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    Blizzard/Lightning matriarch here!

    Name. Shermila.

    Level 86.
    Strength 160 (165)
    Dexterity 25 (30)
    Vitality 260 (330)
    Energy 75 (80)
    Hit Points 683 (955)
    Mana 284 (540)
    Resistances 75/75/75/75
    Defense 2,005/4,210/8,822


    Griffin Eye circlet c/w 3/5 lightning facet. (+13%/-21%)
    Maraís Kaliedascope (29%)
    Deathís Fathom Orb c/w 5/4 cold facet. (+30%/-4%)
    Arkaineís Valor armor (v1.09 +2 sorceress skills) c/w 15% resist all jewel.
    Spirit rune word shield 30% FCR.
    Trang oulís Claws gloves.
    Arachnid Mesh Belt.
    Aldurís Advance Boots.
    Stone of Jordan ring.
    Bul Kathos Wedding Band ring.
    Vortex Orb with +2 Frozen armor weapon switch.
    Lidless wall shield switch.
    3 x Lightning skill charms.
    3 x Cold skill charms.
    1 x 39% resist all 13 to life grand charm.
    Mixture of resistances small charms & medium charm.


    Ice bolt, Ice blast, Frost Nova, Glacial spike = 1 (17)
    Cold Mastery = 1 (17)
    Blizzard = 20 (36)
    Static field, Teleport, Telekinesis = 1 (17)
    Charged bolt, Lightning, Lightning mastery = 20 (36)
    Chain lightning = 8 (24)
    Warmth = 1 (14)

    Blizzard damage = 2,257 Ė 2,354
    Charged Bolt damage = 519 Ė 545 x 24
    Lightning damage = 5 Ė 14,506
    Chain Lightning damage = 5 Ė 5,168


    Defiance aura desert mercenary.
    Tal Rasha Hideous Crest.
    Najís Light Plate.
    Insight rune word great poleaxe.

    Notes and comments

    I have to start this matriarch thread with an admission. I, Ye Olde Asmo has never, ever, played a Blizzard sorceress before. After what has to be a decade of playing this game in varying quantities, Iíve never spent more than 1 skill point in Blizzard on my way to maxing out Forb. I remember casting blizzard on a group of monsters early in this characters career and thinking HUH? Why isnít that monster injured? I took a few more casts of blizzard and some trial and error for me to cotton on to a simple basic fact about blizzard, one that has eluded myself all these years.
    It was a wonderful discovery and I reveled in learning about blizzard and developing my strategies and techniques for the skill. It was a Refreshing experience for me playing this age old game.
    The lightning skills I selected complemented blizzard very well and it left me wondering why blizzard/lighting isnít a popular combination. By end game, I worked out that it is a very expensive combination to make it work well. This skill combination needs the best items available to make it a potent killer. When I reached matriarch, I scaled the character down to a more ďtypicalĒ set up such as replacing Death fathom and Griffinís eye with HoTo and Harlequin crest and realized the huge difference the uber items made. Itís a build that loves pretty toys and the Shinier the better.

    Iíve always loved Charged bolt, or ďthe electric blankyĒ as I often call the skill. Itís my own personal opinion that CB is one of the sorceresses most overlooked skills and one of her most deadly. I used the skill as a gangsta would use a fully automatic combat shotgun, nasty and brutal killing power at close range. If it wasnít lightning immune and got too close to my sorcy, I shredded it with CB grinning ear to ear on a morbid glory trip.
    Lightning was my sniper rifle, picking off distant targets with pinpoint, devastating accuracy. It was also a great tunnel cleaner skill to boot. Chain lightning fitted in between these two skills dealing with targets too spread out to cover with my electric blanky or too numerous to pick off individually with lightning.
    Juggling between four primary skills made this sorceress a challenge to play as there was always one spell better than the others for any given situation and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Well, apart from the deaths that is. Silly deaths in places and from foes I woudn't normally be running back from the nearest way point to collect my corpse. It really showed just how good Tal Rashaís full set really is as compared to my Talís Meteorber, this sorceress was a glass cannon. This was due largely to my leveling gear as I was forever adding a new item as the level requirements where met and I juggled the rest of the set up trying to maintain an 8 fps casting speed and some sort of survivability. Typically I had low hit points, no shield block and low defense for a player well used to having all three in abundance.
    It was when I was equipping my final end game equipment that some sort of solution became apparent. I was considering the difference between an Viper magi or a +3 CB Ormus when I thought about Arkaineís valor. Hmmm, only a few more points of strength needed, Vitality, FHR, socket in some resists, whatís wrong with this armor on a sorceress? Finally my sorceress had at least one ingredient of survival that Iím well used to, defense. So I fired my holy freeze mercenary and replaced him with a Defiant and equipped my weapon switch with an orb with a cold armor skill. Now my glass cannon was now at least, hardened glass.

    Finds? I honestly canít remember anything of significance. Not surprising for a sorceress with no magic find what so ever. But I wasnít playing to find stuff. Iíve found enough equipment over the years. Itís time I sat back and enjoyed the fruits of my efforts and smelt the frozen and fried bodies left behind in my character's wake.

    One thing Iím glad off now is remaking both of my primary Sorceressís. Neither where well made as they both where made shortly after v1.10 was released and where never optimized well. Now I have two potent sorceresses capable of handling anything the game has to throw their way, be it Countess runs, Lower kurask, a quick drive by the Burger King or around to Cousin Baalís for a party or five. Iím almost happy with my sorceressís. Almost? Yeah. Three is the magical number. A third sorceress is in the works. What is it you might ask? Well, she wonít use any of the same skills as the previous two and it will be another oddball mix of skills, plus there is another surprising variation in the mix as well. If you canít guess then youíll just have to wait for the next Matriarch post I write!

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    Re: Blizzard/Lightning matriarch here!

    Gratz on the mat! I know I've seen a blizz/lightning sorc around these parts before, and have always suspected that with enough bling bling one could be viable. Glad you had fun with her!

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    Re: Blizzard/Lightning matriarch here!

    Nice mat! It's awesome how you've used different spells for areas based around tactics instead of just blizz, blizz, blizz. Personally, I've never been able to get a dual-tree sorc working as advertised, but it's good to know they are most certainly viable.

    P.S. Nice grand charms!!

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    Re: Blizzard/Lightning matriarch here!


    Amazing damage on both trees. About skill choice, the general consensus seems to be that orb is better than unsynergized blizzard, so that's why you don't see this kind of dual tree much.

    But blizzard doing 2,3k damage is an amazing backup (backup!). My pure blizzard sorc deals around 4,5k damage (in MF mod though). And she rips through anything non CI on higher player settings. It just goes to show what a difference huge +skills and top items make.

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    Re: Blizzard/Lightning matriarch here!

    Congrats on patriarch! I'm working on similar sorceress, using blizzard as main attack and lighting tree as supportive.

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    Re: Blizzard/Lightning matriarch here!

    Very cool. Quite impressive damage, too.

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    Re: Blizzard/Lightning matriarch here!

    Congratulations. I like my blizzard/lightning sorc a lot too. She's my primary baal-runner.

    You seem to have focused more on the lightning tree than I have. Interesting approach. Was that an intentional goal of yours - to balance the 2 trees? Or was it more a decision made as you progressed?

    Mine was made specifically with /p8 baal-runs in mind, therefore i made blizzard my main skill with (chain)lightning as backup for dealing with the act 2 skellies. Something chainlightning does very well, I might add.

    Your comments on how she loves shiny bling bling is spot on as well

    Overall a nice matriarch

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    Re: Blizzard/Lightning matriarch here!

    Nice mat and writeup! It's always great to see success with uncommon builds.

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    Re: Blizzard/Lightning matriarch here!

    Congratz on the BlizzBolter, Asmo.

    I have mat'd one also and found it to be one of the most enjoyable sorcy builds I've ever done. I went heavier in Chain Lightning and lighter in Charged Bolt but those are minor differences.

    Very similar gear to what I'm using, also.

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    Re: Blizzard/Lightning matriarch here!

    Thanks everybody!


    Yes, a bit more focus on lightning because the character was mainly about CB & CL being my primary skills so Blizzard was the back up skill. Plus I only had 8 primary skill points in CL so I was pumping the lightning tree to build CL's damage up.


    Blizzbolter. I like that.

    So I was following in your foot steps on this build hey? Goes to show how good minds think alike!


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