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    Re: RIP: Our Fallen Friends (Ladder Season 6)

    Well, this is my first Hardcore death of this Ladder season and it is one that leaves me scratching my head as to what exactly happened :

    My Level 81 Smite / Zealot Paladin, "Phil_TheLilBoy", was doing one of his endless MF'ing / leveling runs in Lower Kurast, just like he (and my other Hell characters) have done many, many times in the past. Nothing out of the ordinary happens (OK, he did get rather hard hit by a bunch of Doom Apes but nothing that shouldn't have been easily handled.)

    Then he runs up against the mob that you see in the screen shot.

    What is very frustrating about this is, although the boss has Conviction, my Paladin was not engaged in combat with him, when he got one-hit-killed - he was running away from one of the other members of the boss pack.

    Resists were 75 / 75 / 60 / 50, the Paladin had 1200 hit points and max block and although the boss monster was Lightening Enchanted, I don't know how one or two subordinate pack monsters could possibly have done enough damage to kill poor Phil in one hit. (Keep in mind, this is a character that, with lots of rejuves, killed Uber Diablo. And he gets one-hitted by some damn boss Zakarumite in Act III.)

    (N.B. -- The Amp that you see in the picture was from my late Merc's Witchy bow, now sadly lost along with everything else because not only was I not lootable, but the game disappeared right after I was killed... I couldn't even join with my Druid to get some revenge.)

    What is worse is that almost all my good melee weapons, everything from a Butcher's Pupil to various good rares, were in his stash.

    This game is ridiculous... no matter how well you play, sooner or later some monster with bugged damage is going to get you.

    Mr. Bill

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    Re: RIP: Our Fallen Friends (Ladder Season 6)

    Death Certificate

    Character name: xLSxGrimmxLSx
    Character level: 28
    Character class: Assassin
    Character build: Trapsin
    Game difficulty: Normal
    Act: 5, Chaos Sanctuary
    Corpse looted: No
    Death type: PvS

    Cause of demise: First HC character ever, as well as Ladder character. Was doing great so far on her. Had a really nice early level gear setup considering I was untwinked, and decided to do some solo-levelling in Chaos Sanctuary. My traps cleared everything fairly easily, so I got a little cocky, and tested my luck on Diablo.
    Threw down my first 5 LS traps before he appeared, and my merc poked him and kept him distracted for a few seconds. My traps weren't doing so great against Big D. I ported to town, revived my merc, and went back in for a second round. Merc went straight to killing D, and I started laying my traps. Got the second or third trap down and my merc was already dead. Before I realized what was/had happened, I ate a full stream of Diablo's Red Lightning.
    So pissed I can't see straight... no ambition to give it another go :(


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