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    Trade Profile - WoRG

    Forum Name: WoRG

    Date: 24 April 2011 - updated 10 May 2012

    Versions Played:
    - 1.07 vanilla SC
    - 1.07 vanilla HC
    - 1.08 vanilla SC
    - 1.08 vanilla HC
    - 1.09b vanilla SC
    - 1.09b vanilla HC
    - 1.10a vanilla SC
    - 1.10a vanilla HC
    - 1.10s vanilla SC
    - 1.10s vanilla HC
    - 1.13d RWM SC
    - 1.13d RWM HC
    - I keep separate stash directories for HC/SC for each version

    Mod Status:
    - Vanilla in 1.07/1.08/1.09b/1.10a/1.10s
    --- I do NOT use the multi-instance .dll
    - RWM in 1.13c
    --- many 1.13 SC items are from 1.11/1.12 and are also RRM
    --- most 1.13 items are 1.13c, but I'm moving to 1.13d for MP/PVP, so I'm declaring it all 1.13d

    HC/SC Status: Both

    Other Information:
    - I use ATMA, though if Silospen ever reappears and adds support for older patches I'll gladly adopt GoMule
    - I Hellforge rush for runes frequently in 1.07
    - I have hotmuled Gheeds
    - I have made and used ATMA-bugged items
    - I MP via LAN frequently
    - I have never MP'd outside LAN via tcp/ip (Hamachi), but may in the future
    - I do time travel extensively, and have brought items/characters forward
    - I have done HC > SC transfer
    ---when I installed 1.13c I transferred all HC items to SC and did a clean restart in HC

    Probation Period Status: Full Trade Status

    Last edited by WoRG; 10-05-2012 at 17:49. Reason: moved to the 1.13d


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