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    A Guide to Classic (1.06b)

    A Guide to Classic (1.06b)
    by Ragnarod


    Patch 1.06b (Classic from now on) was the last patch released before the expansion, back in 2001. Diablo II was a very different game back then, as you will see, and the challenges and rewards it offered have changed a great deal. The main attraction in Classic for new players is the ease of getting SoJs through gambling, but there’s much more to it if you’re willing to devote the time.

    Differences between Classic and LoD

    • Acts: there are 4 acts in Classic (this should go without saying, but just in case!).
    • Attack Speed (IAS): increased attack speed can be slightly increased (10%), increased (20% and 30%, they are different affixes but displayed in the same way) or greatly increased (40%). The last two affixes can only spawn in melee weapons and scepters, but not bows, wands or staves. Besides weapons only Twitchthroe (10%), Goldwrap (10%) and gloves (10%) have attack speed modifiers.
    • Block: it doesn’t depend on dexterity, just on shield block (so a Sigon’s shield has the highest block in the whole game, besides being the only shield with +1 skills). Twitchthroe adds 25% block, even if it's not displayed anywhere.
    • Breakpoints: at this point I don't think breakpoints for FCR, FHR and IAS are the same as in LoD, but this is yet to be tested thoroughly.
    • Cast Rate (FCR): wands/scepters/staves and some unique items can get fast cast (10%) or fastest cast (20%). There are no casting delays in spells.
    • Characters: just the five original characters, so no druid or assassin.
    • Crushing Blow: it doesn’t work against bosses or players, halves the monster’s hit points if that damage is greater than the rolled damage that would be dealt by the attack.
    • Dying: you don’t recover experience after retrieving your corpse in NM or Hell.
    • Enhanced Damage: the game doesn’t display the percentage of enhanced damage in items, you’ll have to check the weapon damage to know how much it is. The only non-weapons with enhanced damage are Biggin's Bonet (40%), Tancred's Skull (10%) and Frostburn (85%).
    • Experience: leveling up is quite difficult compared to LoD since there’s not a ‘players x’ command, monsters just don’t yield as much experience and the experience you get depends a lot on your level and the monster level. It’s not uncommon to finish NM in the 30s and Hell in the 40s, which makes for a challenging experience. For a method to replicate the 'players x' command, please check the corresponding part of the guide.
    • Gems: they only drop up to Normal quality, and can be upgraded to Flawless/Perfect via Gem Shrines or the Horadric Cube. Gems don't have level requirements, but their bonuses are in most cases lower than in LoD.
    • Hellforge Quest: the rewards from the quest are 1 perfect gem, 2 flawless gems and 1 normal gem.
    • Hit Recovery (FHR): there’s fast (10%) and fastest (20%).
    • Immunities: there are no immune monsters in Classic.
    • Items: just normal and exceptional items, no elite items. There aren’t any runes, charms, jewels, crafted or class-specific items either. Only normal items have set/unique versions.
    • Leech: leech (both life and mana) isn’t reduced in NM or Hell, you can leech off every monster in the game (skeletons included).
    • Maps: the Countess’ Tower and the Durance of Hate maps are of small size in all three difficulties.
    • Mercenaries: they can’t be given items to equip, disappear when changing acts, can’t be fed potions, have no auras and are generally useless.
    • Open Wounds: monsters bleed in the same way as in LoD, but it deals very low damage.
    • Players: there’s no ‘players x’ command.
    • Potions: mana potions can’t be bought from vendors.
    • Rare items: rares are the best items available in nearly all item slots, and some can rival or surpass even the best uniques available in LoD (more in the Rare section below).
    • Rarity: the item rarity progression was normal -> magic -> set -> rare -> unique (rares are actually rarer than sets, unlike in LoD).
    • Rejuvenation potions: the 3 rejuvs = full rejuv recipe doesn’t work, although regular monsters can drop full rejuvs, not just champions/uniques.
    • Repairing: there’s no ‘repair all’ button (you barely notice it now, but you’ll miss it!), the selling price for items depends on their durability.
    • Resistances: without charms resistances are notoriously hard to get, even if the penalty is reduced to -20 in NM and -50 in Hell. Best places to get resistances are rare amulets, gloves, belts, boots, and of course the always popular 3 socket Tower Shield with 3 perfect diamonds.
    • Resolution: 800x600 is not available, just 640x480 I’m afraid.
    • Run/Walk: increased run/walk in boots can be fast (equivalent to 10%), faster (20%) and fastest (30%).
    • Set items: there are no partial set bonuses, and the full set bonuses are usually very weak. Several set items have changed (worse) mods compared to later versions.
    • Sockets: weapons and shields can have a max of 1-3 sockets depending of the item type, helms can have 1-2 sockets. Body armor can’t have any sockets though.
    • Stash: the stash is smaller in Classic (as in really small, 6x4).
    • Synergies: there are none.
    • Throwing weapons: they can’t be magical or better (superior is the best they can get).
    • Unique items: they have 5x durability and no level requirement (but they’ll get it if you transfer them to LoD), and they can’t drop in a game in which the same unique item is already present (even if it hasn’t dropped in that game, it will drop as a 5x durability rare instead). Their stats are in most cases worse than in their LoD version... and there’s an Azurewrath, but it’s the unique Crystal Sword, don’t get your hopes up.
    • Vendors: vendors don’t sell exceptional items, they sell both normal and magical items in all acts and difficulties. You can’t buy multiple scrolls/potions from them while holding shift.

    Classic Monsters

    There’s a bug in Classic that makes monsters have 4 times as much AR as intended, which renders defence almost useless. Monsters have much less life than their LoD counterparts; regular monsters rarely have more than 1000 HP even in Hell, and there’s no such thing as global physical resistance in Hell or the like, so they die relatively quickly. On the other hand your character’s life is going to be significantly lower too, that coupled with the lack of DR and the AR bug means you need to be careful! Getting surrounded frequently ends in a quick death, remember that I told you so when it happens

    That being said, there are a few monsters you need to be extra-careful with:

    • Lightning Enchanted bosses: these hurt, even at max resistances! Bolts can be invisible sometimes, you’ll notice when your life starts dropping. As in LoD, lightning bolts also carry cold/fire damage if the monster is cold/fire enchanted.
    • Lightning Enchanted + Multishot bosses: meleeing these is in most cases akin to a death sentence, the number of bolts they spawn gets multiplied by 3. Don’t get close if you can help it, else I hope you have maxed lightning resistance and a few rejuvs at hand. Only bosses with a ranged attack can get multishot, so that limits it a bit, thankfully.
    • Teleport bosses: when they’re low on life they’ll start teleporting like mad, healing in the process. Not usually a problem if it spawns alone, but on a monster with Stone Skin (for melee chars) or Magic Resistant (for elemental chars) it can get really frustrating. Even worse is if you get Lightning Enchanted in the mix too.
    • ‘Caster’ bosses: all minions of bosses capable of reviving others (Shamans, Unravelers...) and Oblivion Knights will be of their same class, so be ready to face a barrage of elemental attacks and/or endless reviving (since the boss can and will revive his minions, which in turn will revive fallens/undeads present in the area), it can get ugly. Careful with Endungu when you go collect Khalim’s parts.
    • Duriel: the massive lag you got when you went down to Tal Rasha’s Chamber is no longer there (probably because of 10 years of improvements in computers), but he’s still dangerous, his Charge will hurt if it lands.
    • Council members: especially those down in the Durance of Hate level 3. Most dangerous is Bremm, he’s always Aura enchanted (the aura varies) and Lightning Enchanted, and can spawn with Multishot.
    • Mephisto: he hits extremely hard both with his physical attack and with his skull missile, especially in Hell, and has high block on top of that. Be careful, he’ll probably be capable of 1-2 hit killing you in Hell if you’re not playing a Barb.
    • Hephasto: speaking of 1 hit kills... He’s always Extra Strong, Cursed and Magic Resistant in Hell, plus two other random mods, so you’ll be having fun running away from him.
    • Lord de Seis: if having Oblivion Knights for minions wasn’t bad enough his aura is always Conviction, although it doesn’t seem to lower resistances too much (or perhaps it’s just not shown in the character screen?). Sometimes he and his pack will spawn on top of you when you click the seal too!
    • Diablo: high life and block, and the Pink Lightning Bolt of Death really hurts if you’re not at point blank range, either get really close to him or as far away as possible to be safe.

    More details about monsters can be found in this guide if you're interested.

    As a curiosity, there are certain monster types that won’t spawn as normal monsters, but can spawn as champions/bosses (in Classic champions/bosses in one area didn’t have to be of the same type as normal monsters spawned it seems): you can encounter Warped Ones in the Durance of Hate level 2 (a kind of Fallen, but purple), and Balrogs in the Outer Steppes (a kind of Megademon, like Venom Lords and Pit Lords, but pink).

    Horadric cube recipes

    Honestly, most of these are useless, but I'll put them here anyways just in case. The most useful one is the 6 pskulls + rare item recipe, which is covered in more detail in the Rare Items section.

    • 6 Perfect Skulls + 1 Rare Item = 1 Random Rare Item of the Same Type (ilvl = 99)
    • 3 Perfect Gems (of any type) + 1 Magic Item = 1 New Random Magic Item of the Same Type (ilvl = 99)
    • 4 Health Potions (of any type) + Ruby (any type) + Magical/Set/Rare Sword (Any type) = Long Sword of the Leech
    • 3 Rings = 1 Random Amulet (ilvl=[(3*CharacterLevel)/4]+3)
    • 3 Amulets = 1 Random Ring (ilvl=[(3*CharacterLevel)/4]+3)
    • 3 Health Potions (Any Grade) + 3 Mana Potions (Any Grade) = 1 Rejuvenation Potion
    • 3 Health Potions (Any Grade) + 3 Mana Potions (Any Grade) + 1 Gem (Any Grade) = 1 Full Rejuvenation Potion
    • 3 Gems of the Same Type and Grade (lower than Perfect) = 1 Higher Grade Gem of the Same Type
    • 6 Gems (Any Grade) and 1 Sword = 1 Socketed Long Sword
    • 2 Quivers of Bolts = 1 Quiver of Arrows
    • 2 Quivers of Arrows = 1 Quiver of Bolts
    • 1 Spear + 1 Quiver of Arrows = 1 Stack of Javelins
    • 1 Axe + 2 Daggers = Throwing Axe
    • Strangling Gas Potion + any type of Healing Potion = 1 Antidote Potion
    • 6 Perfect Gems (1 of each type) + 1 Amulet (any quality) = Prismatic Amulet
    • 1 Ring + 1 Emerald (Any Grade) + 4 Antidote Potions = 1 Viridian Ring
    • 1 Ring + 1 Ruby (Any Grade) + 4 Exploding Potions = 1 Garnet Ring
    • 1 Ring + 2 Topaz (Any Grade) = 1 Coral Ring
    • 1 Ring + 1 Sapphire (Any Grade) + 4 Thawing Potions = 1 Cobalt Ring
    • 1 Small Shield (magical or better) + 1 Spiked Club (any quality) + 2 Skulls (any quality) = Small Shield of Spikes
    • Diamond (any quality) + 1 Staff (any type and quality) + 1 Kris (any type and quality) + 1 Belt (any type and quality) = Savage Bardiche
    • Wirt's Leg + A Tome of Town Portal = Secret Cow Level


    Gambling is a very important part of the game in Classic, since it’s the most efficient way of getting certain items. Gambling costs are fixed regardless of your character level, and range from about 2500 gold (Caps, Boots and Leather Gloves) to 800k (Ancient Armors). The item level is +4/-5 of your character level (same as in LoD), and you can’t gamble exceptional items (there’s no chance the base item will be upgraded upon buying it, unlike in LoD).

    The gambling screen doesn’t refresh every time you talk to a vendor, you need to exit town and reenter for the items to change, so the best targets are Elzix (using the entrance to the Sewers) and Gheed (if your map has the exit to the Blood Moor next to him), or better yet, open a portal to the Cow Level next to Gheed.

    When gambling you have a 3% chance for the item to be unique, a 5% chance for it to be a set and a 7% chance for it to be a rare item, the rest of the time it will be magical. If a unique item can’t spawn (because it’s already in the game) you’ll get a rare item with triple durability instead.

    Item types with more than one unique (rings and amulets) have a specific order: it goes Nagel -> Manald -> SoJ for rings and Nokozan -> Eye of Etlich -> Mahim Oak for amulets. So if you have a Nagelring and a Manald in your stash you’ll always get a SoJ as your next unique ring, and carrying a Nokozan will grant an Etlich as your next unique amulet.

    Another useful tip if you’re not interested in uniques but are looking for good rares instead is keeping the unique version of the items you’re gambling for (be them boots, belts, gloves, rings, amulets...) in the stash, that way 10% of your gambles will be rare (the regular 7% + the 3% that should be unique but can’t spawn because there’s already one in the game).

    Gambling is also the best way of getting dual rings: life and mana leech affixes are available from very low levels (both require ilvl 6), so the chance of getting one is better at lower levels (and optimal at levels 1-3) since there are less affixes to choose from. Of course those dual rings probably won't be as good as those gotten at higher levels, since the number of affixes is more limited (you won't get high resistances or str/mana...), but if your goal is just getting a dual ring I'd consider gambling at level 5 (at lower levels your character can't carry the 50k gold it takes to gamble for a ring, and putting it in the stash everytime is a pain).

    The chance of gambling a dual ring depending on your clvl is shown in this table made by Spirea, gambles refers to the number of rings gambled on average that getting a dual ring would require:


    Rare items

    Rare items have the potential to get 4-6 affixes (up to 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes), and use the same affix pool as magical items (there aren’t any magical-only affixes). The affix pool is also much reduced compared to LoD, and some easy to gamble items (amulets, rings, boots, gloves and to a lesser extent belts) can get great affixes and usually have really low level requirements. For details on all the affixes available in the different item types you can check this document.

    Take into account that for all affixes that have a range of possible values the maximum value is actually one less, because of the (n-1) bug (so, for example, the Eye of Etlitch should be able to spawn with 3-7% life leech, but because of this bug the range is actually 3-6%).

    We all more or less know the massively duped classic items in the realms, but to show you good rares are more common than in LoD here are some examples I found myself: amulet, ring, another ring (that one was a reward for rescuing Cain in NM, imagine my surprise),boots, another boots, belt, another belt.

    As you have noticed if you checked the pictures rare items could get two +skill mods at the same time, as long as they are for different classes (3 would also be possible, but I’ve never seen one, to be honest).

    The maximum enhanced damage on weapons is 198% (King’s + Merciless), it won’t display the percentage so check the max damage compared to the basic damage of the weapon. Rare weapons can also get really high life (up to 9%) and mana leech (up to 11%). You can’t rely on gambling to get a good rare weapon/armor, so your best chance is the imbue quest if monsters aren’t being kind. For a more indepth information on imbuing different item types you can consult this guide.

    To find rare +2 skill amulets there are only three possible sources: Diablo (the only monster ilvl 90), gambling with a character level of 86 or higher, or using a cube recipe: 6 perfect skulls + rare item reroll the rare item with an ilvl of 99, so if you use a rare amulet you can get one with +2 skills. Other gems (except perhaps diamonds) aren't really useful for anything, so save your skulls for the gem shrines you find along the way.

    Unique Items

    While it's true that rares are generally capable of having better mods than most uniques there are still a few uniques worth looking for, either because of their usefulness at low levels (remember they don't have a level requirement) or because they have mods rare items can't get:
    • Gull (dagger): with 50% MF, it's the only weapon with significant MF (Azurewrath has 10%).
    • Spectral Shard (blade): 20% FCR, 50 mana and 10 all res make it a nice caster weapon, the 51 dex it requires is more than a caster would have though.
    • Bonesnap (maul): with 91-123 damage and just 69 strength required it makes for a great starting weapon.
    • The Iron Jang Bong (war staff): 14-28 damage, an extra 1-25 lightning damage, 50% bonus to AR and +25 defense without any requirements make this perhaps the best weapon available at level 1.
    • Soulflay (claymore): 16-39 damage, dual leech and 47 strength required, another good starting weapon.
    • Ume's Lament (bone wand): 20% FCR, 40 mana and +2 necro, it was usually preferred over an Spectral Shard since it has no requirements (problem is, unlike the Spectral Shard it can't be gambled).
    • Maelstrom (yew wand): 20% FCR, just 13 mana but 40% lightning resistance, perhaps the best of the three but also the hardest to find by far.

    • Tarnhelm (skull cap): 25-49% MF and +1 skills make it the best MF helm available.
    • Wormskull (bone helm), Undead's Crown (crown): the only two helms with life leech, useful for non-casters.

    • Greyform (quilted armor): comes with 5% life leech, easy to gamble and nice for low levels.
    • Blinkbat's Form (leather armor): adds 20% fast run/walk, you'll learn to love this armor when you gamble a lot, I promise!
    • Twitchthroe (studded leather): 10% IAS, 25% block and +10 to strength and dexterity make this a great armor, probably best one available to bowazons.
    • Iceblink (splint mail): this armor is great for melee builds for the Freeze Target mod. The freeze time in seconds = (100 + CharacterLevel*2)/25, so it varies between 4 and 12 seconds depending on your char level. It's reduced to 1/2 in NM and 1/4 in Hell, but still it's a difference maker for melee characters, give it a try if you find one.
    • Heavenly Garb (light plate): about 200 defense, +10 all resistances and 25% mana regeneration, nice for low level casters with just 41 strength required.
    • Goldskin (full plate mail): +30 all resistances makes this armor a good choice for areas with many elemental attackers, rares have the chance of being better at this though.
    • Silks of the Victor: the only armor with +1 skills, it also has 5% mana leech. The 100 strength required might be too high for casters though.

    • Wall Of The Eyeless (bone shield): 20% FCR and +5 mana after each kill make this shield a caster favourite.

    • The Hand of Broc (leather gloves): 3% dual leech and 20 mana make this very nice starting gloves, they're also the only source of leech in gloves (rares don't spawn with leech).
    • Bloodfist (heavy gloves): 40 life and FHR are nice, especially at lower levels.
    • Magefist (light gauntlets): 20% FCR and 25% to mana regeneration, these are the gloves of choice for most caster builds.
    • Frostburn (gauntlets): 40% extra mana, 85% ED and added cold damage make this nice gloves for both melee and caster builds.

    • Treads of Cthon (chain boots): 30% FRW and 50% stamina drain prove truly useful at low levels.

    • Lenymo (sash): 30% mana regeneration, 15 mana and +5 all resistances, a nice starting belt.
    • Nightsmoke (belt): +10 all resistances, 20 mana and 50% damage goes to mana, this is another nice starting belt.
    • Goldwrap (heavy belt): this is the only source of IAS (10%) and MF (30%) in belts, quite useful.

    • Stone of Jordan (ring): this ring needs no presentation, does it? +1 skills and some extra mana are always nice, and the 1-12 lightning damage shines when you're starting out, a great ring.

    • The Eye of Etlich (amulet): 3-6% life leech, +1 skills and cold damage, a very nice amulet indeed.

    Set and Magic Items

    This will be short, since the only interesting set items are Sigon's shield, with +1 skills and increased block, and Death's belt for the cannot be frozen mod.

    Magic items aren't much better, since they can get the same affixes as rares there will always be a better rare possible... The only interesting magic item I can think of is a Priest's Scepter of the Magus (+2 pala, 20% FCR), which can be bought from vendors in a reasonable amount of time instead of waiting ages for a rare one to drop with those mods (since scepters can't be gambled for). The same is true for wands with +2 necro and FCR if an Ume refuses to drop, of course.

    Magic Find

    Magic Find doesn't affect Unique and Superunique monsters, which will always drop a magic item (except in act IV, where they have a 12.5% of dropping a rare item), nor does it affect barrels, chests and other objects. It only affects regular monsters.

    The base chance for monsters to drop better quality items increases as the monster's level increase, and is also higher for exceptional items than for their normal counterparts. The increase in drop quality can be seen in these tables made by Jarulf.


    It should be noticed that for exceptional items there's actually a decrease in the chance to find rares from 150% and 151%, so if you're looking for these it's better either to set for 150% MF or go past 194%; between 151% and 193% the chances for exceptional rares will be worse. There's no such distinction for normal rares (such as rings and amulets), for these the higher your MF is the better.

    The tables reach up to 300% MF, which is more than the theoretical maximum that any char (except a Barb) can reach if I didn't mess up my calculations. To reach this amount of MF a character would have to wear the following:

    Helms: 49% (Tarnhelm)
    Weapons: 50% (Gull)
    Shields: 20% (Milabrega's Orb)
    Armor: 0%
    Amulet: 48% (Fortuitous + of Fortune)
    Rings: 32% (Fortuitous + of Chance)
    Boots: 34%
    Gloves: 34%
    Belt: 30% (Goldwrap)

    Total: 297% MF (327% MF if a barb dual-wields Gulls)

    Gem bonuses

    Just in case anyone is wondering, since they're not displayed in the gem as such, here are the bonuses for each perfect gem:
    • Amethyst: +58 AR in weapons, +10 strength in helms, +17 defense in shields.
    • Diamond: +68% ED against undeads in weapons, +30 AR in helms, +19 all resistances in shields.
    • Emerald: +20 poison damage over 3 seconds in weapons, +10 dexterity in helms, +29 poison resistance in shields.
    • Ruby: +6-9 fire damage in weapons, +24 life in helms, +29 fire resistance in shields.
    • Sapphire: +3-7 cold damage (and +3 seconds cold duration) in weapons, +24 mana in helms, +29 cold resistance in shields.
    • Skull: 4% life leech and 3% mana leech in weapons, +5 replenish life and 19% mana regeneration in helms, attacker takes 7 damage in shields.
    • Topaz: +1-14 lightning damage in weapons, 24% MF in helms, 29 lightning resistance in shields.

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    Re: A Guide to Classic (1.06b)


    Uniques and Superuniques drop just one item and one potion, and Act Bosses drop two items (nearly always magical) and one potion, besides an extra item (usually rare or unique) the first time you kill them. Champions drop like Uniques 60% of the time, and like regular monsters (plus a gold drop 5 times the normal amount) the other 40%. There's a 10.5% chance that a dropped item will be exceptional in NM, and a 21% chance in Hell.

    Regular monsters have a base chance to drop an item of 20%, which increases by 20% for every extra player in the game until reaching 90% (with five players). For regular monster drop tables you can check this table made by Jarulf, in which the Armor category includes helms, the Bow category includes crossbows and the Weapons category includes all weapons not belonging to a separate category. You can also check the monster's level (which increases by 25 in NM and 50 in Hell) to know what affixes are available for items dropped by a certain monster.


    Emulating multiple player settings

    Well, there's no 'players x' command, but with a modified .dll (which can be found at the Phrozen Keep, it states it works with 1.06d but it actually works fine with 1.06b, don't worry) it's possible to open multiple instances of the game and play with yourself in TCP/IP, thus increasing the amount of players in the game.

    The benefits of this are manyfold:
    • Experience: every extra player increases the monster's hit points by 100% of their base hit points (so their hit points are their base hit points multiplied by the number of players in the game), and increases the experience by 2/3 of the monster's base experience. Thus leveling goes much faster, as long as you're capable of killing the monsters of course!
    • Drops: the chance for a regular monster to drop something at players 1 is 20%, and increases by 20% for every additional player until reaching 90% (with 5 players in the game, which is the maximum).
    • Muling: take your mules with you as extra characters in the game and you'll never be bothered by the small stash ever again.
    • More Rare Items: an added benefit of having your mules with you is that you'll be spared of gambling/finding extra copies of uniques you don't need, getting rares with 5x durability instead. Just be careful if you're actually trying to find the unique item though!
    • Dual Ring Gambling: you can provide your low level gambler (refer to the gambling section for details) gold found by your high level chars, which should make things quicker!

    If you're using TrenShadow's version switcher to play 1.06 the way to setup multiple sessions is the same as for 1.07. Basically you have to substitute the d2gfx.dll (make a backup just in case) in the 1.06 folder for the modified one you've downloaded. After that is done create one shortcut to the 'LaunchModGame.vbs' file for your main gaming session, and for the extra instances create another shortcut pointing to the Game.exe in the main d2 folder instead (but with the starting in set in the 1.06 folder, same as the main shortcut). Windowed mode (-w) is suggested for the extra sessions.

    If I've made a mess of explaining it, please refer to the SPF FAQ, just substitute 1.09 for 1.06 in the explanation there!

    This only works for Windows of course, but since 1.06 won't run in OS X you pretty much need Windows to play it I'm afraid.

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    Re: A Guide to Classic (1.06b)

    Experience and experience penalties

    In Classic experience depends a lot on your level and the monster's level, in the following way:

    • Characters Under Level 25: If there is only a small level difference between the monster and yourself (5 levels or less), you receive 100% of that monster's experience points. If the monster is between 6-10 levels above or below you, you will receive between 100% and 5% experience points, receiving fewer experience points as the difference increases. If the level difference is large (10 levels or more), you will only receive 5% of experience points for that monster.
    • Characters Level 25-74: For any monster above your level, you get EXP*(Player Level / Monster Level). For monsters between 6-10 levels below you, you receive between 100% and 5% experience. If the monster is more than 10 levels below your level, you receive 5% of the monster's experience points.
    • Characters Above Level 75: For any monster above your level, you get EXP*(Player Level / Monster Level). For monsters between 6-10 levels below you, you receive between 100% and 5% experience. If the monster is more than 10 levels below your level, you receive 5% of the monster's experience points.

    After experience is calculated, the following penalties will apply:

    When you pass level 75 you get 1/2 the experience.
    When you pass level 80 you get 1/3 of the experience.
    When you pass level 85 you get 1/4 the experience.
    When you pass level 90 you get 1/5 the experience.

    So, as monsters in act IV Hell are around level 75-80 (highest level monsters are Urdars at 82) everything but Diablo (level 90) gives pitiful experience when you reach the 80s, even with multiple players in the game.

    Also be aware that while in a party experience is divided equally when both characters have the same level, but if there's a difference in level the higher level character will get more experience. The character inflicting the killing blow will also get a 10% experience bonus. Characters in a party will share experience as long as they're in the same area, there's no need for them to be close (unlike in 1.10 and onwards).

    Transferring items to later versions

    You might be aware that items transferred directly from 1.06 to 1.12 will very often have their stats changed, but there's a very simple way to prevent this from happening. All you need to do is get the item you wish to move forward in a character, and then open that character in 1.07 (and convert him to expansion if you wish). After doing so you can bring the character forward to 1.12 (or any other version after 1.07) and your item's stats will be unchanged (the only thing that *might* change will be the item name if it's a rare item, but there's nothing to do about it).

    When transferring unique items to later versions they'll get their corresponding level requirement if they're converted to LoD, but won't if you keep them in Classic, so they'll be usable from level 1.

    Popular builds by class

    Barbarian: Whirlwind was king before LoD, it doesn’t take into account weapon speed so grab the biggest Lance/Executioner/Martel de Fer you can find and proceed to mow everything down with it.

    Sorceress: Frozen Orb was the most popular spell back then, coupled with Static Field (it wasn’t capped in NM or Hell, it could get any monster’s life down to a sliver) and Warmth you’ll be doing just fine.

    Paladin: Hammerdin! You can get high damage (more than 1k with enough +skills) with Blessed Hammer and Concentration, it deals physical damage so Stone Skin monsters will take some time, but besides that it’s a very effective build.

    Melee paladins are viable with Zeal or Vengeance, but be aware that Zeal is interruptible and has some bugs: if you miss the first hit you’ll miss the whole Zeal sequence too (and it’s not capped at just 5 hits as in LoD, so it could get very ugly if you max it). Fanaticism doesn’t add ED%, just IAS, which is nice when a boss has Fana but sucks for paladins. In the same way Holy Freeze doesn’t add damage at all, just slows monsters down, and Holy Fire and Holy Shock only do damage when the pulse goes off, nothing is added to your attack. Thorns/Conversion is a viable build too, since monster’s damage and HP was much closer than it is in LoD, and Smiter can be used as a secondary attack to great effect if you invest in Holy Shield.

    Necromancer: combining Iron Maiden and Blood Golem means you’ll basically have infinite life, since Blood Golem will give you a percentage of the damage it deals back in life and the damage reflected by Iron Maiden when he’s hit is counted as damage dealt by the golem. Combined with Revives (they’ll kill casters and act as meat shields), Corpse Explosion and Bone Spirit you’ll have what’s probably the safest build ever made in Classic, even if a tad slow until that first corpse is made and everything is blasted with CE, only act bosses might prove a problem.

    Amazon: Multishot isn’t nerfed to 3/4 weapon damage and thus is the most efficient AoE skill at your disposal, coupled with Guided Arrow (for uniques and act bosses) and some points in Valkyrie and in the passives you’ll be doing fine.

    There are several guides for all classes at the Lurker Lounge, I don't agree with everything said there but they're a good starting point nevertheless, check them out!


    Tartanasia, for sending me an old 1.06 guide with a ton of data for me to sift through, it was really helpful.
    RTB for providing and confirming a lot of info about 1.06 and pointing out some things I hadn't noticed, thanks a lot!
    Purplelocust, Imakeigloospat, Corrupted and Jcakes for their useful comments and corrections to the draft, thanks!
    The SPF, and TrenShadow in particular, for providing the means to play 1.06 easily and without reinstalls.
    The Lurker Lounge for keeping the old guides online even though they were outdated 8 years ago, they’ve been a valuable resource.
    Username is not in use and scrcrw, for letting me know some of the links were broken and providing an easy way of replacing them, thank you!

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    Re: A Guide to Classic (1.06b)

    That's what I am talking about!

    Wonderful job.

    And I was wondering, transferring set items usually is a problem. Will set items actually not get changed when using your method?
    I have never actually thought of going to 1.07 first so thanks for that anyway!

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    Re: A Guide to Classic (1.06b)

    This is fantastic! I could have used this a few months ago when I was playing 1.06. I know who to come to now! Thank you very much for this.

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    Re: A Guide to Classic (1.06b)

    Thanks! Digging all that info took some work, I'm happy if it's been of some help to you

    Quote Originally Posted by imakeigloospat View Post
    And I was wondering, transferring set items usually is a problem. Will set items actually not get changed when using your method?
    I have never actually thought of going to 1.07 first so thanks for that anyway!
    I didn't want to reply without double checking it and I've been away from home the last few days, sorry! I just tested with the set items I had (Sigon's shield, Milabrega's shield and Death's belt) and they transferred just fine to 1.12 when going to 1.07 first, so I think the method should work for all of them

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    Re: A Guide to Classic (1.06b)

    Wow this needs more love

    Could someone move it to the classic subforum perhaps?

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    Re: A Guide to Classic (1.06b)

    Thanks! The first draft did get its fair share of attention and comments, the final version not so much but I know it's been useful to some people already, that's enough A mod could move it, but since to play old patches you're going to be playing SP I think it belongs here (and I rarely visit the Classic forum, to be honest!).

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    Re: A Guide to Classic (1.06b)

    The Classic subforum is more about Classic 1.12 on the realms- there aren't many single-player enthusiasts there. So maybe a post there linking to this one would be more appropriate, as it is much more common for SP folks to do installs of earlier versions.

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    Re: A Guide to Classic (1.06b)

    Well, I didn't actually look but it should defiantly be mentioned in the big FAQ here.


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