I saw it because I was told to look for it. If I'd seen it idly while flipping channels I might not have noticed.

I didn't suggest that it should be cancelled, I simply joked that that is what got it cancelled. You know, since the US is obsessed with protecting the children, so it's reasonable to think that someone might have made a big deal out of it.

So you believe that the child in the video meant it like that ?
No. But, to be fair, I was a bit drunk when I posted, so I was exaggerating.

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You do realize they're singing about brushing their teeth, right? What other actions could they use to fully emulate the brushing experience?
Yeah. Again, a bit drunk while posting.

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If they were to sing about having lunch or something, and they had kids miming out eating a sandwich or something, are you going to scream out, "2 GIRLS 1 CUP"?
Hmmmmmm (probably NSFW):