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    Re: Diablo II won't run on Windows 7: help!

    Hi, I recently bought D2 and was at first unable to get it running on my Win7 PC - same issue as the OP. Game would just open a black screen with a blinking cursor. I could fix it by running the game in windowed mode (adding -w to the command), however, I didn't like this solution.

    As the poster above me said, you need to run Video Test. The part he did not mention is you should select "DirectDraw (2D)" (with my Radeon 7970 it gives me 2 options). This allowed my game to run.

    Then, to fix the color issue, you need to crash explorer.exe once the game is running. Hope this helps some people - it is a shame that Blizzard do not fix these issues on their own games before allowing them to be purchased/downloaded. D3, SC2 and D2 all required me to use workarounds to fix my own game before I could play it OUT OF THE BOX.

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    Re: Diablo II won't run on Windows 7: help!

    I need a fix as well.

    When I run the video test, it doesn't show ANY options for me. How could that be? I ran Windows Update and driver updates.

    Any thoughts?


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