ok i just really need this explained because i think i might of missed something. i was on bnet just now, trying to buy soj's slightly under value as i'm working on a small project for this fourm, and a guy poped in offering to sell me 2soj's for a hr. when i asked him how many ist's it was 7 ist per soj. so i calculated that out and it came out to 14 ist's for 2 soj. when i mentioned that ber's are 10 ist each, he then told me that ber went up to 12 ist, and offered to sell me soj's at 6 ist each.

did the market really go up that quick, or is this guy just trying to play me? i mean i didn't do the trade because i'd be out of runes with little to show for my project

if the market did go up then i'd really need to adjust my point scale to fit that of bnet.

let me know something please. and i'm sorry for posting this here, i almost never get anything back from the trade value section.