Hi all, first day on these forums ^_^

Anyway, I am fairly new to diablo 2, and I am on my way to building up a fishymancer (after my barb got kinda boring in the end of act 3). Here is my current build (- items):

act 2
lvl 17
raise skelly - 9
skelly mast - 5
skelly mage - 2
clay golem - 1
teeth - 1
corpse exp - 1

I was wondering what areas I should focus on for pvm. From what I have read on these forums, rs and skel mast should be maxed ASAP, but i find skelly mages are very useful in tight spots like doorways, narrow halls, etc. CE also seems to be a useful skill, even with just one point.

So back to the point, what should I sink points into? A lot of rs, then skel mast? A solid mastery first, then flood rs? both evenly? more mages? more ce? (thought I would prefer to save that for later since my minions seem to be doing just fine on their own).

Another thought, I have been finding myself standing far back from my minions with armor/stats geared towards resistances and vit (popping off the odd ce if things get too hairy). Is it worth getting a few points in bone wall to keep myself out of harms way while my minions work? or should I sink more points into minions, then just try to avoid direct confrontation?

Thanks for reading!