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    Re: Baal Running character advice

    Quote Originally Posted by skipjack View Post
    Why is your Necro's merc wielding an Infinity?

    The Conviction aura has no impact on poison resistances, so Infinity should be rather mediocre compared to either Insight and Obedience.
    I was thinking the same at first, but I guess it's to boost Corpse Explosion damage.

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    Re: Baal Running character advice

    Conviction makes skellies miss less. It also helps damage from mages (if used) and from trang fire spells (if used). I'm playing with the thought of going full trangs, psn, mages, and actually USE the fire spells in the CS. However, I'm 2 BER and a SUR short, since I plan to make Enigma before Infinity...

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    Re: Baal Running character advice

    Longing and hel, you are both right.

    I make extensive use of the fire spells (firewall is great) when clearing other areas for fun and running into poison immunes; Conviction helps that a lot, as well as amping the CE damage. Just trying not to make him an entirely one-trick-pony with the poison... the Conviction helps round him out.

    If I stick to just running my non-poison-immune targets though (no monster in the Pits is poison immune) I'll give the stick to my Frost Zealot's merc instead.


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