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    Re: Demon Hunter!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Mantis View Post
    Looks pretty nice. The dual-wielding crossbow-pistols bit is a bit daft. Feels out of place.
    i think this is what makes the character unique. thats pretty much what everyone asked for right?

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    Re: Demon Hunter!

    The way it plays looks cool, but man is that really the best name that they could come up with?

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    Re: Demon Hunter!

    The official site's DH page is up:

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    Re: Demon Hunter!

    Quote Originally Posted by konfeta View Post
    Why would they restrict a single class to a total of 3 weapons?
    This. There's no freaking way they only allow 3 weapons for a whole damn class. Granted, most of her skills (arrows, bola, snares) are bow based, but Fan of Knives (I FoK you!!!) and grenade are probably useful if you have a melee weapon. Of course, I would bet money those skills scale better w/ bow affixes as opposed to melee weapon affixes, but you never know.

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    Re: Demon Hunter!

    Quote Originally Posted by biko View Post
    Female only ?

    With the other characters you can choose between sex but not with this ?

    That seems very sexist to me.

    And also she is very silly and seems like she tries way too hard to be cool. Some OMG UBAR COOL DEMON SLAYING WOMAN WARRIOR WITH GLOWING EYES WAUUU.

    What is this, feminist propaganda for children? Seriously......
    I know this has been answered already(that the male Demon Hunter will be revealed later) but I just want to point out that when the "Monk" was revealed, there was no female Monk.

    Anyway, as for the class name debate(reposting from the other thread): When I heard the class name, I immediately thought "Warcraft" but after I read the lore and watched the trailer, I was fine with it.

    The class name is simple(like "Wizard" for example), the lore makes sense in the world of Diablo.

    So there are a group of people that hunt demons. They call themselves demon hunters? Fair enough, they do hunt demons after all and they want to be simple.

    Also I'm not defending the "Demon Hunter" name because I'm a Warcraft or Blizzard "fanboy" or anything, it's simply because the name is simple and it makes sense.

    Everyone should give Blizzard a fair chance. If you do not like something, just wait to see if the class(or class name) grows on you.

    Again at first I didn't like the class name but after reading the lore it just made sense to me.

    The way it plays looks cool, but man is that really the best name that they could come up with?
    Take note of other class names in the Diablo series/world(Warrior, Wizard, Sorcerer, Sorceress, Amazon, etc). Series wise, it seems Blizzard(yes, I know most of the original Diablo team left) just want to be simple with the names.

    Lore wise, the characters in the Diablo world are going for simplicity with the names too.

    I like the class name because it's simple. And yes I know I said simple many times in this post but I just want to share my experience with the name and show how you too may be able to like the class name.

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    Re: Demon Hunter!

    Well said Vespene. Lore-wise, if you lived in this world and there were people who went out to kill demons, what would they be called? Probably Demon Hunters. It does make sense. I am just glad the 5th character seems interesting, not another warrior type class, not a magic only based class or something uninteresting like a Bard and I cannot wait to play it.

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    Re: Demon Hunter!

    knocked my wizard right out of the park .... .Deamon Hunter it is .... now i just have to think of a name .... hmmm

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    Re: Demon Hunter!

    Val Helsing. It will be a major rush to whoever scores that name first for the male DH.

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    Re: Demon Hunter!

    Surprising... Some fans at some 5th class threads were actually right...

    I thought the name would generate some hate, but we shall see... It seems people are not so destroyed by the class, so it might be a good thing...

    I actually like the vibe of the class up to now... Archers were never my style, but hell, I might even try this one...

    For the record, they do seem like a reworked idea of DA:O's grey wardens... I take that as a good thing, it feels it might be a great class...

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    Re: Demon Hunter!

    I find it interesting that the stereotypical sword and shield wielder isn't in this game. In fact, I haven't seen one sword or shield. This means guessing one of the expansion characters shouldn't be so hard.


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