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I am interested in the following:

Fleshripper - 7pgems
Eth Blackhorns Face - 3 Nef if still interested, or 4 Pgems
Angelic Amulet - 3 Pgems

Infernostrides - 3 Pgems
Natalya's Boots [Stats please? depends heavily on stats]

Witchwild String - 4 Pgems
Nightsmoke - 2 Pgems
Carrion Wind - 6 Pgems

I grouped them with three priority levels. I am mostly interested in the top group, then the others.

Let me know what you think.

Stats on Nats boots are Def 148 19% CR 20% FR

But I will throw them in for free since I feel like you over priced some of the things anyway :P I'd rather have Rals or P Ame's (and Pgems over the Nefs) which I can value at 2 pgems a piece according to your prices. Either send a mule or find me in game at *trubeled