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    Strategy for playing Diablo?

    This is a very newB question... I have created a couple of characters now, some paladins and a necro. And it takes a veeeeery long time to level since I seem to do it the unusual way: by completing area after area, quest after quest... Ususally after level 35 I am so tired of my player that I stop and start a new one.

    So my question is: what other ways of doing it are there? How can people level so quick? How can people get to lvl 99??? Is that even possible to do in pvm or you have to be on ladder (which I am not sure what it is to be honest...)

    After reading these forums: it seems like there are two completely way of playing the game?

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    Re: Strategy for playing Diablo?

    You need to find a character that you enjoy playing, that's it. If you get tired of playing a character at around 35 then that character simply wasn't *the one* :rolleyes:.

    Being rushed doesn't make a character more enjoyable to play, unless it's a character that can do really nothing until the later levels ...

    That being said I'd advice trying a sorceress (dual elemental), or a trapper. I'm sure you'll find your poison if you keep trying.

    As for reaching 99, on the test realm there's a chat command for it, but on other realms it's either a crap-load of work or, sadly, cheating bots.

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    Re: Strategy for playing Diablo?

    How can people level so quick?
    The most obvious way is to have your high lv friends clear out all the foes at an accelerated rate while you hang back and rack in the xp.

    Just checking - you know about the /players8 option, right? This will greatly improve the rate at which you lv.


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