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    Jun 2009

    Trader Profile - nulio

    Forum Name:
    + nulio

    Last Update Date:
    + 01 September 2012

    Versions Played:
    + LoD 1.13d
    + LoD 1.10s
    + LoD 1.10a
    + LoD 1.09b (not installed atm)
    + LoD 1.08 (not installed atm)
    + LoD 1.07
    + Classic 1.06b

    Mod Status:
    + RWM

    HC/SC Status:
    + SC
    + HC

    General Information:
    + GoMule
    + ATMA
    + Hotmule Gheeds
    + HF rushing
    + Items from previous versions
    + HC to SC transfers
    + Previous ATMA Bugging

    Probation Period Status:
    + FTS

    Detailed Information:

    LoD 1.13d

    [HC] Occasional play and separate stashes with no ATMA bugging, no items from previous versions and no hotmuling gheeds.
    [GoMule] Used for muling
    [Hotmuling Gheeds] Yes
    [HC to SC Transfers] I don’t mind but think it should be moderate (I do it for high-end items only, not full stashes), traded two HC items to someone who transferred it to SC and also got ~10 items from HC and use them in SC
    [Items from Previous Versions] I own items from previous versions, some were traded from time-travelling players and rest found by myself
    [ATMA Bugging] I do not have currently ATMA bugged items but I've owned several ATMA bugged items in the past and trade with people who have atma bugged items and therefore I can be considered tainted by this.

    Classic 1.06b


    LoD 1.07

    [HC] With separate stashes
    [ATMA] Used for muling
    [HF Rushing] Rushing and collecting
    [Items from Previous Versions]

    LoD 1.08

    [ATMA] Used for muling
    [Items from Previous Versions]

    LoD 1.09b

    [ATMA] Used for muling

    LoD 1.10a

    [HF Rushing] Collecting
    [Items from Previous Versions]

    LoD 1.10s

    [ATMA] Used for muling
    [Items from Previous Versions]
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    Re: Trader Profile - nulio

    Profile updated now that I have previous versions working.


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