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    Barracuda Web Filter (and how to bypass it)

    I've been working at a pretty sucky place for just over half a year now. There's a wireless network, but no one (not even my supervisor) is allowed to know the password. There are workstations, but we're not supposed to use the internet - reading news sites is about all they condone. Plus, they use Barracuda to keep us off sites like Facebook and Youtube. This website is blocked under the category of "Game Playing".

    I've recently been part time at another job, where I not only have my own desk and computer, but they want me to use to be able to access my computer when I'm not at work. It's a library, and they don't believe in filtering the internet. I decided to try connecting to my work computer from one of the workstations at my other job, and it works. Mind, it's a little laggy and has low resolution graphics, but it's access, and that's what matters. (It's still faster than the dial-up I was raised on...)

    Of course, if you're doing this, it'll be to your home computer. I'll be setting up mine tomorrow, or at least this week. It's nice to be able to administrate torrents and whatnots, using chat, checking on updates, ect...

    Oh yeah, and it's free. I'm not trying to for market them - I'm just trying to help anyone else unable to participate during work hours thanks to idiot corporate rules.

    *edit* I forgot to mention, it can also wake up your computer from shut down remotely. So you don't have to leave the computer on. I shut this computer down nearly 5 hours ago and only just booted it to see if I could bypass the filter. I'll be shutting it back down in about 10 minutes.

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    Re: Barracuda Web Filter (and how to bypass it)

    A proxy server will work better than remote access sessions

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    Re: Barracuda Web Filter (and how to bypass it)

    That's pretty neat.

    I take my computer to work with me, but if I didn't I'd just use a secure shell. My department also has X forwarding set up, so I can run graphical programs over ssh. (When connecting to the server at work from home.) Woooo!

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    Re: Barracuda Web Filter (and how to bypass it)

    These forums are awesome, but they're not worth losing a job :\

    Just don't get fired for it.

    That being said... I always used remote proxy's to get past the filters. The only problem is most current filters will update periodically based on what websites have been accessed. So, a proxy that is unblocked and works one week (or day) may be blocked the next.

    Another thing that works through some filters (bad ones) is to just change http:// to https://

    I always used it for Facebook. Its a bit of a hassle because when you click a link it goes back to http, so you have to put the 's' in front of every page, still...

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    Re: Barracuda Web Filter (and how to bypass it)

    We have a VMware virtual desktop at our school, and only IT-students (Including myself) Know the IP and about it's existance. It's awesome that I don't have to carry that extra memory stick with me from home (Along with the 4 I already have with me).

    I've always though about trying out a remote access program. It would be hillarious if you could access your computer via Phone. *dreaming*


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