiers don’t drop I assume, as the jeweler has the ability to turn lower tier runes to higher ones.

    Q: Can you create games or are games just randomly matched up by level and similar quests needed? Like lets say I wanted to make a private game and invite friends.
    A: Games are accessed through the AMM automatically, based on your level-range and act progression (difficulty included). However, you can also create custom games, both custom market and normal games. You can password protect them, choose what difficulty, put level ranges on them etc.

    Q: How exactly joining custom game works? Is there a list of game with specific game names i.e. “Act 2 quest run” etc? Do you have any option to join a specific game that has specific purpose – questing, getting xp, levelling new character, etc.
    A: Custom games come up in list form, similar to the previous game. They are named by the creator. You can filter them out by level range, difficulty and time elapsed. There is also a “progress” field in the games list that shows which end-bosses have been killed in that game, as well as which quests are/are not available. It uses both color coding and symbol.

    For example if act 1 quests are all done, and the end boss is dead cleared, the field will say “1!” and it will be colored in red. If act 1 has 3 main quests completed, and the boss is alive it will be “1″ (note the missing ! symbol) colored in orange. If the 3 quests are done and the boss IS dead it will say “1!” in orange.
    So a typical CG may look like this: 1(red), 2!(red), 3!(red), 4(green).

    Q: do you believe in miracles? IE. August Public Beta?
    A: I believe in miracles.

    Q: are there any traits for wizard which fasten spell casting?
    A: No, but their are a couple that reduce and remove cooldowns.

    Q: Would you say this game feels as addicting as Diablo 2? Thinking and dreaming about the next item you could find or how much more you have to do to get to that next level?
    A: If the item system was fully implemented, definitely.

    Q: Are there any differences between Normal/Nightmare/Hell difficulties apart from loot drops/monster toughness?
    A: I previously answered a similar question. Monster’s change a fair bit in many ways (outlined previously), but if you referring to “other” types of changes, than none really come to mind.

    Q: Are there potions and elixirs? Can you describe some of them and how they work?
    A: Potions yes, elixirs I haven’t seen any. Potions are now % based and have one quality. They instantly give you health. There are some traits that increase the %. They have a 1 minute cooldown.

    Q: is there some kind of bar or tavern in the market game (or somewhere else in town), can my character get drunk?!
    A: No unfortunately. Good idea though.

    Q: Do you find yourself crating items consistently throughout the game ? Do you have to get out of your way to craft those, or do you get enough mats just by going through the story ?
    A: Crafting is a big part of the game. Particular for those who like to trade and “gamble”. Your artisans are also present inside market games so you can create items and then market them immediately. Crafting is virtually endless because it spawns items with mostly random modifiers, so there’s no real limit on the amount you can do.

    Q: How is the leeching system now ? it’s still viable ?
    A: I have only seen the life leech stat on legendary items via inspecting other players. From what I’ve seen, its more of a small bonus than a something crucial.

    Q: Are there quests witch depending on real time cause d3 is bound with for example a dungeon which can be accessed at 10:00pm?
    A: There is nothing like that in the game at the moment. However **WARNING SPOILER ALERT** there is a town that only appears at night during a quest (which turns into night, when it’s normally day). Note that day/night cycles don’t exist, but there is night time and day time, it is based on what zone you’re in and not a time based cycle.

    Q:Could you tell us your motive in posting this “speculative” information despite the possible consequences to you?
    A: No animals were harmed during the filming of this program.

    Q: are there any real tactics in bossfights, like a boss you cant hit directly and you have to use enviroments or traps or bosses which kill themself (like running against walls) while you dodging them?
    A: Boss fights are completely tactical. You don’t sit there and swing your sword at them until they die. Though it would be fun to watch what an end-boss would do to you if you tried that. There are some gimmicks to the description of that which you wrote in your question.

    Q: Are the “Crater Troops” hard enemys did you even encounter them so far?
    A: I have not seen a monster by that name, though I don’t particularly pay attention to monster names.

    Q: What do the “Chatgem” do? is it a fun object or a real feature?
    A: Lol, it’s actually in the interface. It’s not a clickable gem though, it’s just part of the interface graphics. Or is it….

    Q: are there jungle areas so far?
    A: Yes. Act 1 & 3 has some jungle. Again, the environments are awesome, jungle feels very dark and scary.

    Q: Is there any implimentation of NVIDIA 3D VISION?
    A: Nothing that I’ve seen.

    Q: Bashiok said:”Dual-wielding spears as a barbarian is fun. Polearms (2H) are a separate item class.”Any Comment?
    A: All spears that I have seen say they are 2 handed. I haven’t seen any characters dual wielding spears, either.

    Q: Whats the best quest you played so far?
    A: Can’t say. Not because I’m unsure, but because it would spoil the “best quest”. I do have a clear favorite though.

    Q: whats the best scriptet event you encountered? (just say what barely happened)?
    A: One of the end-act boss fights. So awesome. So very very awesome.

    Q:Question about the mystic: can you tell us how it works the enchant of items?
    A: The Mystic exists in the game, but currently doesn’t do anything nor has any crafting recipes.

    Q:is there any battle in the game which is epic like a fight against a whole army (yeah i know there are enough enemys at once but i hope you understand how i meant the question)
    A: Yes. I will give away this one small spoiler. There is a really cool quest in which there’s this town that you assist in a quest, and they like you. Later on when you’re back in the town, there’s weird stuff happening in it and the townsfolk seem a bit weird. They make strange comments to themselves when you walk past, and they just seem really off. Turns out that they are being corrupted and deceived by some “entity”. You go to walk out of the town and then you notice about 40 townsfolk just outside that look like a lynch mob. Needless to say, you end up killing every person in the town. Easily over a hundred by the time the quest event is done.

    Q: You said: “Chainmail is a high-tier Normal difficulty armor type,” yet the Templar follower appears in heavy plate on his final visual upgrade (at/around the end of normal), it’s a visual contradiction, any idea? 0.o
    A: Chainmail is definitely not the HIGHEST tier in normal. Plus, that’s a huge assumption you’re making about the art. lol.

    Q: Is there any function in the inventory that allows you to automatically sort all the items together so they look nice and neat? (ie. all potions, stacked and near each other followed by all runes, all gems, all armor/weapons)
    A: Nope.

    Q: Is there a distance limitation on gaining experience and item drops while in a party? For example if I had to run to town but my group decided to continue clearing the area, will I still gain exp and will my corpses be available to loot when I join back up?
    A: Yes there is a distance limit but it’s pretty big, I’d estimate about 3-5 screenlengths away. If you are in town you will not receive drops or experience for the duration.

    Q: hello, tell us something about the bag space. is it sufficient? can it be upgraded? if yes, whats the cost? Also does the same applies to the stash (or bank w/e).
    A: Inventory is large, 6×10 if I recall correctly. You can’t upgrade this, and there are no “bags”. Most consumable items stack, which saves lots of room. Stash is massive. There was a previous question where I answered how stash and shared stash work.

    Q: Is there a cow level (or something similar to it)?
    A: No. Not yet…

    Q: You said there is no way to increase XP, but there was a stat that increased base xp gained, and you havent seen the faster cast rate stat, but that should be on the emeralds. Here are some screen shots of XP gain, and faster cast rate from blizzcon 2010 candid camera phone shots, and from the artisan intro video. my question, are these no longer in game, or are you just blowing smoke up our asses
    A: They must have changed, I have not seen any % cast rate stats on any item. XP gain stat also.

    Q: Intresting comment above mine, my question concerns enchants, I havent seen any one ask about enchants, or any one mention them in a while, are they still in game and an intresting feature, could you name a few enchants and what they do, and if you can upgrade enchants. Thank you,
    A: Enchants do not exist at the moment. The Mystic artisan does not do anything yet.

    Q: Out of the characters you have played so far… Do you personally think that they are balanced with their skills? None being OP.
    A: I answered a similar question earlier. While some abilities feel OP, its all relative. Each class at the moment has some abilities that feel OP. There are so many variables with skills and runes that it’s very hard to measure what is too powerful and what isn’t. However there have been some spells/abilities that feel “better than others”. The numbers are changing weekly. At the moment I feel that Runed Meteor (Meteor Shower) is OP.

    Q:We saw bags dropping in the very first gameplay video. -Are they still in the game to increase your inventory size? Where are they stored (bagslots like WoW?) ?
    A: Bags are completely removed. Inventory is a static size.

    Q: -Is Voice over IP in the game or are we going to use Teamspeak like in old times?
    A: VOIP lives in the audio settings, but doesn’t work at the moment.

    Q: Are treasure chests actually going to feel like “OMG, YESSS I FOUND A CHEST!” or are they stuffed with white/gray items and gold like in D2?
    A: Chests contain good quality stuff, much better than previous but much rarer, think gold chests in D2. Other “clickables” such as shelves, barrels, tombs etc have worse loot.

    Q: How do higher level runes affect a spell? For example, I believe you said the indigo rune in slow time actually reverses time within the bubble. What happens when you:
    1. Add another skill pt into slow time
    2. Put a higher level indigo rune into that skill
    Is there a difference between the effects?
    A: 1) Skill points in slow-time reduces the AP cost, cooldown and duration of slow-time. This acts the same way for reverse time. However the Rune also reduces the duration of slow (Reverse) time by 80%. Meaning that when used, reverse time reverses all monsters actions within the bubble for 20% of the duration of the base slow time spell (which varies by rank). So monsters inside the reverse time bubble will reverse actions for a few seconds until they are back out of the bubble, or until the duration ends. Ranged attackers who shoot INTO the bubble from OUTSIDE the bubble appear as the following: projectile enters the bubble and than reverses back out at high speed back at the attacker (damaging them if it hits them). Enemy’s cannot enter the reverse time bubble from the outside.
    2) Higher rank rune reduces the duration penalty, thereby increasing the duration of Reverse Time.

    Q: For a damage spell, ie disintegrate with the rune that makes it a cone AOE, higher level disintegrate I assume does more damage, but what does the higher level rune do?
    A: Your assumption is correct. Higher runes increase the cone size, both width and length.

    Q: How much free harddisk, RAM, graphics and processor is needed to run Diablo 3?
    A: Absolutely no idea. Sorry.

    Q: Once you beat a mode in diablo 2 you were given a title like “Patriarch.” Does this persist into Diablo 3? What are the titles offered for softcore? If you don’t want to answer that question, are the titles based off the actual bosses/story or just random titles:
    A: There are no titles of any kind at the moment.

    Q: Do any other classes have skills that act as persistent pets like the witch doctor? Just curious what my options are since I know my owner will be playing this game a ton…
    A: Wizard has Familiar, though its not “persistent” as such (more details on that in one of the other QA threads.). Can’t think of any others.

    Q: How big is Caldeum compared to Lut Gholein in D2?
    A: Caldeum is the biggest city out of all the “towns” by far in D3. If I was to guess the size, I would roughly guess it’s about quadruple the size of Lut Gholein. Few cool unrevealed stuff in there.

    Q: Rune effects for haunt? Zombie wall, zombie charger?
    A: The only different zombie wall I’ve seen is the zombies spewing out a range acid attack whilst standing in the wall. Bit like Hydra but they still block enemies.

    Q: “A:When someone joins the game, the monsters get more Hp and there is physically more of them. It is very difficult to go out alone in a full game, unless your higher level. Loot drops about the same per individual person. I think monsters drop the same amount for each player (as you get your own loot). So if your alone you get the same flow of loot as if your with 5 people.”
    Whoa whoa, 5 people? Party cap has been 4 forever, how long ago was it raised to 5? Has the party cap changed very often?
    A: Sorry it was the WoW in me typing. It is still 4 people.

    Q: Monk skills limited to weapon choice?
    A: Not that I have seen. I have only messed around with the monk at low levels. Nothing there had a weapon type requirement.

    Q: 1. How random are the dungeons exactly? “Random enough”, or does it feel more-or-less like major, recognizable sections are connected by randomized hallways? I assume the latter is true for quest areas…
    A: They have the same look and feel, except the layout is completely random. There are random easter eggs, quests, and events that can potentially show up.

    Q: 2. Can you share descriptions of the Wizard’s Storm Armor and Ice Armor, along with any of their respective rune effects?
    A: Storm armor was cut. Replaced by Thunderstorm. Exact same effect as D2. No runes implemented for this spell yet. Ice armor slows and hurts enemies that attack you. It helps you escape a bit and make distance with monsters. Runes: Crimson turns it into Fire Armor, does way more damage but no longer slows enemies, Alabaster allows it to attack ranged attackers as well (shoots a small ice bolt at them if they shoot you), Indigo turns it into a more active cast spell that completely freezes attackers but has a limit of 5 “freezes” (it can be refreshed, though it still costs a fair bit of AP).

    Q: What exactly is the difference between “Arcane Power” as it currently is compared to your classic mana-type resource system?
    A: Very little. It’s purple. *snicker* AP functions exactly like mana, just recharges at a constant % rate (ie if you have 10000000000 mana it will recharge it to full just as fast as if you had 500 mana)

    Q: You mentioned in the auction house you can place an item in the npc window and ” items stay there, even persist into other games.” You also mentioned you could make offers through the auction house to other players and it sends that other player a notification. Couldn’t someone just troll a player and make hundreds of low ball offers just to piss off the person via hundreds of notifications while that player is trying to play a game?
    A: When you leave the game, your item is no longer shown in the Market, so people can’t bug you about it. The market is basically where you go if you are ACTIVELY wanting to trade items and work on commerce. It’s an excellent buffer from normal action gameplay. It works much nicer than it might sound. Everyone inside it is doing the same thing, trading, browsing, selling etc. You don’t go in there for any other reason. It has categories, level-range filters etc etc. So you can browse relevant items. Think of it this way: You’re a barb in the market for a new weapon. You AMM into a market game and you click on the NPC, you click on two-handed weapons and start browsing. All the 2 handers in there will be around your level range (default filter which you can change), and therefore relevant to you. You see some 15 weapons, each having totally different stats. You find one that suitable and you offer gold for it and then start negotiating. It’s fun browsing through the different stat items.

    If you’re ONLY interested in selling, you can select the “seller only” button which lists your listed item’s on ALL of the market games. (your items are marked in a bluish shade color if your a “seller only”. “seller only” item’s can only be paid for or offered gold.) So if someone from another market game offers you gold for your item and you accept, they receive the item and you receive the gold instantly. There is no face-to-face negotiations for sellers, you simply decline the offer if it’s too low and the other player usually sends you a follow-up higher offer.

    Q:1. Can someone troll another in the auction house by sending repeated troll offers for an item? Which means tons of notifications for the seller to deny every time?
    A: You can ignore a player’s offers. When you receive an offer, you get the options. Accept, Negotiate, Decline, Ignore. The ignore button is away from the other buttons and is much smaller to click on.

    Q: 2. PVP looked like the most mindless boring thing I have ever seen. It looked like the mage just spammed the red arcane lighting thing over.. and over.. and over… then when you thought it stopped.. he spammed it some more. Please tell me the system feels more in depth and skill heavy than this?
    A: With the amount of skill/rune combo’s in the game, I don’t see how PvP could be anything BUT tactical. I have only been in the arena a handful of times, seems like the creative and crafty players are the toughest. Quick anecdote: Enemy team cornered me into a wall, the WD cast wall of zombies and trapped me in, the Barb leapt in from far away and started going at me and brought me within an inch of death. Luckily, I have Runed Slow Time (Reverse Time) and it was quite satisfying to see the barbarian reverse-leap back out of the fight and the wall of zombies go back into the ground. I could just feel their “holy ****” expressions. Everyone has their tricks with this customization system . Craftiness and tactics are king in D3 PvP.

    Q: how many skills there are per class ? I don’t mean how many I can hold at once (I know is 7), I mean how many until 60… I ask this because I want to understand how many NEW skill I can expect and if those who we’ve seen are almost all..
    A: Ranges from 20-25ish. Funnily enough I haven’t actually sat and counted them.

    Q: Did you ever play Diablo 1 and 2? Secondly, do you find that for the time this game is coming out, it is as impressive as when it’s predecessors came out.
    A: I played D1 for a short time, and D2 for a long time. D3 is very impressive if you liked D2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I can’t say how it compares to when D2 came out in terms of impressiveness. Playing a test version of a game is vastly different to playing it at retail. Test versions are buggy, have things missing (many) and don’t offer the same experience (ie trading) than retail. D3 is amazing, even in its test state.

    Q: when I saw the videos of the game it looked almost like miniture wow characters. Diablo’s graphics could always be distinguished easily from WoW, just wondering if they have fixed this.
    A: D3 graphics are very different to WoW, especially the terrain and environments. Some monster models do look a little “WoWish”, but that’s just Blizzard style art.

    The Diablo 1, 2, & 3 Wiki! (Under construction.)

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    Re: D3Here Again: Questions and Answers

    Disclaimer: is not the author of these posts, nor do we provide any guarantee that they are legit or authentic, or that the individual writing them is an actual D3 play tester. They are presented entirely for entertainment value, as a service to the Diablo community.

    Quoted from the repost here:

    D3 QA 4 – extended
    Posted on July 3, 2011 by d3hereagain

    Due to an overwhelming amount of questions coming in, I have decided to extend this QA for at least another day.

    Questions asked in previous blogs will continue to be answered below.

    Q/A will begin in a few minutes.

    Q: Do skills with no runes applied to them seem to stay on par with runed skills? That is to say, does the original, runeless, hydra do competitive damage and scale as well as the lightning, acid, or however runed hydras? Just as an example.
    A: No, it’s always more beneficial to have a runed version of the base skill. If however you like the base spell in its original form, there is always a rune (almost always Golden Rune) that doesn’t change the mechanic of the spell too much, but just improves some aspect of it. Hydra is one of very few examples where the golden rune slightly changes the mechanic as well, but is the only one that keeps it as fire.

    Q: Have you had a chance to play with any summon focused WDs? Are they as viable as Summon Necros were?
    A: Yes. They are extremely viable. They play a bit differently to Necromancers in D2. Rather than sitting there playing an inactive role watching your minions kill everything and re-summoning ones that die, the WD actively works with and “supervises” their minions, such as position them as suicide bombers, cast spells on them that temporarily do things to them, and generally maintain the overall strategic direction of them. It’s a much more active role as a summoner than it was in D2.

    Q: So theres 10 levels of gems now instead of 14 which would take 1215 level 5 gems to create a level 10 gem. Can you socket a level 7-10 gem in a low level item and give it to a level 15 player for “twinking”?
    A: The only restriction on gem’s is level requirement. This means that you can put a high-level gem in a low level item, however if you don’t meet the level requirement of the them, it’s bonus doesn’t work for you when you equip the item.

    Q: When Mike Moreheime passes you in the office does he make eye contact with his deep wood brown eyes or does he just walk past you like the ghost of a dream?
    A: I’ve never met him in person.

    Q: Is wall of zombies any decent??
    A: It’s one of the best defensive spells out there. WD + friendlies can walk through it.

    Q: I’ve posted my question in the first QA and the second QA (first to post in the second one…) but you still haven’t answered mine: Have you tried the Barbarian? If so, how does the lvl 26 skill work where he summons the guys from the ancients? Do they all do different types of damage?
    A: I have never seen such a spell, or any kind of summoning/pet spell for the Barb.

    Q: What are the bonuses you get from gems? And do they get more bonuses as they level up?
    A: Every gem type has it’s own stats depending on what you put it in. Higher level gems simply add higher quantities of the bonus. What you want me to list them all? I only remember bits and peices. Each attribute (ie willpower, vitality etc) is represented in some form of gem type, plus a host of other stats, such as resists, spell damage etc.

    Q:Is the number of skills per char currently 30? Also, can you name which 7 skills your Wiz had equipped? You’ve mentioned 3 I think, what were the other 4?
    A: More lik 20-25 skills per class. I change skills and runes all the time, the debug build lets us reset our points at will and spawn runes. I’ve used all of them at least once, not all runes combinations though.

    Q: Hi i have two questions, first being if the artisans level with you does that mean that in nm/hell they come with you and you keep all of your recipes, or when you go to nm/hell they restart? and this is strictly a guess but is familiar by chance the sorcerer from d2 (act 1 town) and d1 in Tristam
    A: Artisans persist through difficulty levels and never reset. You get the Blacksmith and Jeweler in Normal difficulty, the Mystic comes to you in Nightmare difficulty in Act 3.

    Q: How would you compare the monster variety to D2? Are the monsters more interesting or challenging? Tell us about a cool monster ability/attack we haven’t seen yet?
    A: Monsters are more “squad-like”, meaning that they usually work together in some way. Skeleton Archers regularly have shield-bearers in front of them for example. Every monster functions differently and have some kind of flavor. I don’t know if it has been shown, but the nightmare difficulty Marauder-type monsters throw 3 spinning swords that have a random direction pattern, so you don’t know where it’s going to go until the last second. It hurts if it hits you.

    Q: Is there any cooldown or other kind of limit to how often you can cast Teleport? What are some other TP Rune effects?
    A: Teleport currently has a 8 second cooldown. There is a trait that reduces it. One rune leaves a copy of yourself where you teleported from that monsters continue to attack. In PVP, this same rune also causes players not to see the casting animation of the teleport, so they don’t know you teleported. Until they notice two versions of you.

    Q: Are there any traits that make any truly radical changes to how your character plays?
    A: Definitely. Most traits do, in some way or another. A good example is the Arcane Might trait which causes your arcane spells to knock-back enemies when your low on AP, so that increases your defensive ability when your short on AP (arcane power aka Mana)

    Q: Do we Really fight the siege breaker assault beast and thousand pounder? and if so how far into the game do we encounter them is it as soon we start ??
    A: Both act 1. Thousand pounder is in one of the first dungeons. Siege breaker is towards the end of Act1.

    Q:How often do you get trait points? Every level or less? And is there a limit to how many points you can put in a trait?
    A: You get a trait point every second level. Each trait has a point limit, 1, 3 or 5.

    Q: You mentioned a trait that reduced cooldown of teleport. Could you talk about some other traits that you have chosen for the wizard? Are there many traits that affect specific skills?
    A: There are a handful that affect specific skills, and a lot that affect classes of spells (ie arcane). It would probably take up a few pages to write a description for all of them, and I posted around 6 of them in a few other questions. One I’ll add to the list is that I can remember off the top of my head: can’t remember name – health globes restore your arcane power by 10, 20, 30, 40, 50%. 5 ranks obviously.

    Q: Does the “Mistress of Pain” character from the concept art images appear in the game as a boss or sub-boss? Or even at all?
    A: Sub-boss Act 2.

    Q: Can I have your phone number so we can talk about this?
    A: Haha, unlikely.

    Q: so are you still playing the game?
    A: Not until public Beta.

    Q: could you list the things that have yet to be completed in game. ie battlenet Item system quests etc.
    A: The list would be about 20 pages long. But some big ones that come to mind…: Many bnet features, Act 4 quests (though I think they are ready just not available in game yet), items (in the game but need work), a lot of audio (boss voices, sounds), runes for the high-tier skills.

    Q: he says one level 35 to 36 can take 4 to 8 hours. Bliz says you reach the cap after finishing hell. This either means that each mode(normal nightm hell) takes you about 50 hours or that this guy is talking crap. Ofc his answer would be A. They still finalizing the amount of exp you receive and amount it takes to level up. No thats still wrong answer since they decided on how fast you level up already and its certainly not 4 to 8 hours per level which sounds retarded if you think about it for a second something you havnt done
    A: Umm… level 1 to level 2 takes about 3 minutes, not 4-8 hours. You’re assuming that there is no leveling curve, which of course there is. Hence why your figures are utterly stupid.

    Q: what’s the most that one mat, gems, and etc will stack in inventory? 99?
    A: Every item is different. Scrolls stack to 30. Health potions stack to 20. Salvage mats have different types, but each type stacks to 50.

    Qid you find any armor dyes? If so, did you try it?
    A: Yes, I’ve found many dyes. They stack in your inventory by color. They are fully implemented. I haven’t seen anyone with some of the rare colors, such as Black Dye and Blood Dye.

    Q: Are there any locked baskets throughout the game? I mean, do you have to buy keys in the city?
    A: No locked chests nor keys.

    Q: Are there any immune monsters like in d2?
    A: No, resistant only.

    Q: Is there any sort of zoom in your version?
    A: No zooming or changing angle whatsoever. In-game cutscenes have their own views/angles etc which you can’t control.

    Q: We all know that the highest dropable tier is 5, we all know that the jeweler acts like Horadric Cube in terms of upgrading gems and the level requirement of gems is obvious. You said nothing new. And you gave no single stat of any gem. I don’t want to be rude, but which part of “detailed stats” don’t you understand?
    A: Are you asking me to write 5 pages of gem stats? For starters, I haven’t memorize them, particularly because they don’t get used much as the item system is not implemented properly yet (we basically just spawn pre-made outfits using the debugger). Gem’s stats include attributes, resistances, spell damage%, weapon damage, and a large number of other stats that I don’t recall.

    Q: Do act bosses drop health globes in stages? Like at 50% health for instance.
    A: Yes. More like every 10% for end-act bosses.

    Q: There is option to rise amount of dropped gold? And is gold important in D3 cause in D2 it’s not so viable
    A: There used to be traits that did this, not anymore though. Gold will be important in D3, but the item system/economy isn’t fully implemented yet. The market is heavily based on gold use.

    Q: You mentioned many times that items are not complete yet, and many bnet features are not implemented yet. Now I don’t know if you consider them as minor stuff compare to the core game system, but they seems pretty “BIG” to me if you know what I mean. Do you think blizzard can fully polish these stuff within this year? One more question, about how many people that are testing the game right now? There seems like ALOT, notice how you mention you see roughly 50 people in market and stuff.
    A: Items are a big system. Most of it is done, such as the fact that they drop, have drop %’s, have graphics, prefixes, suffixes etc. So when I say item system is being worked on, it’s referring to being fully playable and implemented as they would be in retail (fully complete with legendaries, all bosses drop gear etc). I’m sure they can finish it in time. There are at least 200 people on the Diablo 3 test realm at normal times.

    Q: Monk skills limited to weapon choice? (please answer me, it’s very important !)
    A: I think I already answered this. If I understand your question properly: As far as I have seen, all monk skills work no matter what weapon they have equipped. I have only seen Monks equipping staff, fist weapons. Possibly polearms, but I don’t recall.

    Q: As I read, on login you fill id an pwd and then u enter in like in SC2.. but: how do u select your toon?? I can’t beleve u can create just 1 toon per accout!!!
    A: You create Characters after you login to your bnet account. You are not limited to 1 character, you can have many characters.

    Q: did u play Neverwinter Nights? Cause in NWN u can get drunk
    A: Hehe nope. I have been e-drunk on WoW though

    Q: Whether this is real or fake, I still think its very entertaining. Personally I think its real, but not sure why you would risk getting sued. If you have the Beta, then I’m sure you had to sign a NDA, which… can’t they take you to court if you are “leaking” information?
    A: Leaking? I’m just speculating here. WINKlevoss twins are funny.

    Q: ‘There are random easter eggs’ is there any pop cultural references? references for other video games or tv series….. or some inside jokes?
    A: Straight from Wiki “Easter eggs are messages, videos, graphics, sound effects, or an unusual change in program behavior that sometimes occur in a software program in response to some undocumented set of commands, mouse clicks, keystrokes or other stimuli intended as a joke”. I used the term a bit loosely, I was referring to “cool little things” in the game that the devs put in, rather than “funny” things. I should’ve said “goodies”.

    Q: Did we got rid of stamina?
    A: We did.

    Q: Are there any runes that make Zombie Bears or Fetish Army permanent? If not, any runes that do cool stuff to em?
    A: Little suicidal exploding Fetishes running into mobs by the dozen. Not sure which rune does that. Haven’t seen anything else with those.

    Q: Can players can easily spam spells or do resources limit them to a slower gameplay pace? How classes compare speaking of gameplay/throw spell pace.
    A: It depends what spells you’re using. Most “small” spells are easily spammable. If you start using your big guns very often, you’ll find yourself short. It’s a trade-off really, you can kill things faster if you use your big spells on them, but you’ll run out of resources for the next group. It’s quite strategic in that you want to maximize your big spells damage output, and not waste it on small-fish. Then you have runes/traits/gear influencing that, as well.

    Q: Future Wizard player speaking) concerning wizard resource “AP” Does it regenerate faster than other classes resources? Does it allow wizards to spam skills at constant pace or in a more bursty fashion?
    A: AP regenerates fast, but it depends on traits/runes/stats. I wouldn’t say its the “fastest”, because all resource systems are totally different to one another and its comparing apples with oranges. But it regenerates fast by D2 standards.

    The Diablo 1, 2, & 3 Wiki! (Under construction.)

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    Re: D3Here Again: Questions and Answers

    The last post made on d3here is not archived on d3hereagain. It was made by Sum Dude in response to me (Flux) after we started speaking via email about him participating in a live chat on this site. I had to be sure the guy emailing me was the same guy updating the d3here blog. The entire post can't currently be seen in google cache, but you can read the start of it.

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    Re: D3Here Again: Questions and Answers

    Quote Originally Posted by Flux View Post
    Most of the original posts have been saved and reposted here:
    That blog is not run by the same individual and any further updates on it should be considered non-canon.
    My magic 8 ball is telling me there will be no updates.

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    Re: D3Here Again: Questions and Answers

    With all due respect Mr. Flux Sir Dude, but Bashiok flat out called it super fake.

    Why does this need more attention after that?

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    Re: D3Here Again: Questions and Answers

    Quote Originally Posted by konfeta View Post
    Why does this need more attention after that?
    Because it's been a highly entertaining bit of speculation.

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    Re: D3Here Again: Questions and Answers

    You can thank Blizzard for the attention this thing received. If Blizzard sat down and did a Q&A once a month with fans we would have never seen something like this happen. But due to them being so tight lipped about everything it opens the door for people (like this blogger) to make a big splash.


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