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    Trader Profile - Ilandalar

    Forum Name: Ilandalar
    Date: 31st October 2010
    Versions Played: 1.13d
    Mod Status: RWM
    HC/SC Status: HC with leftover SC stashes that are only used in giveaways
    Other Information:
    I have played this game exclusively on single player with huge breaks on and off since 2001/2002.

    When I joined the community (October 2010) I was in the process of building one character of each class with the sole purpose of finding items every now and then.

    With all the talk about Diablo 3 I have decided to pickup my old project. I took a break while I was working on my 6th and 7th characters (Necromancer/Assassin).

    - I have hot muled a few Gheeds
    - I have used the multi-instance .dll once to enable some waypoints for my Necromancer
    - I do not mind trading 1.07 ethereal items
    - I still do not know if i'm ok with ATMA bugged items (I personally do not do it)
    I'm currently not playing D2 but I'm still willing to trade.

    Probation Period Status: Full Trader Status
    Email: id.inarius -AT- yahoo -DOT- co -DOT- uk

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