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    Trader profile - FredOfErik

    Forum Name: FredOfErik
    Date: November 25 2013
    Versions Played:
    - 1.13c LoD SC
    - 1.13c LoD HC
    - 1.13d LoD HC (main)
    - 1.13d LoD SC (as for now, solely for PvP purposes)
    Mod Status: RWM.
    Other Information:
    - Have hotmuled Gheed's, will again.
    - Have never used ATMA-bugging in HC and probably won't. Can't say for sure, though. I have no problem trading with people who have used it.
    - I have used ATMA-bugged items in SC.
    - I will pretty much trade with anyone I trust and who follow the SPTF trade rules.
    - I am okay with HC > SC transfers and have provided items that have later been transfered to SC and (as of March 18 2013) done it myself.
    - I own and have used time travelled gear in both HC and SC (1.07 and 1.08)
    - As of now (november 25, 2013) traded for and used 1.00 SoJ
    - I don't HF rush, but have no problem with it and will gladly trade for HF rushed runes.
    Trade Status: Full Trade Status
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