ok well im build a pvp trapper assassin and i have never made an assassin b4 so im open to any and all suggestions just explain to me y you would do that please

shako-133 def
p maras
2x soj
eth treks
ap coh

haven't decided on any gloves yet i been leanin towards magefist let me know or anything better please

19/11 assassin torch
low anni

claws #1- +3 traps 40 ias 2xshael
claws #2- +3 traps 80 ias 2xshael
i know ineed to get +2trap +3LS claws and i will as soon as i find them

rite now i only have 7 skiller gcs till i find 2 more and i know they should all be lifers but im making him off the stuff i had lying around on other accounts i will get lifers asap

switch weapon
call to arm- 5bc/6bo
shield- i have picked out anything really i was thinking spirit but again if you know of something better for a pvp trapper let me know

1-fire blast
20- shock web
20- charged bolt sentry
20- LS
20- DS
1- claw mastery
rest into wep block

i use the duel claws bc by the time im lvl 90 the wep block % is stoopid good

once again any and all help is appreciated and please remember to include and explanation on any changes or fill in's for missing gear thank you